[User-committee] UC candidacy

Yih Leong, Sun. yihleong at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 18:36:42 UTC 2017

Please consider this email as my self-nomination for the UC candidate.

My name is Yih Leong Sun (generally known as *Leong* in the community).

I’m Senior Software Cloud Architect at Intel Open Source Technology Center.
Over the past 17 years, I served multiple technical leadership roles in
large enterprises and start-up companies in media, telco, and finance
industry. I obtained PhD in Cloud Computing (business-oriented multi-cloud
orchestration) in 2013.  I have a good sense of customer needs and able to
translate business use cases into technology enablement.

Since 2013, I’ve been actively contributed to and leading multiple
OpenStack working groups and also participated in UC meetings. I also
shared my experience and knowledge in many presentation sessions in many
OpenStack Summits and OpenStack Days events, topics ranges from deployment,
operation to cloud-native application design and cloud workload. In the
past 2 years, I was heavily involved and collaborated closely with various
OpenStack vendors and operators on many issues related to
deploying/operating OpenStack in a large-sale environment and to support
various workload types such as HPC, IoT, SDN and Container/K8s.

I will contribute as a UC member in the following:
1. Continue the effort in bridging the gap between OpenStack
Users/Operators and Development Community. The foundation work has been set
and I will work closely with UC/TC members in defining a more collaborative
structure (e.g. SIG special interest group).
2. Encourage a diverse contribution from regional operators. My next plan
is to engage operators from Telco, Finance and Government-related areas,
especially APAC market such as China & Japan, and to ensure an effective
channel for aggregating requirements from regional market needs and
providing feedback to the OpenStack community.
3. Improve the collaboration with surrounding AppDev ecosystem that consume
OpenStack services, making sure the development of related
SDK/PaaS/K8s/Container are aligned with OpenStack.

Thank you for considering my candidacy and I sincerely seeking your support!

Yih Leong Sun, PhD (宋毅良)
Senior Software Cloud Architect
Open Source Technology Center
Intel Corporation
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