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On Mar 24, 2015, at 4:57 PM, Radcliffe, Mark <Mark.Radcliffe at dlapiper.com>

 I am not sure that I understand the question about source/output.  Is this

It is marked up text or image content that is then built from the simple
source to styled html or PDF. Generally, the OpenStack documentation
consists of:
- text that is embedded in the software code:
- text that is scraped from the software code via an automated process such
as http://docs.openstack.org/cli-reference/content/
- text that is created separately from the code (but still in a git
repository with "builds" from source to output) such as

I think that we need to keep ASL2 for code in the guides since the bylaws
require it.

Yes, for actual code snippets we plan to keep and indicate Apache 2.

However in an October 2012 board meeting they approved use of CC- by for

So I'm trying to find out how to provide a consistent licensing display.

Hope that clarifies -

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Hi all,

As promised I investigated the current state of our community guides
license indicators and added to the wiki page at

Current states:
OpenStack Architecture Design Guide: Apache 2.0 and CC-by-sa 3.0
OpenStack Cloud Administrator Guide: Apache 2.0 and CC-by-sa 3.0

OpenStack Install Guides (all): Apache 2.0
OpenStack High Availability Guide: Apache 2.0
OpenStack Configuration Reference: Apache 2.0

OpenStack Security Guide: CC-by 3.0
Virtual Machine Image Guide: CC-by 3.0
OpenStack Operations Guide: CC-by 3.0
OpenStack End User Guide: CC-by 3.0
OpenStack Admin User Guide: CC-by 3.0
Command-Line Interface Reference: CC-by 3.0

Contributor dev docs (docs.openstack.org/developer/<projectname>): none
indicated in output; Apache 2.0 in repo
OpenStack API Quick Start: none indicated in output; Apache 2.0 in repo
API Complete Reference: none indicated in output; Apache 2.0 in repo

Infrastructure User Manual: none indicated in output; CC-by 3.0 in repo

Desired state:

CC-by 3.0 indicated in the output for all guides.

Apache 2.0 also indicated in the output for guides containing code and


Change first five listed guides to CC-by 3.0 in source and output.

Change API Quick Start to RST so that cc-by 3.0 can be easily indicated.


On guides where the output doesn't indicate a license but the source does;
is that sufficient?

Thanks for the help -- I can take the tasks on myself, but would like
guidance on whether a license indicator on output is required.




Anne Gentle
annegentle at justwriteclick.com

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