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Fri Feb 13 18:32:14 UTC 2015

OpenStack crowns “Liberty” its next release name
OpenStack’s next release will be called Liberty. While you might be
thinking of the word liberty in terms of “freedom” (as in free beer or
other things), the name comes from a village in the Canadian province of

Introducing PoshStack, the PowerShell client for OpenStack

OpenStack SDKs exist for several programming languages, including
Python, Go, Ruby, and many more. For those who don't wish to write code,
users in the *nix world can use Curl at the command line to perform
operations. What about Microsoft Windows administrators? Windows admins
can use PowerShell and PoshStack".

How you can help refresh OpenStack’s Documentation site

If you’ve checked out the OpenStack Documentation site recently, you may
have noticed a new look. The refreshed design of the landing page is the
beginning of an ongoing overhaul. The site is, however, open under
construction and people are already applauding the refresh. The move to
a simpler markup language will go a long way to helping OpenStack
contributors work on the documentation that matters to them.

GSoC2015: Its time for potential mentors and participants! 

It is time for us to apply for slots for the annual Google Summer of
Code event. Last year, we got a bunch of slots and had awesome projects.
We are hoping this year we will get even more slots, uber cool projects
etc. If you are interested - either as a mentor or as a participant,
please feel free to add your name, project ideas to the wiki page.

The Road to Vancouver

      * Applications for OpenStack Travel Support Program with Tips for
        getting a travel grant to the next OpenStack Summit
      * Vancouver Summit Sponsorships Now Available
      * Canada Visa Information
      * Official Hotel Room Blocks
      * Next batch of invites to Kilo contributors will be sent after a
        new milestone is released

Relevant Conversations

      * The Future of OpenStack’s EC2 APIs
      * Lets keep our community open, lets fight for it
      * What should openstack-specs review approval rules be ? 
      * The API WG mission statement 

Deadlines and Development Priorities

      * [cinder] Kilo Deadlines need to have a CI by end of K-3, March
        19th 2015

Reports From Previous Events

      * Big in Japan: OpenStack Days in Tokyo double in size
      * OpenStack Day in Korea 2015: to infinity and beyond!
      * “Kon-ni-chi-wa – Hello, Japan!” — OpenStack Days Tokyo 2015

Security Advisories and Notices

      * None

Tips ‘n Tricks

      * By Xav Paice: Creating OpenStack debs for everyday operators
      * By Mehdi Abaakouk: Writing a Gnocchi storage driver for ceph
      * By Jamie Lennox: Step-by-Step: Kerberized Keystone
      * By Adam Young: Debugging OpenStack with rpdb
      * By Lars Kellogg-Stedman: Installing nova-docker with devstack
      * By Sébastien Han: OpenStack: perform consistent snapshots with
        Qemu Guest Agent
      * By Sean Dague: how to use a devstack external plugin in gate
      * By Clint Byrum: Firehose Email Reading Kit

Upcoming Events

The 2015 events plan is now available on the Global Events Calendar

Supercomputing 2015 Call for Presentations Deadlines Coming Up 

      * Feb 13, 2015 Gnunify OpenStack Mini Conf Pune, Maharastra, IN
      * Feb 18, 2015 First OpenStack BW Meetup Stuttgart,
        Baden-Württemberg, DE
      * Feb 18, 2015 First OpenStack meetup in Stuttgart Stuttgart, DE
      * Feb 18, 2015 OpenStack L.A. Meetup Pasadena, CA, US
      * Feb 19 - 20, 2015 World Techies Forum Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN
      * Mar 04, 2015 OpenStack Finland meetup Helsinki, Uusimaa, FI
      * Mar 04, 2015 #CloudBeerGothenburg Gothenburg, SE
      * Mar 04, 2015 Dallas OpenStack Meetup Plano, Texas, US
      * Mar 05, 2015 9thOpenStackUGMeetup Zurich, Zurich, CH
      * Mar 11 - 12, 2015 Cloud Expo Europe London, GB
      * Mar 26, 2015 PDX OpenStack Hackathon Portland, OR, US
      * Mar 26, 2015 #CloudBeerStockholm Stockholm, SE
      * Apr 01, 2015 OpenStack Meetup DFW Frisco, Texas, US
      * Apr 08 - 16, 2015 PyCon 2015 Montreal, Quebec, CA
      * Apr 13 - 14, 2015 OpenStack Live Santa Clara, CA, US
      * Apr 15, 2015 iX OpenStack Tag Köln, NRW, DE
      * Apr 21 - 22, 2015 CONNECT 2015 Melbourne, Victoria, AU
      * Apr 22 - 23, 2015 China SDNNFV Conference Beijing, CN
      * May 05 - 07, 2015 CeBIT AU 2015 Sydney, NSW, AU
      * May 18 - 22, 2015 OpenStack Summit May 2015 Vancouver, BC
      * Jun 11, 2015 OpenStack DACH Day 2015 Berlin, DE
      * Jul 20 - 24, 2015 OSCON 2015 Portland, OR, US
      * Aug 10 - 13, 2015 Gartner Catalyst Conference San Diego, CA, US
      * Sep 17, 2015 OpenStack Benelux Conference 2015 Bussum, NL
      * Oct 04 - 08, 2015 Gartner SymposiumITxpo Orlando, FL, US
      * Nov 15 - 20, 2015 Supercomputing 15 Austin, TX, US

Other News

      * OpenStack-zh mailing list is live! Go sign up and let all the
        Chinese Community members know about it
      * python-heatclient 0.3.0 released
      * Rebase button enabled for all Gerrit users 

Got Answers?

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting
questions waiting for answers:

      * How is OpenStack functionally different from vCenter?
      * What is the difference between Nova metadata service and Heat
        metadata server?
      * Installing Helion OpenStack with ESX -> where download "vCenter
        Proxy Appliance" & VCN Agent Appliance?
      * Rootwrap - python - write to root only owned file
      * Swift: custom 404 & 401 error pages?
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