[openstack-dev] Running for Quantum PTL

Dan Wendlandt dan at nicira.com
Sun Sep 2 21:10:02 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

I'm really excited about what we've done with Quantum so far and I am
even more pumped about where we can take things in the future.  As a
result, no surprise, I'm running to continue on as the Quantum PTL.

I've been a leader of the Quantum project since it was started during
the Diablo release, and I was the PTL elected when we became an
official incubated project in Essex.  If anyone has concerns with the
way the project has been running so far, I'd love to hear from you and
discuss that feedback.

So far, my main goals as PTL have been:
- Moving project toward core release in Folsom with a core L2/L3
networking feature set.
- Acting as a core developer and reviewing, contributing features and
reviewing change-sets.
- Growing the number of people contributing to to the project from a
development, testing, and documentation perspective.
- Helping people in the OpenStack community understand what Quantum is
and why it can be useful, though activity on the mailing list and
presenting at conferences. .
- Making sure existing contributions are able to achieve their and
their company's goals within Quantum and OpenStack as a whole.
- Interfacing with those outside the community (vendors, media, etc.)
to answer their questions on Quantum and help promote OpenStack in

Moving forward in Grizzly, here are some thoughts of what I'm looking
to have the team focus on during Grizzly:

- continue to grow the number of people regularly contributing high
quality community code & reviews to the Quantum project
- improve system test coverage for core quantum feature set
- Improve documentation, both admin and developer.
- identify and fix transition hurdles of people looking to move from
nova-network to quantum
- improve HA/Scale of some existing sub-systems, including DHCP/L3
(this includes a mechanism similar to nova-network multi_host flag)
- add additional core quantum plugins from vendors new to the community.
- explore internal architectures and external APIs for higher-level
services.  This will likely focus on L3/L4 packet filtering and
Load-balancing, based on initial community input.

Note: obviously we will tackle other issues in Grizzly as well, so
don't worry if something you're looking to do is not on this list.
We'll have the chance to discuss additional priorities in the time
running up to the summit and at the summit itself.



Dan Wendlandt
Nicira, Inc: www.nicira.com
twitter: danwendlandt

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