[openstack-dev] Running for Quantum PTL

Duncan McGreggor duncan at dreamhost.com
Mon Sep 3 07:40:19 UTC 2012

On Sun, Sep 2, 2012 at 2:10 PM, Dan Wendlandt <dan at nicira.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm really excited about what we've done with Quantum so far and I am
> even more pumped about where we can take things in the future.  As a
> result, no surprise, I'm running to continue on as the Quantum PTL.
> I've been a leader of the Quantum project since it was started during
> the Diablo release, and I was the PTL elected when we became an
> official incubated project in Essex.  If anyone has concerns with the
> way the project has been running so far, I'd love to hear from you and
> discuss that feedback.
> So far, my main goals as PTL have been:
> - Moving project toward core release in Folsom with a core L2/L3
> networking feature set.
> - Acting as a core developer and reviewing, contributing features and
> reviewing change-sets.
> - Growing the number of people contributing to to the project from a
> development, testing, and documentation perspective.
> - Helping people in the OpenStack community understand what Quantum is
> and why it can be useful, though activity on the mailing list and
> presenting at conferences. .
> - Making sure existing contributions are able to achieve their and
> their company's goals within Quantum and OpenStack as a whole.
> - Interfacing with those outside the community (vendors, media, etc.)
> to answer their questions on Quantum and help promote OpenStack in
> general.
> Moving forward in Grizzly, here are some thoughts of what I'm looking
> to have the team focus on during Grizzly:
> - continue to grow the number of people regularly contributing high
> quality community code & reviews to the Quantum project
> - improve system test coverage for core quantum feature set
> - Improve documentation, both admin and developer.
> - identify and fix transition hurdles of people looking to move from
> nova-network to quantum
> - improve HA/Scale of some existing sub-systems, including DHCP/L3
> (this includes a mechanism similar to nova-network multi_host flag)
> - add additional core quantum plugins from vendors new to the community.
> - explore internal architectures and external APIs for higher-level
> services.  This will likely focus on L3/L4 packet filtering and
> Load-balancing, based on initial community input.
> Note: obviously we will tackle other issues in Grizzly as well, so
> don't worry if something you're looking to do is not on this list.
> We'll have the chance to discuss additional priorities in the time
> running up to the summit and at the summit itself.
> Thanks,
> Dan

As an election official, I confirm that you are eligible to this position.


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