[User-committee] Notes from Meeting 14 Dec 2015

Roland Chan roland at aptira.com
Mon Dec 14 22:51:00 UTC 2015

Hi All,

The notes of the meeting are below. Full log of discussions is

*User Committee 14 Dec 2015*

1) Proposal to switch to bi-weekly meetings and hold every second meeting
in an APAC friendly time slot.

Generally supported.

*Action:* rolandchan to circulate a doodle to determine an appropriate slot
and to gauge interest for the APAC timeslot meeting.

2) Next Steps for Survey analysis

General support for continued NPS analysis as industry recognised mechanism
for providing quantitive data and trends.

jbryce noted that the Foundation is contacting respondents who have
expressed strong negative views to find more information.

Discussion on which variables to focus on provided following suggestions:

- version
- source of packages used
- which packages used
- network drivers

Further suggestions and discussion can occur on the ML.

*Action:* HeidiJoy to work with data scientist to provide analysis.

3) User committee direction. j^2 proposes active involvement of the UC with
other working groups and vice versa to provide UC view points.

*Action:* jproulx to update wiki to track who is liaising with each WG

Call for volunteers to liaise with the WGs.
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