[User-committee] UC Candidacy

Matt Van Winkle mvanwink at rackspace.com
Fri Aug 11 04:26:36 UTC 2017

Greetings OpenStack Operators and Users,

I’d like to take the opportunity to raise my hand for Candidacy in the upcoming UC election

For those who don’t know much about me, I have been involved in Operations and Engineering for Rackspace’s public cloud for about 5 years now.  In that time, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of serving a number of talented engineers and teams as they have worked to scale and manage the infrastructure.  The last few years, I’ve also enjoyed sharing ideas with and learning from other Operators running large OpenStack Clouds in order to find new and creative ways to solve challenges.

With respect to community involvement, my first summit was Portland, but I’ve been very active in the Operators community since helping plan the very first meetup in San Jose.  I’ve given a few talks in the past and have served as track chair many times.  Since Paris, I’ve been chairing the Large Deployments Team.  This group of operators is one of the longest running Working Groups, shares many ideas on scaling OpenStack and has had some successes running feature requests to ground with dev teams.  It’s been a distinct pleasure to work with such smart folks from around the community.  Chairing LDT also led to an opportunity to join the Ops Meetup Team - working with others on planning Operator mid-cycles and Summit/Forum sessions.  I was also a participant in some of the sessions in past Summits where we discussed changes to the UC structure.  The output of these meetings helped craft the bylaw changes that have expanded the committee and opened up elections.  Last election I served as an election official. Regardless of the outcome of this election, it is really awesome to see the evolution of the UC and how it’s able to better coordinate Operator and User efforts in guiding the community and the development cycle.

If elected, I hope to work on helping more Users and Operators understand how to better take advantage of the new Forum/Summit formats.  Boston proved very fruitful for many of the operators I know because we were able to be in the room with the developers and focus on the “what” – how a feature should behave or what the actual bug/problem is.  Previous design sessions were very focused on the “how” – blueprints, code, etc.  I’d like to see this success built upon.  There is, however, still some confusion on the Forum versus the PTG versus the Ops mid-cycle and how Users/Operators can best leverage them to solve their issues upstream.  I’d like to see this made more clear for those folks and increased participation in forum session (maybe even submissions) by non-developers.  Beyond that, I’d like to help continue the great work of the UC members to date on being an advocate for the User with the Board, TC and community at large.

I appreciate the time and the consideration.
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