[openstack-announce] python-heatclient 0.3.0 released

Steve Baker sbaker at redhat.com
Tue Feb 10 02:53:02 UTC 2015

The heat development community would like to announce the release of
python-heatclient version 0.3.0.

python-heatclient is a client library for Heat built on the Heat 
API. It provides a Python API (the heatclient module) and a command-line 

This release can be installed from the following locations:

Changes in this release:

- The following new CLI commands have been added:
     config-create       Create a software configuration.
     config-delete       Delete software configurations.
     config-show         View details of a software configuration.
     deployment-delete   Delete software deployments.
                         Get deployment configuration metadata for the
                         specified server.
     deployment-show     Show the details of a software deployment.
     output-list         Show available outputs.
     output-show         Show a specific stack output.
     service-list        List the Heat engines.

- Environment files now support the parameter_defaults section.
- Now works with python 3.4
- output-show command gains flags --all and --format

Other changes:

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