[release-announce] openstack-placement 0.1.0 (stein)

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Mon Jan 7 15:56:26 UTC 2019

We are psyched to announce the release of:

openstack-placement 0.1.0: Resource provider inventory usage and
allocation service

This is the first release of openstack-placement. This release is part
of the stein release series.

Download the package from:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* Add support, in new placement microversion 1.16, for a "limit"
  query parameter when making a "GET /allocation_candidates" request.
  The parameter accepts an integer value, *N*, which limits the number
  of candidates returned. A new configuration item
  "[placement]/randomize_allocation_candidates", defaulting to
  *False*, controls how the limited results are chosen. If *True*, a
  random sampling of the entire result set is taken, otherwise the
  first N results are returned.

* Add "required" query parameter to the "GET /allocation_candidates"
  API in new placement microversion 1.17. The parameter accepts a list
  of traits separated by ",", which is used to further limit the list
  of allocation requests to resource providers that have the capacity
  to fulfill the requested resources AND *collectively* have all of
  the required traits associated with them. In the same microversion,
  the provider summary includes the traits associated with each

* Add support, in a new placement microversion 1.21, for the
  "member_of" query parameter, representing one or more aggregate
  UUIDs. When supplied, it will filter the returned allocation
  candidates to only those resource_providers that are associated with
  ("members of") the specified aggregate(s). This parameter can have a
  value of either a single aggregate UUID, or a comma-separated list
  of aggregate UUIDs. When specifying more than one aggregate, a
  resource provider needs to be associated with at least one of the
  aggregates in order to be included; it does not have to be
  associated with all of them. Because of this, the list of UUIDs must
  be prefixed with "in:" to represent the logical "OR" of the

* Introduces new placement API version "1.26". Starting with this
  version it is allowed to define resource provider inventories with
  reserved value equal to total.

* It is now possible to configure granular policy rules for
  placement REST API operations.

  By default, all operations continue to use the "role:admin" check
  string so there is no upgrade impact.

  A new configuration option is introduced, "[placement]/policy_file",
  which is used to configure the location of the placement policy
  file. By default, the "placement-policy.yaml" file may live
  alongside the nova policy file, e.g.:

  * /etc/nova/policy.yaml

  * /etc/nova/placement-policy.yaml

  However, if desired, "[placement]/policy_file" makes it possible to
  package and deploy the placement policy file separately to make the
  future split of placement and nova packages easier, e.g.:

  * /etc/placement/policy.yaml

  All placement policy rules are defined in code so by default no
  extra configuration is required and the default rules will be used
  on start of the placement service.

  For more information about placement policy including a sample file,
  see the configuration reference documentation:


* The 1.12 version of the placement API changes handling of the *PUT
  /allocations/{consumer_uuid}* request to use a dict-based structure
  for the JSON request body to make it more aligned with the response
  body of *GET /allocations/{consumer_uuid}*. Because *PUT* requires
  *user_id* and *project_id* in the request body, these fields are
  added to the *GET* response. In addition, the response body for "GET
  /allocation_candidates" is updated so the allocations in the
  "allocation_requests" object work with the new *PUT* format.

* Adds a new "generation" column to the consumers table. This value
  is incremented every time allocations are made for a consumer. The
  new placement microversion 1.28 requires that all "POST
  /allocations" and "PUT /allocations/{consumer_uuid}" requests now
  include the "consumer_generation" parameter to ensure that if two
  processes are allocating resources for the same consumer, the second
  one to complete doesn't overwrite the first. If there is a mismatch
  between the "consumer_generation" in the request and the current
  value in the database, the allocation will fail, and a 409 Conflict
  response will be returned. The calling process must then get the
  allocations for that consumer by calling "GET
  /allocations/{consumer}". That response will now contain, in
  addition to the allocations, the current generation value for that
  consumer. Depending on the use case, the calling process may error;
  or it may wish to combine or replace the existing allocations with
  the ones it is trying to post, and re-submit with the current

* Supports a new method for deleting all inventory for a resource

  * DELETE /resource-providers/{uuid}/inventories

  Return codes

  * 204 NoContent on success

  * 404 NotFound for missing resource provider

  * 405 MethodNotAllowed if a microversion is specified that is

       this change (1.5)

  * 409 Conflict if inventory in use or if some other request

       updates this resource provider

  Requires OpenStack-API-Version placement 1.5

* The 1.7 version of the placement API changes handling of *PUT
  /resource_classes/{name}* to be a create or verification of the
  resource class with *{name}*. If the resource class is a custom
  resource class and does not already exist it will be created and a
  "201" response code returned. If the class already exists the
  response code will be "204". This makes it possible to check or
  create a resource class in one request.

* A new 1.24 placement API microversion adds the ability to specify
  multiple *member_of* query parameters for the *GET
  /resource_providers* and *GET allocation_candidates* endpoints. When
  multiple *member_of* query parameters are received, the placement
  service will return resource providers that match all of the
  requested aggregate memberships. The *member_of=in:<agg uuids>*
  format is still supported and continues to indicate an IN()
  operation for aggregate membership. Some examples for using the new
  functionality: Get all providers that are associated with BOTH agg1
  and agg2: ?member_of=agg1&member_of=agg2 Get all providers that are
  associated with agg1 OR agg2: ?member_of=in:agg1,agg2 Get all
  providers that are associated with agg1 and ANY OF (agg2, agg3):
  ?member_of=agg1&member_of=in:agg2,agg3 Get all providers that are
  associated with ANY OF (agg1, agg2) AND are also associated with ANY
  OF (agg3, agg4): ?member_of=in:agg1,agg2&member_of=in:agg3,agg4

* From microversion 1.29, we support allocation candidates with
  nested resource providers. Namely, the following features are added.
  1) "GET /allocation_candidates" is aware of nested providers.
  Namely, when provider trees are present, "allocation_requests" in
  the response of "GET /allocation_candidates" can include allocations
  on combinations of multiple resource providers in the same tree. 2)
  "root_provider_uuid" and "parent_provider_uuid" are added to
  "provider_summaries" in the response of "GET

* Placement API microversion 1.19 enhances the payloads for the *GET
  /resource_providers/{uuid}/aggregates* response and the *PUT
  /resource_providers/{uuid}/aggregates* request and response to be
  identical, and to include the "resource_provider_generation". As
  with other generation-aware APIs, if the
  "resource_provider_generation" specified in the *PUT* request does
  not match the generation known by the server, a 409 Conflict error
  is returned.

* A new 1.10 API microversion is added to the Placement REST API.
  This microversion adds support for the GET /allocation_candidates
  resource endpoint. This endpoint returns information about possible
  allocation requests that callers can make which meet a set of
  resource constraints supplied as query string parameters. Also
  returned is some inventory and capacity information for the resource
  providers involved in the allocation candidates.

* A new 1.11 API microversion is added to the Placement REST API.
  This adds the "resource_providers/{rp_uuid}/allocations" link to the
  "links" section of the response from "GET /resource_providers".

* A new Placement API microversion 1.3 is added with support for
  filtering the list of resource providers to include only those
  resource providers which are members of any of the aggregates listed
  by uuid in the *member_of* query parameter. The parameter is used
  when making a *GET /resource_providers* request. The value of the
  parameter uses the *in:* syntax to provide a list of aggregate uuids
  as follows:


  If other filtering query parameters are present, the results are a
  boolean AND of all the filters.

* The placement API service can now be configured to support CORS
  (http://docs.openstack.org/developer/oslo.middleware/cors.html). If
  a *cors* configuration group is present in the service's
  configuration file (currently *nova.conf*), with *allowed_origin*
  configured, the values within will be used to configure the
  middleware. If *cors.allowed_origin* is not set, the middleware will
  not be used.

* An optional configuration group "placement_database" can be used
  in nova.conf to configure a separate database for use with the
  placement API.

  If "placement_database.connection" has a value then the
  "placement_database" configuration group will be used to configure a
  separate placement database, including using "connection" to
  identify the target database. That database will have a schema that
  is a replica of all the tables used in the API database. The new
  database schema will be created and synchronized when the "nova-
  manage api_db sync" command is run.

  When the "placement_database.connection" setting is omitted the
  existing settings for the "api_database" will be used for hosting
  placement data.

  Setting "placement_database.connection" and calling "nova-manage
  api_db sync" will only create tables. No data will be migrated. In
  an existing OpenStack deployment, if there is existing placement
  data in the "nova_api" database this will not be copied. It is up to
  the deployment to manually replicate that data in a fashion that
  works best for the environment.

* In microversion 1.23 of the placement service, JSON formatted
  error responses gain a new attribute, "code", with a value that
  identifies the type of this error. This can be used to distinguish
  errors that are different but use the same HTTP status code. Any
  error response which does not specifically define a code will have
  the code "placement.undefined_code".

* Placement microversion '1.22' adds support for expressing traits
  which are forbidden when filtering "GET /resource_providers" or "GET
  /allocation_candidates". A forbidden trait is a properly formatted
  trait in the existing "required" parameter, prefixed by a "!". For
  example "required=!STORAGE_DISK_SSD" asks that the results not
  include any resource providers that provide solid state disk.

* In placement API microversion 1.20, a successful *POST
  /resource_providers* returns 200 with a payload representing the
  newly-created resource provider.  The format is the same format as
  the result of the corresponding "GET /resource_providers/{uuid}"
  call. This is to allow the caller to glean automatically-set fields,
  such as UUID and generation, without a subsequent GET.

* In version 1.25 of the Placement API, "GET /allocation_candidates"
  is enhanced to accept numbered groupings of resource,
  required/forbidden trait, and aggregate association requests. A
  "resources" query parameter key with a positive integer suffix (e.g.
  "resources42") will be logically associated with "required" and/or
  "member_of" query parameter keys with the same suffix (e.g.
  "required42", "member_of42"). The resources, required/forbidden
  traits, and aggregate associations in that group will be satisfied
  by the same resource provider in the response. When more than one
  numbered grouping is supplied, the "group_policy" query parameter is
  required to indicate how the groups should interact. With
  "group_policy=none", separate groupings - numbered or unnumbered -
  may or may not be satisfied by the same provider. With
  "group_policy=isolate", numbered groups are guaranteed to be
  satisfied by *different* providers - though there may still be
  overlap with the unnumbered group.  In all cases, each
  "allocation_request" will be satisfied by providers in a single non-
  sharing provider tree and/or sharing providers associated via
  aggregate with any of the providers in that tree.

  The "required" and "member_of" query parameters for a given group
  are optional.  That is, you may specify "resources42=XXX" without a
  corresponding "required42=YYY" or "member_of42=ZZZ". However, the
  reverse (specifying "required42=YYY" or "member_of42=ZZZ" without
  "resources42=XXX") will result in an error.

  The semantic of the (unnumbered) "resources", "required", and
  "member_of" query parameters is unchanged: the resources, traits,
  and aggregate associations specified thereby may be satisfied by any
  provider in the same non-sharing tree or associated via the
  specified aggregate(s).

* Prior to microversion 1.8 of the placement API, one could create
  allocations and not supply a project or user ID for the consumer of
  the allocated resources. While this is no longer allowed after
  placement API 1.8, older allocations exist and we now ensure that a
  consumer record is created for these older allocations. Use the two
  new CONF options "CONF.placement.incomplete_consumer_project_id" and
  "CONF.placement.incomplete_consumer_user_id" to control the project
  and user identifiers that are written for these incomplete consumer

* Throughout the Placement API, in microversion 1.15, 'last-
  modified' headers have been added to GET responses and those PUT and
  POST responses that have bodies. The value is either the actual last
  modified time of the most recently modified associated database
  entity or the current time if there is no direct mapping to the
  database. In addition, 'cache-control: no-cache' headers are added
  where the 'last-modified' header has been added to prevent
  inadvertent caching of resources.

* Placement API microversion 1.18 adds support for the *required*
  query parameter to the *GET /resource_providers* API. It accepts a
  comma-separated list of string trait names. When specified, the API
  results will be filtered to include only resource providers marked
  with all the specified traits. This is in addition to (logical AND)
  any filtering based on other query parameters.

  Trait names which are empty, do not exist, or are otherwise invalid
  will result in a 400 error.

* A new Placement API microversion 1.4 is added. Users may now query
  the Placement REST API for resource providers that have the ability
  to meet a set of requested resource amounts. The *GET
  /resource_providers* API call can have a "resources" query string
  parameter supplied that indicates the requested amounts of various
  resources that a provider must have the capacity to serve. The
  "resources" query string parameter takes the form:


  For instance, if the user wishes to see resource providers that can
  service a request for 2 vCPUs, 1024 MB of RAM and 50 GB of disk
  space, the user can issue a request of:

     ``GET /resource_providers?resources=VCPU:2,MEMORY_MB:1024,DISK_GB:50``

  The placement API is only available to admin users.

* New placement REST API microversion 1.14 is added to support
  nested resource providers. Users of the placement REST API can now
  pass a "in_tree=<UUID>" parameter to the "GET /resource_providers"
  REST API call.  This will trigger the placement service to return
  all resource provider records within the "provider tree" of the
  resource provider with the supplied UUID value. The resource
  provider representation now includes a "parent_provider_uuid" value
  that indicates the UUID of the immediate parent resource provider,
  or "null" if the provider has no parent. For convenience, the
  resource provider resource also contains a "root_provider_uuid"
  field that is populated with the UUID of the top-most resource
  provider in the provider tree.

* A new administrator-only resource endpoint was added to the
  OpenStack Placement REST API for managing custom resource classes.
  Custom resource classes are specific to a deployment and represent
  types of quantitative resources that are not interoperable between
  OpenStack clouds. See the Placement REST API Version History
  documentation for usage details.


* From microversion 1.27, the "provider_summaries" field in the
  response of the "GET /allocation_candidates" API includes all the
  resource class inventories, while it had only requested resource
  class inventories with older microversions. Now callers can use this
  additional inventory information in making further sorting or
  filtering decisions.

* Traits are added to the placement with Microversion 1.6.

  * GET /traits: Returns all resource classes.

  * PUT /traits/{name}: To insert a single custom trait.

  * GET /traits/{name}: To check if a trait name exists.

  * DELETE /traits/{name}: To delete the specified trait.

  * GET /resource_providers/{uuid}/traits: a list of traits
    associated with a specific resource provider

  * PUT /resource_providers/{uuid}/traits: Set all the traits for a
    specific resource provider

  * DELETE /resource_providers/{uuid}/traits: Remove any existing
    trait associations for a specific resource provider

* Microversion 1.13 of the Placement API gives the ability to set or
  clear allocations for more than one consumer uuid with a request to
  "POST /allocations".

Upgrade Notes

* A "placement-status upgrade check" command is added which can be
  used to check the readiness of a placement deployment before
  initiating an upgrade.

Bug Fixes

* The "[DEFAULT]/log_options" configuration option can be used to
  log configuration options at DEBUG level when the *placement-api*
  and/or *nova-api* services are started under WSGI. The default
  behavior is to log options on startup.

* Previously, when an aggregate was specified by the "member_of"
  query parameter in the "GET /allocation_candidates" operation, the
  non- root providers in the aggregate were excluded unless their root
  provider was also in the aggregate. With this release, the non-root
  providers directly associated with the aggregate are also
  considered. See the Bug#1792503 for details.


Other Notes

* The Placement API can be set to connect to a specific keystone
  endpoint interface using the "os_interface" option in the
  "[placement]" section inside "nova.conf". This value is not required
  but can be used if a non-default endpoint interface is desired for
  connecting to the Placement service. By default, keystoneauth will
  connect to the "public" endpoint.

Changes in openstack-placement d9d5e3452670fb1e934003417b814c4153d1e0c4..0.1.0

1f0826b Correct link rest api history
a241fce Use os-resource-classes in placement
bfd6528 Add stamp DB version to the migration script
cca30d5 Retry _ensure_aggregates a limited number of times
3d33ed6 Remove dead code in objects/resource_provider.py
7c7eb50 Remove writer context from _ensure_aggregates
b461f6a Fix a format of the API version history doc
8bace2b Don't create placement.conf in perfload.yaml
f22a812 Update author-email in setup.cfg
3d696b2 Add alembic version stamp capability to the DB
34f03c2 Use oslo_db fixtures
76ae492 Update the goals doc to reflect non-global-config
3ae8653 Use a smaller base job for the perfload run
e6545dc Add a perfload job.
6fa9eab Stop using global oslo_config
324e4f4 Allow placement to start without a config file
e67d6f7 Fix typo
85723b8 Remove [keystone] config options from placement
b5162f7 Remove keystoneauth1 opts from placement config group
4469a81 Correct lower-constraints.txt and the related tox job
24fb4ef Start a contributor goals document
c28f87b Add a doc describing a quick live environment
d719c7a Add integrated-gate-py35 template to .zuul.yaml
1765246 Documentation cleanup: front page
da20d61 Add assertions to verify placement-manage error output
ce7b05a manage: Do not use set_defaults on parent parsers with py2
b4d2925 Fix a bug tag for placement doc
3ff9d0a Add placement-status upgrade check command
b8972a3 Consider root id is None in the database case
2c72b94 Adapt placement fixtures for external use
7b5218d Add a placement-manage CLI
ca89a61 Add missing ws seperator between words
d4d0e52 Remove sqlalchemy-migrate from requirements.txt
70190fa Fix comment in earlier patch
1b610b0 Add a document for creating DB revisions
dbaf410 Remove build-openstack-api-ref jobs
b612f24 Delete the old migrations
c8ab9ff Added alembic environment
917d788 Add recreate test for bug 1799892
6bb6c0b Harden placement init under wsgi
565eab5 Make tox -ereleasenotes work
3b56932 Clean up and clarify tox.ini
3f34f10 Add bandwidth related standard resource classes
5d8aa50 Move ensure_consumer to a new placement.handlers.util
8883119 fix wrong spelling of "explicit"
1370c54 Fix the error package name in comment
117f44d Add a link to "Add Generation to Consumers" spec
5490d4c Publish placement documents
caef44b De-nova-ify doc/source/index.rst
8fdf74b De-nova-ify doc/README.rst
5f2dc9a Clean up .gitignore file
8e35c6f Fix genpolicy tox job
e7fe0ab Add nova database migration script for postgresql
1b1c523 Use unique consumer_id when doing online data migration
3d3948f Add recreate test for bug 1798163
6949071 Remove support for multiple database from migration.py
ebb9f1e Remove redundant `where` for forbidden traits
ce59136 Placement: Remove usage of get_legacy_facade()
427feb7 Remove placement.db.migration
11a4edc Remove placement.db.base
1e617ea Follow up for placement usage document
da49cde Fix member_of doc in RequestGroup.dict_from_request
d83b105 wsgi: Always reset conf.CONF when starting the application
cec0b71 Add nova database migration script
111aa59 Add a document for allcation candidates constraint
c85ae69 Fix aggregate members in nested alloc candidates
dc472e1 Add alloc cands test with nested and aggregates
e04ff23 Fix missing specifying doctrees directory
4bb1c1c Fix link from root doc to contributor guide
7ddf015 Reduce max-complexity to 15
44aea7f nova.exception -> placement.exception in docstrings and comment
0c132f2 nova.context -> placement.context in doc strings
ac9869e Sort openstack_projects in doc conf
f3e1454 De-nova-ify and reformat contributor guide
907a2cb Refactor: separate limiting GET /a_c results
8ef157e DRY trait/aggregate prefetch
f3bd583 DRY trait existence check
cac06f4 DRY usage and capacity SQL clauses
95f87ca max-complexity=>16: refactor GET /a_c qs parsing
878268b Move qs parsing to placement.lib.RequestGroup
4a843dd Test for missing database configuration message
12a9e32 Put stestr group_regex in .stestr.conf
81d40b3 Add a zuul check job for coverage
09905ba Use both unit and functional for coverage testing
868e443 oslo_config fixture in policy tests and 'placement' in policy
5143fb8 de-novify wsgi application to expect placement config
cf586f5 Rationalize and clarify database configuration
fb6c99f Update code and opts in conf/paths.py for placement
9705e88 Make config docs build
f5a25d5 s/placement-config-generator/config-generator/
c04f11f Link to tempest doc in tests/README.rst
6cd3d80 Set upper bound on max-complexity in pep8
6df5607 Update the HACKING.rst file
38bb02d Name arguments to _get_provider_ids_matching
d91261e Remove unused conf opts
63267a0 Update and move test README.rst
8595096 Set the name of the package to openstack-placement
b48ff9d config: Add oslo-config-generator config
da403b5 Remove multiple database scaffolding
0ba46dd Add logging_error_fixture to functional tests
8166d1f Update README to warn of status
cddcac6 Refresh maximum version info in rest history doc
a6a978d Remove uuidsentinel.py
2b4e09c Remove redundant reference to nova ConfFixture
5794b85 Rename files to remove 'placement'
5102e7f Add lower-constraints job
d57b46d Use templates in .zuul.yaml
9b584fc Make docs build
8c2bb44 Add api-ref job
948031b Rename PlacementPolicyFixture to PolicyFixture
880fea1 Unify utils.py and util.py
f94c92f Use uuidsentinel from oslo.utils
07bdda6 Update requirements and test-requirements
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15ca8bc Removing non-existent job from tox envlist
c0ec9b4 Add python 3.6 test jobs
cf4ea34 Make pep8 tests voting
f489f97 Remove unused fixtures in placement/tests/fixtures.py
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aa1c7b9 Fix alpha-ordering of imports for pep8
4034026 Remove placement/test.py
d02caa8 Make unit tests voting
c4a83cd Turn on logging for the request log test
126bc02 Fix configuration handling in policy unit test
9928fa0 Trim placement/utils.py to the single method used
02e40a1 Make functional tests voting and gating
f4c74f7 Use absolute import in gabbi fixture
4dedf5e Import placement, not nova, in rp db tests
5fec97d Make a basic working DatabaseFixture
4cc28cd Establish an importable 'conf' package
ab37428 Tidy up use of policy_fixture
dbf88dc Remove unused CheatingSerializer
285f451 Use placement.uuidsentinel
fedca98 Remove the PlacementFixture from fixtures
1aaf57d Remove more unused imports from fixtures
1e138e1 Remove unused db functionality and files
cd0230c Remove some imports from test/fixtures that will not be used
980acf1 Empty __init__.py files that should be empty
6cf58d4 Correct several nova.tests and nova.tests.functional imports
ed8baeb Mechanically correct import of functional base class
53bc5a7 Update i18n handling to be placement oriented.
eaeeea1 Inspect and correct tox.ini, .stestr.conf and setup.cfg
3100eb6 Update nova.db import paths
467c253 Replace the nova import paths with placement
1dca56f Remove the import pathing for the old structure
a3f8272 Update the functional test import paths
2f1267c Move the unit tests
9b9073c Move the functional test directories
fb7c190 Move the placement code to the base
ae56172 Remove the Nova aggregate files.
f849f66 Move the api-ref directories
88c3b84 Rename the 'nova' directories to 'placement'
68b66b6 Apply placement.rst change from Idf8997d5efdfdfca6
c1767dc Fix race condition in reshaper handler
9d28a9f Set up initial .zuul.yaml
1a45f11 Removed the zuul config file
4f0faa7 (Re)start caching scheduler after starting computes in tests
5cdc773 [placement] Make _ensure_aggregate context not independent
fa749b1 Mention (unused) RP generation in POST /allocs/{c}
af19086 reshaper gabbit: Nix comments re doubled max_unit
4df41cb Revert "Don't use '_TransactionContextManager._async'"
37fb070 Don't use '_TransactionContextManager._async'
b26f21d Make monkey patch work in uWSGI mode
10e7228 [placement] split gigantor SQL query, add logging
a8f451a Make instance_list perform per-cell batching
0c14b13 Document no content on POST /reshaper 204
675b111 Fix create_resource_provider docstring
5d13fd6 reshaper: Look up provider if not in inventories
3a396fe [placement] Add functional test to verify presence of policy
6343f13 Normalize dashless 'resource provider create' uuid
ff27187 [placement] Add /reshaper handler for POST
dd1c86a [placement] Regex consts for placement schema
094c609 Set policy_opt defaults in placement deploy unit test
06ce5d5 Set policy_opt defaults in placement gabbi fixture
a59e7dd Remove ChanceScheduler
6108dc6 Making consistent used of GiB and MiB in API ref
4c2e11a placement: use single-shot INSERT/DELETE agg
6dcdc85 Add trait query to placement perf check
3673258 Add explanatory prefix to post_test_perf output
38dfc8f Remove blacklisted py3 xen tests
fc45edc Add placement perf info gathering hook to end of nova-next
01c682e [placement] api-ref: Add missing aggregates example
4f54c20 placement: use simple code paths when possible
27fd442 Test case for multiple forbidden traits
4faaf49 Adds a test for _get_provider_ids_matching()
685c938 placement: ignore policy scope check failures if not enforcing scope
1ea0747 Remove patching the mock lib
e154ca6 Add additional info to resource provider aggregates update API
ee9951c Nix 'new in 1.19' from 1.19 sections for rp aggs
3809042 [placement] api-ref: add description for 1.29
7a7c2fe Add the guideline to write API reference
c086111 get provider IDs once when building summaries
97e2663 [placement] Avoid rp.get_by_uuid in allocation_candidates
640d49f Add explicit functional-py36 tox target
0f98cfb api-ref: fix min_version for parent_provider_uuid in responses
9df9031 [placement] Add version directives in the history doc
db143a2 Use common functions in granular fixture
65f5b92 Define irrelevant-files for tempest-full-py3 job
e68362d Add tempest-slow job to run the tempest slow tests
7342f50 Not use project table for user table
c9ccab5 Adds a test for getting allocations API
d908d05 [placement] ensure_rc_cache only at start of process
44ce7ec [placement] Move resource_class_cache into placement hierarchy
75ef938 [placement] Debug log per granular request group
02a2474 Fix nits in resource_provider.py
aca2c76 Scrub hw:cpu_model from API samples
a2224f3 Improve NeutronFixture and remove unncessary stubbing
8424f21 tox: Ensure reused envdirs share the same deps
6f5407c Fix a typo in comment in resource_provider.py
c30d1c9 Refactor AllocationFixture in placement test
36f6569 Increase max_unit in placement test fixture
38a2ca8 Use common functions in NonSharedStorageFixture
18ab82e Fix comments in _anchors_for_sharing_providers and related test
31098c2 Ensure the order of AllocationRequestResources
60ee18a Don't poison Host._init_events if it's already mocked
8f8dc5f Remove redundant join in _anchors_for_sharing_providers
5d96a60 [placement] Retry allocation writes server side
54d57a2 [placement] api-ref: add traits parameter
66556cf [placement] Use a simplified WarningsFixture
5e0fc1c [placement] Use a non-nova log capture fixture
ed43cb1 [placement] Use oslotest CaptureOutput fixture
7bb4bd6 [placement] Use own set_middleware_defaults
da31f67 Add additional functional tests for NUMA networks
fbb0d23 Add description for placement 1.26
e428368 Fix create_all() to replace_all() in comments
20f69ef [placement] Use base test in placement functional tests
698d3ef [placement] Extract base functional test case from test_direct
cc9f665 Use placement context in placement functional tests
be91df9 doc: remove rocky-specific nova-scheduler min placement version
535151f Add nova-manage placement sync_aggregates
11a277e Add functional tests for numa-aware-vswitches
1e106d0 tox: Silence psycopg2 warnings
a8176d4 Blacklist greenlet 0.4.14
f2f83a3 Enhance doc to guide user to use nova user
fb043fa doc: link to AZ talk from the Rocky summit
b7965db Online data migration for queued_for_delete flag
3f2bad2 Rename auth_uri to www_authenticate_uri
655b8e1 perform reshaper operations in single transaction
d7a01fb In Python3.7 async is a keyword [1]
128997d [placement] disallow additional fields in allocations
11e3331 [placement] cover bad content-length header
ed84be3 [placement] Add gabbi coverage for inv of missing rp
a2c15b5 [placement] Add gabbi coverage for an inventory change
a57b86d update tox venv env to install all requirements
61b25f6 Escalate UUID validation warning to error in test
44d07a3 Move legacy-tempest-dsvm-nova-os-vif in repo
fd0dba4 Use ThreadPoolExecutor for max_concurrent_live_migrations
72ce7c7 Replace support matrix ext with common library
7ff07fd Add UUID validation for consumer_uuid
5294133 Address nits in server group policy series
59f7f3b z/VM Driver: Initial change set of z/VM driver
8f7c2af Transform aggregate.update_prop notification
dcaf551 do not assume 1 consumer in AllocList.delete_all()
04d00c2 Add policy to InstanceGroup object
a63d022 Add placement.concurrent_udpate to generation pre-checks
c6a6598 Test for unsanitized consumer UUID
ae70025 Revert "docs: Disable smartquotes"
1c16aac [placement] add error.code on a ConcurrentUpdateDetected
6141afd Update some placement docs to reflect modern times
80461b4 Remove unused variable in migration
548f3ff Address nits from consumer generation
00eda94 update project/user for consumer in allocation
07b0246 Use nova.db.api directly
b59e21b Update root providers in same tree
57a0c22 Add queued for delete to instance_mappings table.
ef1214f placement: delete auto-created consumers on fail
580a3b1 delete consumers which no longer have allocations
7958975 make incomplete_consumer_project_id a valid UUID
f9a30bc Refactor policies to policy in InstanceGroup DB model
0f98cc8 Add rules column to instance_group_policy table.
e4c7bd1 Handle compare in test_pre_live_migration_volume_backed* directly
110496b Resource_provider API handler does not return specific error codes
70f364f Use valid UUID in the placement gabbits
2566412 Update install guide for placement database configuration
14bbe8b move lookup of provider from _new_allocations()
348c849 Prevent updating an RP's parent to form a loop
c484ca4 Handle nested serialized json entries in assertJsonEqual
4ed254f conf: Resolve Sphinx errors
ef7c2d2 Convert 'placement_api_docs' into a Sphinx extension
e931931 Regression test for bug 1779635
e7058b7 Regression test for bug 1779818
4ee67cf [placement] fix allocation handler docstring typo
3df3465 Fix placement incompatible with webob 1.7
22c407a Define common variables for irrelevant-files
122015b Fix nits in placement-return-all-resources series
41b04e8 Add microversion for nested allocation candidate
3507a2a Use ironic-tempest-dsvm-ipa-wholedisk-bios-agent_ipmitool-tinyipa in tree
c045217 tox: Reuse envdirs
2636cce tox: Document and dedupe mostly everything
3994476 trivial: Remove 'tools/releasenotes_tox.sh'
9853f06 Make nova-lvm run in check on libvirt changes and compute API tests
5fb3f74 Remove remaining legacy DB API instance_group* methods
11acae0 Remove unused DB API instance_group_member* methods
d7cef0b Remove unused DB API instance_group_delete method
1da9133 [placement] demonstrate part of bug 1778591 with a gabbi test
50fa565 Handle CannotDeleteParentResourceProvider to 409 Conflict
84a12f7 [placement] Fix capacity tracking in POST /allocations
56929a0 Update scheduler to use image-traits
f260645 [placement] Add test demonstrating bug 1778743
601ea27 Fix the duplicated config options of api_database and placement_database
9f41785 network: Rename 'create_pci_requests_for_sriov_ports'
c9cc9e3 [placement] Demonstrate bug in consumer generation handling
53323f7 Test alloc_cands with indirectly sharing RPs
bce8e2b Switch to oslo_messaging.ConfFixture.transport_url
bd60a83 Adapter raise_exc=False by default
919699d Bump keystoneauth1 minimum to 3.9.0
a0b58d4 conf: Deprecate 'network_manager'
3043515 [placement] Extract create_allocation_list
d6eed74 placement: s/None/null/ in consumer conflict msg
34f3d75 Cleanup nits in placement database changes
7ec69be Fix nits from change Id609789ef6b4a4c745550cde80dd49cabe03869a
b93b9ab Add a microversion for consumer generation support
907d805 Ensure that os-traits sync is attempted only at start of process
c25301c Isolate placement database config
c190577 Optimize member_of check for nested providers
bd4ba8d Clarify placement DB schema migration
061cc67 Nix unused raise_if_custom_resource_class_pre_v1_1
cba1fe7 placement: Make API history doc more consistent
a9f068f Return all nested providers in tree
47176e9 Add osprofiler config options to generated reference
59fbc8f Fix retrying lower bound in requirements.txt
1429760 Optional separate database for placement API
1716a24 Add certificate validation docs
71e0ae2 [placement] Add status and links fields to version document at /
5002d51 rework allocation handler _allocations_dict()
22476d6 placement: Allocation.consumer field
998faaa Ignore UserWarning for scope checks during test runs
b93dbb8 [placement] replace deprecated accept.best_match
cf891b0 Update nova-status & docs: require placement 1.25
32daaea XenAPI: define a new image handler to use vdi streaming
f8bb106 add consumers generation field
8954d06 Provide a direct interface to placement
08c3d7c libvirt: Don't report DISK_GB if sharing
f5f71b6 Remove nova dependencies from test_resource_provider
064e033 Adjust db using allocation unit tests
3a46e29 Move db using provider unit tests to functional
021419d Use oslo.messaging per-call monitoring
4e47c03 placement: always create consumer records
b21aa50 Extract part of PlacementFixture to placement
4a6cdbd fix tox python3 overrides
7907c25 Change consecutive build failure limit to a weigher
0be8028 Do not use nova.test in placement.test_deploy
900f8a5 Do not use nova.test in placement.test_microversion
cfc8aa9 Do not use nova.test in placement.test_handler
efd2d6b Do not use nova.test in placement.test_fault_wrap
c075609 Do not use nova.test in placement.test_requestlog
f1b3e96 Do not use nova.test in placement.handlers.test_aggregate
41ea0e0 Do not use nova.test in placement.test_util
48fe21d Ensure resource class cache when listing usages
21c5a29 api-ref: mention that you can't re-parent a resource provider
ca66e84 Re-base placement object unit tests on NoDBTestCase
74b630f [placement] Do not import oslo_service for log_options
c97d6eb Fix some inconsistencies in doc
58111f5 Add nova-manage placement heal_allocations CLI
fa79437 mirror nova host aggregate members to placement
0760b80 Set scope for remaining placement policy rules
fcfabf0 Update overriden to overridden
e933211 Adding NVMEoF for libvirt driver
da24af7 Fix doc mistakes
3512835 Remove unused function
2ed8d9f Fix nits in nested provider allocation candidates(2)
9b256ea Fix the file name of development-environment.rst
a40f6b0 Return all resources in provider_summaries
727ca93 placement: Use INNER JOIN for requied traits
ac31070 Delete duplicate functions in placement test
8dc6c3c Use list instead of set for duplicate check
c5bd221 Support nested alloc cands with sharing providers
d080fda Fix nits in nested provider allocation candidates
68a3164 Follow up changes to granular placement policy reviews
15ec9c6 Add granular policy rules for allocation candidates
c9f06b2 Add granular policy rules for placement allocations
245ef58 Add granular policy rules for traits in placement
9260d8a Add granular placement policy rules for aggregates
367c2dc Add granular policy rules for usages
6db90eb Honor availability_zone hint via placement
8ce16f9 Add traits check in nested provider candidates
21eac56 Return nested providers in get_by_request
d627116 Expand tests for multiple shared resources case
1c2dc0b Update placement upgrade docs for nova-api dependency on placement
e6dea14 Placement: allow to set reserved value equal to total for inventory
b95937a Update nova-status and docs for required placement 1.24
16f60f5 Expose instance_get_all_uuids_by_host() from DB API and use it
b4b76cd Update the deprecate os_region_name option
3f19c70 Fix inconsistency in docs
77f488a Add granular policy rules for resource providers inventories
4a48f6a Add granular policy rules for /resource_classes*
519e5a2 Implement granular policy rules for placement
87a2a63 Deduplicate config/policy reference docs from main index
c33b204 Remove deprecated monkey_patch config options
b500a88 Debug logs for allocation_candidates filters
6786f8a Cleanup ugly stub in TestLocalDeleteAllocations
f95b74c Add retrying to requirements.txt
58900a2 [placement] default to accept of application/json when */*
fd48328 We don't need utils.trycmd any more.
e874e40 Move image conversion to privsep.
5ca2743 Add INVENTORY_INUSE to DELETE /rp/{u}/inventories
4681761 placement: Fix HTTP error generation
33cc800 __str__ methods for RequestGroup, ResourceRequest
84d58bf add lower-constraints job
0b95196 Flexibly test keystonmiddleware in placement stack
2cd48f5 Fix irrelevant-files in nova-dsvm-multinode-base
1c48a8b Add connection_parameters to list of items copied from database
919b72a update scheduler to use image-traits
c60cc0c Remove support for /os-fping REST API
fa3198b Address feedback from instance_list smart-cell behavior
83a0d56 Remove remaning log translation in scheduler
b97a557 Make get_instance_objects_sorted() be smart about cells
c131365 Followup for multiple member_of qparams support
ab9a5d9 Add tests for alloc cands with poor local disk
a501f6e placement: Granular GET /allocation_candidates
f177c65 Migrate tempest-dsvm-multinode-live-migration job in-tree
43e4d2f Fix typos in Host aggregates documentation
831a630 placement: Object changes for granular
c052ed7 Use helpers in test_resource_provider (func)
5158d4e Use test_base symbols directly
7893ee3 Base test module/class for functional placement db
77d0958 Deprecate the nova-consoleauth service
11ed47c Remove [scheduler]/host_manager config option
2925105 doc: Start using openstackdoctheme's extlink extension
f83815c support multiple member_of qparams
e53b492 [doc]remove nova-cert leftover in doc
db7f763 Fix the request context in ServiceFixture
38839e8 Get anchors for sharing providers
43bae27 Remove IronicHostManager and baremetal scheduling options
d31e773 Remove stale pip-missing-reqs tox test
719d43e Make service all-cells min version helper use scatter-gather
7818c66 placement: resource requests for nested providers
e0bd9e6 Handle deprecation of inspect.getargspec
44c3774 Bump pypowervm minimum to 1.1.15
bdfb1f7 Address issues raised in adding member_of to GET /a-c
3220e1d xenapi: Documents update for XAPI pool shared SR migration
f89a3a9 Remove deprecated [placement] opts
5322908 Fix link in placement contributor doc
c36e7c5 Update docs for [keystone_authtoken] changes since Queens
f631547 Add root and parent provider uuid to group by clause
48e86df Improve check capacity sql
0abe8ac tests for alloc candidates with nested and traits
76791c1 Address nits in I00d29e9fd80e6b8f7ba3bbd8e82dde9d4cb1522f
ff97f5b Extract generate_hostid method into utils.py
8a3e7c5 Provide framework for setting placement error codes
406b7b1 [placement] Support forbidden traits in API
6142899 [placement] Filter allocation candidates by forbidden traits in db
4b762bc [placement] Filter resource providers by forbidden traits in db
5cdee4e [placement] Parse forbidden traits in query strings
3cf5804 Use Queens UCA for nova-multiattach job
9f7f914 Remove the branch specifier from the nova-multiattach job
bb32445 Make the nova-multiattach job non-voting temporarily
1729ca6 uncap eventlet in nova
377f145 Make ResourceClass.normalize_name handle sharp S
e56f43b PowerVM: Add proc_units_factor conf option
e08470f Move test_report_client out of placement namespace
e255fcf doc: add a link in the install guides about configuring neutron
47e27bf [placement] Fix incorrect exception import
1571a7d update_provider_tree devref and docstring updates
d5b8319 Support extending attached ScaleIO volumes
9413fc0 Transform aggregate.update_metadata notification
ea1c6f9 Default to py3 for the pep8 tox env because it's stricter
b82068d Remove a outdated warning
2bedef5 [placement] api-ref: Fix parameters
72c14f1 Add tests for _get_trees_matching_all() function
47fe9af Move pypowervm requirement to 1.1.12
3aa0b57 Use an independent transaction for _trait_sync
694915c Test case: traits don't sync if first access fails
3290e09 Expand member_of functional test cases
4f3ecd3 Fix member_of with sharing providers
6418a63 Add tests for alloc_cands with member_of
13f5e16 Make generation optional in ProviderTree
206a6e5 SchedulerReportClient.update_from_provider_tree
78a38c6 Complement tests in allocation candidates
8fe67f1 trivial: Fix nits in code comments
1a30fa7 [placement] Add test for provider summaries
b8b2aae Remove unnecessary code encoding specification
11c870f [placement] Add to contributor docs about handler testing
65b3c25 Add trusted_certs to instance_extra
e5a00fb Documentation for tenant isolation with placement
944d7b0 [placement] Fix bad management of _TRAITS_SYNCED flag
3653f0a Add require_tenant_aggregate request filter
df0558b Add AggregateList.get_by_metadata() query method
7fe82d1 Add an index on aggregate_metadata.value
e3e3b97 tox: Make everything work with Python 3
56fa48a Fix spelling mistake of HTTPNotFound exception
680f2c2 tests: fixes mock autospec usage
2458ad4 Fix allocation_candidates not to ignore shared RPs
c6b8a9a remove unnecessary short cut in placement
16e77cb Fix comments in get_all_with_shared()
18e5240 tox: Remove unnecessary configuration
cd1e658 tox: Fix indentation
e5c9eee Updated from global requirements
193e270 Docs: modernise links
6e3e501 Updated from global requirements
823d9ec Use microversion parse 0.2.1
3e6f146 Updated from global requirements
4effaa7 Move placement test cases from db to placement
4ffad3c Remove translate and a TODO
5279463 Add more functional test for placement.usage
cdc7847 deprecate fping_path config option
7aa1538 Add disabled field to CellMapping object
5eeb076 Move placement exceptions into the placement package
e8b91ed Add disabled column to cell_mappings table.
bf90c05 Add placeholder migrations for Queens backports
7366b2c Updated from global requirements
fe34313 conf: Remove 'db_driver' config opt
64b404b Add 'member_of' param to GET /allocation_candidates
7b01024 Follow the new PTI for document build
339b352 docs: Disable smartquotes
26c35b4 Updated from global requirements
c6e16a6 placement: Return new provider from POST /rps
aaf7b16 placement: generation in provider aggregate APIs
1bad050 Update contributor/placement.rst to contemporary reality
6688f55 Updated from global requirements
369f6f6 Reparent placement objects to oslo_versionedobjects
434d972 Move resource provider objects into placement hierarchy
d68a58c Move resource class fields
a716081 Updated from global requirements
e72f533 New-style _set_inventory_for_provider
4e0ad37 conf: Fix indentation of database options
af4423b conf: Remove deprecated 'allow_instance_snapshots' opt
e847206 Updated from global requirements
c302887 Make nova build reproducible
20869d4 Migrate tempest-dsvm-cells job to an in-tree job definition
5c83767 Make nova-manage db purge take --all-cells
1f195b2 conf: Remove 'nova.crypto' opts
765fc73 ca: Remove 'nova/CA' directory
bc54f4d Add simple db purge command
2f75e7a Run post-test archive against cell1
ed24449 Removed unnecessary parantheses in yield statements
2cd5962 Refactor WSGI apps and utils to limit imports
711ebb7 Add more functional test for placement.aggregates
78bfbb8 Updated from global requirements
f3a50d9 Make the nova-next job voting and gating
6a8ea9b Updated from global requirements
5207e30 Updated from global requirements
b419ce6 Updated from global requirements
431eaf6 Move db MAX constants to own file
55d3ff0 [placement] use simple FaultWrapper
2fc63da Move makefs to privsep
da4ce35 Remove unused LOG variables
ed496ae Add check for redundant import aliases
a6ab799 Check for leaked server resource allocations in post_test_hook
7734112 rp: GET /resource_providers?required=<traits>
aa96c75 Clarify `resources` query param for /r_p and /a_c
2702dca [placement] api-ref: Fix a missing response code
0045ec0 [placement] Add functional tests for traits API
bdd0dbc Updated from global requirements
32901b0 Remove single quotes from posargs on stestr run commands
9d73dcc Only pull associated *sharing* providers
576f1d3 Add a nova-caching-scheduler job to the experimental queue
42b1aec api-ref: Further clarify placement aggregates
9f55c25 Add functional tests to ensure BDM removal on delete
c43d44a Drop extra loop which modifies Cinder volume status
8052a8a Remove deprecated aggregate DB compatibility
c2f04b7 Remove old flavor_create db api method
b814015 Remove old flavor_get_all db api method
5d0f0b7 Remove old flavor_get db api method
1ce313f Remove old flavor_get_by_name db api method
d34de51 Remove old flavor_get_by_flavor_id db api method
c690c3d Remove old flavor_destroy db api method
3753468 Remove old flavor_access_get_by_flavor_id db api method
2e281a6 Test websocketproxy with TLS in the nova-next job
4ab6795 Updated from global requirements
f203dc1 install-guide: Wrap long console command
6699867 install-guide: Make formatting of console consistent
8c8a85f Clarify the help text for [scheduler]periodic_task_interval
9fe9486 Move the nova-next job in-tree and update it
a57ee8d [placement] annotate loadapp as public interface
366b482 doc: merge numa.rst to cpu-topologies.rst
a07e4b7 [placement] Add sending global request ID in get
d053b5d [placement] Add sending global request ID in put (3)
47a28bc Ensure resource classes correctly
ccc6a3c [placement] Move body examples to an isolated directory
c8e00bf Bindep does not catch missing libpcre3-dev on Ubuntu
e55c09f Remove a duplicate colon
fcfa428 fix link
b057192 Address comments from I51adbbdf13711e463b4d25c2ffd4a3123cd65675
a0b98c4 Test case: new standard resource class unusable
206a94d placement doc: Conflict caveat for DELETE APIs
3148892 [placement] Add sending global request ID in put (1)
1ee5cba [placement] Add sending global request ID in post
1c762db Zuul: Remove project name
3d156c1 Doc: Nix os-traits link from POST resource_classes
c12c0dc Reset the _RC_CACHE between tests
abb3a7a doc: placement upgrade notes for queens
dd3a91d Add functional tests for traits-based scheduling
ef3a360 Migrate "launch instance" user guide docs
08151e0 doc: mark the max microversions for queens
b8e0105 Updated from global requirements
bbe1101 Remove old flavor_access_add db api methods
81fa5bb Remove old flavor_access_remove db api method
ed59271 Remove old flavor_extra_specs_get db api method
1463198 Remove old flavor_extra_specs_delete db api method
9af1e35 Remove old flavor_access_get_by_flavor_id db api method
d584b00 Fix nits in support traits changes
128fd28 Log options at debug when starting API services under wsgi
2e3c478 set_{aggregates|traits}_for_provider: tolerate set
2bce2b2 ProviderTree.get_provider_uuids: Top-down ordering
a8d2b6c SchedulerReportClient._delete_provider
b2a425b report client: get_provider_tree_and_ensure_root
ee5107a [Placement] Invalid query parameter could lead to HTTP 500
7f3c2f5 Use util.validate_query_params in list_traits
50a0663 Add functional tests for virt driver get_traits() method
27e4b8b Implement get_traits() for the ironic virt driver
0f8779a [placement] Separate API schemas (resource_provider)
9e8eb60 Fix invalid UUIDs in remaining tests
97281fe Add the nova-multiattach job
60ffec2 api-ref: provide more detail on what a provider aggregate is
6d27782 Updated from global requirements
cd5fa13 Bumping functional test job timeouts
8592956 Reduce policy deprecation warnings in test runs
8956214 Fix SUSE Install Guide: Placement port
f8801a1 Fix missing marker functions
fa9241c Handle TZ change in iso8601 >=0.1.12
959b1ed Updated from global requirements
b4ea33e Fix nits in allocation candidate limit handling
f0df257 [api] Allow multi-attach in compute api
dbd7773 placement: support traits in allocation candidates API
fd134f8 [placement] Add sending global request ID in delete (3)
3cbf62e Fix 500 in test_resize_server_negative_invalid_state
6453bd2 Generalize DB conf group copying
30c3412 Updated from global requirements
86ce098 Cleanup redundant want_version assignment.
60e67d3 trivial: Remove crud from 'conf.py'
682e8b4 Fix openstackdocstheme options for api-ref
f52e0a9 Updated from global requirements
22acec3 [placement] Add functional tests for resource class API
e925bc1 correct referenced url in comments
00140e0 Deduplicate aggregate notification samples
72659b0 Make sure that functional test triggered on sample changes
194566a Add taskflow to requirements
050d821 Updated from global requirements
656d2bc Enable py36 unit tests in tox
64f93b2 Transform rescue/unrescue instance notifications
6e4936a Track provider traits in report client
98c2ea9 Update links in documents
c62680b [placement] Add sending global request ID in delete (2)
332a00a Add cross cell sort support for get_migrations
8da86d7 Add reference to policy sample
986c2dc Updated from global requirements
9d9fe64 Qualify the Placement 1.15 release note
ffe84cd Add migration db and object pagination support.
02abc1a Fix OpenStack capitalization
8cdc662 Optionalize instance_uuid in console_auth_token_get_valid()
87b6880 Use method validate_integer from oslo.utils
3610f46 Use volume shared_targets to lock during attach/detach
d31823a zuul: Move legacy jobs to project
ec3539d Move aggregates from report client to ProviderTree
bd59761 setup.cfg: Explicitly set [build_sphinx] builder
934cc1d [placement] Add sending global request ID in delete
0c4837e Updated from global requirements
b393aa8 Add retry_on_deadlock decorator to action_event_start
ff6d456 [placement] Enable limiting GET /allocation_candidates
acabf42 Provide example for placement last-modified header of now
c9100b6 Remove extensions module
cb2e41e Updated from global requirements
09f009d [placement] Add x-openstack-request-id in API ref
5f3e749 [placement] Separate API schemas (allocation_candidate)
1fb16e8 [placement] Separate API schemas (allocation)
24787fe Add uuid column to BlockDeviceMapping
571f96b [placement] Separate API schemas (resource_class)
22d2551 Updated from global requirements
6a899c5 Make request_spec.spec MediumText
5dcca7f SchedulerReportClient._get_providers_in_aggregates
b5c2099 [placement] Separate API schemas (inventory)
337d402 [placement] Separate API schemas (aggregate)
88f7ec3 [placement] Separate API schemas (trait)
4253e67 [placement] Separate API schemas (usage)
89eb6a9 Pass mountpoint to volume attachment_create with connector
0a00a67 Pass mountpoint to volume attachment_update
22b282e Update nova-status and docs for nova-compute requiring placement 1.14
8605ec9 [placement] Add info about last-modified to contrib docs
4ee7c0e [placement] Add cache headers to placement api requests
17ffe80 placement: skip authentication on root URI
520b121 Add instance action db and obj pagination support.
612db97 Update Instance action's updated_at when action event updated.
ce525a8 [placement] Fix API reference for microversion 1.14
22cdd1c Follow up on removing old-style quotas code
9a89362 Add API and nova-manage tests that use the NoopQuotaDriver
a3e310a [placement] add name to resource provider create error
3d194ba [placement] Add 'Location' parameters in API ref
d4ac674 Implement new attach Cinder flow
113c4a4 SchedulerReportClient._get_providers_in_tree
7deb990 Updated from global requirements
fd0c8fd Deprecate configurable Hide Server Address Feature
5734d07 placement: adds REST API for nested providers
d448d2e archive_deleted_instances is not atomic for insert/delete
62ede10 Updated from global requirements
ad99339 Fix wrong argument order in functional test
050c590 [placement] Fix an error message in API validation
af7149f [placement] Add aggregate link note in API ref
22cf178 Add regression test for rebuilding a volume-backed server
47b62fd Updated from global requirements
39e8926 Add description for resource class creation
a4822f4 [placement] re-use existing conf with auth token middleware
f40d358 Use ksa adapter for keystone conf & requests
0900f86 [placement]Enhance doc for placement allocation list
51fdd64 Refactor placement version check
d165ce0 Remove old-style quotas code
13c1a39 [placement] Fix format in placement API ref
12f353a qemu-img do not use cache=none if no O_DIRECT support
705729f Updated from global requirements
a1861e9 Updated from global requirements
77ef172 placement: add nested resource providers
aa19ae2 Deprecate the IronicHostManager
f01cd1c Remove deprecated TrustedFilter
18e6a44 [placement] Fix GET PUT /allocations nits
a51f5b0 [placement] POST /allocations to set allocations for >1 consumers
c93f0bb Refined fix for validating image on rebuild
7ab9bcc Fix the format file name
a617203 Updated from global requirements
bc3d836 Finish stestr migration
a7c5c06 [placement] Add 'CUSTOM_' prefix description in API ref
74bb0f7 [placement] Fix parameter order in placement API ref
e40f78b Don't overwrite binding-profile
31ff97b Update bindep.txt for doc builds
88624af [placement] Symmetric GET and PUT /allocations/{consumer_uuid}
381fb71 Service token is not experimental
5a6fc85 Get auth from context for glance endpoint
420c95a vgpu: add enabled white list
e0d8b0b cleanup mapping/reqspec after archive instance
b134aeb Update document related to host aggregate
8135504 Add migration_get_by_uuid in db api.
319ec7d placement: Document request headers in api-ref
e4189d1 placement: Document `in:` prefix for ?member_of=
70adc74 Updated from global requirements
4861b42 Fix docstring for GET /os-migrations and related DB API
7d3d878 doc: fix link to creating unit tests in contributor guide
7e059f8 placement: AllocCands.get_by_{filters => requests}
4f6f26c Updated from global requirements
0e5a1a4 Revert "Don't overwrite binding-profile"
73e0504 Don't overwrite binding-profile
cd2b823 [placement] set accept to application/json if accept not set
934b4f8 [placement] Fix a wrong redirection in placement doc
b6b4f6c Add Flavor.description attribute
c6a1547 Updated from global requirements
8ed3381 placement: Parse granular resources & traits
dcacc2e RequestGroup class for placement & consumers
287170c conf: Validate '[api] vendordata_providers' options
eaa425c conf: Remove 'vendordata_driver' opt
8af7765 Fix warning on {'cell_id': 1} is an invalid UUID
f522ba7 placement: Contributor doc microversion checklist
069e5ec [placement] avoid case issues microversions in gabbits
a0fdb75 add whereto for testing redirect rules
73a4c8f Use ksa adapter for placement conf & requests
b57109e Update placement api-ref: allocations link in 1.11
7cf120b rp: Remove RP.get_traits() method
d78902e conf: Move additional nova-net opts to 'network'
6304938 trivial: Rename 'policy_check' -> 'policy'
bd47d44 test: Store the OutputStreamCapture fixture
a9aa725 Move project_id and user_id to Allocation object
499d5a0 VGPU: Define vgpu resource class
04e0ee8 Import user-data page from openstack-manuals
b921c85 Import the config drive docs from openstack-manuals
adbf397 Move the idmapshift binary into privsep.
c3d69d0 Include /resource_providers/uuid/allocations link
c57f65f Remove duplicate error info
cacd040 [placement] Clean up TODOs in allocations.yaml gabbit
ae2f9f8 Move restart_compute_service to a common place
bc4b222 [placement] Confirm that empty resources query causes 400
d667bd7 [placement] add coverage for update of standard resource class
f4c453d Add 'done' to migration_get_in_progress_by_host_and_node filter
112ce2b rp: fix up AllocList.get_by_resource_provider_uuid
12d7a46 rp: streamline InventoryList.get_all_by_rp_uuid()
165afa5 Nix bug msg from ConfGroupForServiceTypeNotFound
b4c8bc7 Updated from global requirements
afa75ba Fix minor input items from previous patches
2abc20e nova.utils.get_ksa_adapter()
3c003df Fix instance_get_by_sort_filters() for multiple sort keys
913c8ca Make setenv consistent for unit, func, and api-samples
6c8c6e0 Remove doc todo related to bug/1506667
caeae7a [placement] gabbi tests for shared custom resource class
bdfe0e3 Fix CellDatabases fixture swallowing exceptions
7795ba0 Ensure instance can migrate when launched concurrently
274d2b6 [placement] Update the placement deployment instructions
95c6bcd Do not monkey patch eventlet in unit tests
df847e5 Support qemu >= 2.10
b6cc150 doc: make host aggregates examples more discoverable
1425abd Add slowest command to tox.ini
13e17cd Make TestRPC inherit from the base nova TestCase
41f8621 Live Migration sequence diagram
61e25e0 Deprecate idle_timeout in api_database
7e01b7f cleanup test-requirements
92bbd25 Add 400 as error code for resource class delete
03243be fix nova accepting invalid availability zone name with ':'
366d359 Remove useless periodic task that expires quota reservations
4087514 docs: Rename cellsv2_layout -> cellsv2-layout
4d35c1b Updated from global requirements
171f6a0 Add default configuration files to data_files
232b342 Add fault-filling into instance_get_all_by_filters_sort()
040b5a6 Add db.instance_get_by_sort_filters()
1f34cfc Add instance.interface_attach notification
10d6e41 Updated from global requirements
f612acd doc: Split flavors docs into admin and user guides
1d316b6 Enable custom certificates for keystone communication
eea8ff6 Move the dac_admin privsep code to a new location.
593db94 Updated from global requirements
a877bf8 doc: rename the Indices and Tables section
7fb165b [placement] Unregister the ResourceProvider object
c9d303b [placement] Unregister the ResourceProviderList object
90cce33 [placement] Unregister the Inventory object
54313c5 [placement] Unregister the InventoryList object
52ee2b7 [placement] Unregister the Allocation object
765d645 [placement] Unregister the AllocationList object
c5ffc0c [placement] Unregister the UsageList object
64c8900 [placement] Unregister the ResourceClass object
daded82 [placement] Unregister the ResourceClassList object
d947b28 [placement] Unregister the Trait object
fcf4b82 [placement] Unregister the TraitList object
4197912 Add single quotes for posargs on jobs
bada6eb Target context when setting instance to ERROR when over quota
190b48e Cleanup running of osprofiler tests
29f76e9 Fix test runner config issues with os-testr 1.0.0
ac1d84f Fix missed chown call
96180c0 Updated from global requirements
d2c8d41 Revert "Revert "Fix AZ related API docs""
cdb7bed Revert "Fix AZ related API docs"
d88d42d [placement] correct error on bad resource class in allocation
90625fc api-ref: note the microversions for GET /resource_providers query params
bbb5d4e Fix AZ related API docs
249c967 Transform aggregate.remove_host notification
3f80209 Transform aggregate.add_host notification
b871bda Typo error about help resource_classes.inc
0566870 Set regex flag on ostestr command for osprofiler tests
52c57ca Fix broken URLs
0010e98 Allow setting up multiple cells in the base TestCase
72d262a First attempt at adding a privsep user to nova itself.
669d5c7 doc: Add configuration index page
a83e491 doc: Add user index page
12b164c Remove usage of kwarg retry_on_request in API
208daec Updated from global requirements
d78f527 conf: Rename two VNC options
21fe32d doc: link to versioned notification samples from main index
4c1f2b1 doc: link to placement api-ref and history docs from main index
1aa57ed [placement] Update user doc with api-ref link
6bcda0e [placement] api-ref GET /traits name:startswith
35b9dcf [placement] Require at least one resource class in allocation
ff568a8 Updated from global requirements
5cbb9e9 [placement] Add test for empty resources in allocation
83cfdb2 Add uuid online migration for migrations
62289cb Add placeholder migrations for Pike backports
8819240 Deprecate CONF.monkey_patch
b7e2e4d Monkey patch the blockdiag extension
3b52049 docs: Document the scheduler workflow
5221481 Updated from global requirements
bd98da3 trivial: Remove some single use function from utils
77c95d2 doc: Address review comments for main index
5edb74f trivial: Remove dead function, variable
2cba718 Updated from global requirements
239b523 Resource tracker compatibility with Ocata and Pike
7bd1621 [placement] Make placement_api_docs.py failing
bdd6214 [placement] Add api-ref for allocation_candidates
a478e31 [placement] Add api-ref for RP usages
5570e89 [placement] Add api-ref for usages
ffe42f8 Add documentation for documentation contributions
a1683aa doc: Import configuration reference
740fe82 update policy UT fixtures
981bd87 rework index intro to describe nova
a40a829 doc: provide more details on scheduling with placement
f5e7213 Add For Operators section to front page
359f1eb Create For End Users index section
b0809e3 Create reference subpage
0cde344 Fix all >= 2 hit 404s
9e88052 [placement] Add api-ref for RP allocations
422dba2 Updated from global requirements
5feac33 Add Contributor Guide section page
215a194 Update install guide to clearly define between package installs
4a05636 doc: Import administration guide
1a44cac doc: Import installation guide
9c30786 doc: Start using oslo_policy.sphinxext
379af6c doc: Start using oslo_config.sphinxext
6b6079f doc: Rework README to reflect new doc URLs
3c5da51 fix list rendering in aggregates
387c3d7 [placement] Avoid error log on 405 response
dcc7783 sort redirectmatch lines
970cb0d add top 404 redirect
3435c63 [placement] Require at least one allocation when PUT
d4bbb93 Add redirect for api-microversion-history doc
2893932 Fix 409 handling in report client when deleting inventory
4a43256 add redirects for existing broken docs urls
6f2bc60 Add some more cellsv2 doc goodness
17ee4ae Test resize with placement api
b45402d Updated from global requirements
af7c24d do not pass proxy env variables by tox
ae8906c Add description on maximum placement API version
6848401 Updated from global requirements
8791440 Updated from global requirements
7d09f95 add a redirect for the old cells landing page
d069c34 Remove unnecessary code
478764a Fix example in _serialize_allocations_for_consumer
d16aae9 deprecate ``wsgi_log_format`` config variable
7cfe0d9 Updated from global requirements
12a8862 Improve assertJsonEqual error reporting
fffb1a1 Move the last_bytes util method to libvirt
1151a05 Use wsgi-intercept in OSAPIFixture
8d57126 Suppress some test warnings
9d2c7c2 [placement] Use wsgi_intercept in PlacementFixture
2ecac20 [placement] Flush RC_CACHE after each gabbit sequence
a462e64 Updated from global requirements
0df4107 Using plain routes for the microversions test
034a15c Updated from global requirements
76e01cb Updated from global requirements
c9fb778 Updated from global requirements
10bf786 doc: Switch to openstackdocstheme
4c01c1f Remove the unittest for plugin framework
f7e86c2 Use plain routes list for versions instead of stevedore
998e5cf Removed unused 'wrap' property
9267767 Remove check_detach
8fbb8ba Remove improper LOG.exception() calls in placement
ad4b945 Updated from global requirements
75e3ad9 Fix and optimize external_events for multiple cells
9071e70 Updated from global requirements
6ec456c Update URL home-page in documents according to document migration
5b7d8db Consider instance flavor resource overrides in allocations
ddab36d Use plain routes list for extension_info instead of stevedore
dd1d3f0 Use plain routes list for os-snapshots instead of stevedore
b03cc6e doc: Populate the 'user' section
4b4f176 doc: Populate the 'reference' section
56cb823 doc: Populate the 'contributor' section
36133eb doc: Populate the 'configuration' section
21e7a12 [placement] Add api-ref for allocations
9481305 [placement] Add api-ref for RP traits
77e1c46 [placement] Add api-ref for traits
e513c2e Remove translation of log messages
a407085 Consistent policies
6a42319 [placement] fix 500 error when allocating to bad class
8460d38 [placement] Update allocation-candidates.yaml for gabbi 1.35
e7f4a76 [placement] cover deleting a custom resource class in use
141752a [placement] cover deleting standard trait
c6e2309 Updated from global requirements
ddb3990 Updated from global requirements
c0fadbe Remove 'create_rule_default'
0bad81d doc: Populate the 'cli' section
a357a14 Add BDM to InstancePayload
b0713f3 doc: Enable pep8 on doc generation code
9743912 doc: Remove dead plugin
3e10dd5 Use plain routes list for os-baremetal-nodes endpoint instead of stevedore
5988f99 Use plain routes list for os-security-group-default-rules instead of stevedore
90105b9 Use plain routes list for os-security-group-rules instead of stevedore
73b0924 Use plain routes list for image-metadata instead of stevedore
549e2e3 Use plain routes list for images instead of stevedore
885208e doc: Use consistent author, section for man pages
a85d52d Use plain routes list for os-networks instead of stevedore
2396485 doc: Remove cruft from conf.py
7a26914 Fix a missing classifier
024a5ea Trivial: Remove unnecessary format specifier
c70d582 Updated from global requirements
df689c1 [placement] Improve allocation_candidates coverage
16b0539 Reset the traits sync flag in the placement fixtures
9553fad Use plain routes list for os-cells endpoint instead of stevedore
897ee27 placement: support GET /allocation_candidates
457da9f Updated from global requirements
8ba8c4c Add scatter gather utilities for cells
5c72142 Handle version for PUT and POST in PlacementFixture
d2cd38b Add a reset for traits DB sync
debc749 Updated from global requirements
c9057d9 Add python 3.5 in classifier
628ef56 return 400 Bad Request when empty string resources
508f094 Add missing microversion documentation
0e6c1ba Remove translation of log messages
683ada8 placement: separate normalize_resources_qs_param
aeebff5 Updated from global requirements
0a56f0a Count floating ips to check quota
c098da8 Count networks to check quota
c413eda Use plain routes list for os-remote-consoles instead of stevedore
de78c01 Remove multiple create from stevedore
f1ab3d6 Use plain routes list for os-tenant-networks instead of stevedore
3a94ba1 Use plain routes list for os-cloudpipe endpoint instead of stevedore
85f86e7 Use plain routes list for os-quota-classes endpoint instead of stevedore
ddf2973 placement: Add GET /usages to placement API
3684aeb placement project_id, user_id in PUT /allocations
f830d53 Updated from global requirements
53349aa Only auto-disable new nova-compute services
2287b83 Updated from global requirements
f13b2df Use plain routes list for os-server-groups endpoint instead of stevedore
5dcc396 Use plain routes list for user_data instead of stevedore
6e0b81f Use plain routes list for block_device_mapping instead of stevedore
d6192f4 Use plain routes list for os-consoles, os-console-auth-tokens endpoint instead of stevedore
44a70fe [placement] Increase test coverage
b817c6b [placement] Add api-ref for aggregates
631be05 [placement] Use util.extract_json in allocations handler
b156f28 [placement] Disambiguate resource provider conflict message
6de0d2d Remove **kwargs passing in payload __init__
6a59290 Fix html_last_updated_fmt for Python3
00f7207 Remove unused CONF import from placement/auth.py
371b589 Add service_token for nova-glance interaction
e604d87 Adopts keystoneauth with glance client.
7aa0052 placement: use separate tables for projects/users
5f66870 Use plain routes list for os-services endpoint instead of stevedore
e3f5277 use plain routes list for os-virtual-interfaces
f6e0ef1 use plain routes list for hypervisor endpoint instead of stevedore
3ef53c1 Use plain routes list for os-fping endpoint
de5a6c0 Use plain routes list for hosts endpoint instead of stevedore
7a26ef4 Use plain routes list for instance actions endpoint
fe0d193 Use plain routes list for server ips endpoint
a771097 Revert "Remove Babel from requirements.txt"
45c6495 Remove Babel from requirements.txt
b86eac4 Sync os-traits to Traits database table
aa1ddf2 Replace messaging.get_transport with get_rpc_transport
4ed5f53 Updated from global requirements
6e5e067 [placement] Add api-ref for resource classes
3c9b787 Updated from global requirements
8e3fe7b placement: Specific error for inventory in use
1fe8aff Updated from global requirements
a7be979 Add database migration and model for consumers
98b1c06 add new test fixture flavor with extra_specs
db70f86 Updated from global requirements
f6be345 Use plain routes list for server diagnostics endpoint
5bc9aa4 Use plain routes list for os-server-external-events endpoint
3a3b7e0 Use plain routes list for server-migrations endpoint instead of stevedore
7292004 Use plain routes list for server-tags instead of stevedore
be3a804 Use plain routes list for os-interface endpoint instead of stevedore
8d83d8e Updated from global requirements
153b1ed [placement] adjust resource provider links by microversion
b694d09 [placement] Add api-ref for DELETE resource provider
8f2ecfc [placement] Add api-ref for PUT resource provider
91cb703 [placement] Add api-ref for GET resource provider
4897245 [placement] Add api-ref for POST resource provider
bf75539 [placement] Add api-ref for DELETE RP inventory
b2e1a39 [placement] Add api-ref for PUT RP inventory
6d0ca61 [placement] Add api-ref for GET RP inventory
f9da915 [placement] Add api-ref for DELETE RP inventories
2b567f0 [placement] Add api-ref for PUT RP inventories
a945d5c [placement] Add api-ref for GET RP inventories
1c9cb01 Use plain routes list for os-migrations endpoint instead of stevedore
1dfc0c8 Updated from global requirements
69c569b Migrate to oslo request_id middleware - mv 2.46
f138453 Send request_id on cinder calls
c398d6a re-Allow adding computes with no ComputeNodes to aggregates
d00b251 Exclude deleted service records when calling hypervisor statistics
8f1b0aa [placement] Fix placement-api-ref check tool
51aa212 Use plain routes list for limits endpoint instead of stevedore
493de20 Updated from global requirements
4e102ec Updated from global requirements
5ddf400 trivial: Remove dead code
a5d6051 Use plain routes list for os-quota-sets endpoint instead of stevedore
8f0409a Use plain routes list for os-certificates endpoint instead of stevedore
ec00337 Updated from global requirements
10e48bb Cache database and message queue connection objects
05ca7db Fix uuid replacement in aggregate notification test
86f0f22 Updated from global requirements
d5e3d3a Use plain routes list for server-password endpoint instead of stevedore
b827f1e api-ref: Fix examples for add/removeFixedIp action
ba778bc Updated from global requirements
af564d9 Updated from global requirements
216fed2 libvirt: Pass instance to connect_volume and disconnect_volume
7f19caf Remove the can_host column
73b78e3 Make NovaException format errors fatal for tests
115e372 db api: add service_get_by_uuid
5b7069f Add online data migration for populating services.uuid
3c32cf5 Remove cloudpipe APIs
9a843ad Use six.text_type() when logging Instance object
1cf5323 Updated from global requirements
2f37b2b Use plain routes list for server-metadata endpoint instead of stevedore
13a9352 devref and reno for nova-{api,metadata}-wsgi scripts
ccff67e Add pbr-installed wsgi application for metadata api
8b07c01 Remove nova-cert leftovers
58993bb Use plain routes list for os-fixed-ips endpoint instead of stevedore
081511d Use plain routes list for os-availability-zone endpoint instead of stevedore
1d287a6 Use plain routes list for os-assisted-volume-snapshots endpoint
47dbc08 Use plain routes list for os-agents endpoint instead of stevedore
093d435 Use plain routes list for os-floating-ip-dns endpoint instead of stevedore
aa7e3c0 Use plain routes list for os-floating-ips-bulk endpoint instead of stevedore
60f7778 Use plain routes list for os-floating-ip-pools endpoint instead of stevedore
ab8757d Use plain routes list for os-floating-ips endpoint instead of stevedore
97780cf use plain routes list for os-simple-tenant-usage
1eaa109 Use plain routes list for os-instance-usage-audit-log  endpoint instead of stevedore
2d2f9db Support tag instances when boot(1)
ca2c68a Add ability to query for ComputeNodes by their mapped value
5ba7b8f Updated from global requirements
669a977 Expose StandardLogging fixture for use
4a34b79 Remove all discoverable policy rules
3506797 Register osapi_compute when nova-api is wsgi
5b0a344 Use plain routes list for '/os-aggregates' endpoint instead of stevedore
63b1f30 Use plain routes list for '/os-keypairs' endpoint instead of stevedore
0e93e7f Use plain routes list for flavors-access endpoint instead of stevedore
9b8ec84 Use plain routes list for flavors-extraspecs endpoint instead of stevedore
e169a14 Use plain routes list for flavor endpoint instead of stevedore[1]
6e63ce7 Use plain routes list for '/servers' endpoint instead of stevedore
f631e8f encryptors: Switch to os-brick encryptor classes
2599b42 Updated from global requirements
49a4090 Allow CONTENT_LENGTH to be present but empty
d6658d2 [placement] Idempotent PUT /resource_classes/{name}
af4632c conf: Move 'floating_ips' opts into 'network'
fda85f3 Updated from global requirements
bb027fc Add test ensure all the microversions are sequential in placement API
e6b5dca fix typos
391514f Remove unused os-pci API
eb92fa3 Use deepcopy when process filters in db api
5999908 Remove usage of parameter enforce_type
a9a92c2 Spelling error "paramenter"
52aad67 Updated from global requirements
93de4fd Deprecate CONF.api.allow_instance_snapshots
465d17b placement: Add Traits API to placement service
55868cb Remove aggregate uuid generation on load from DB
578ba7e PowerVM Driver: spawn/delete #1: no-ops
f561746 Remove dead db api code
c51b744 remove flake8-import-order
a120731 Updated from global requirements
694b73e Optimize the link address
67ee613 Fix joins in instance_get_all_by_host
578b78f Remove the stevedore extension point for server create
183da83 Make scheduler target cells to get compute node instance info
d3bf010 [placement] Allow PUT and POST without bodies
60a35a7 Regression test for local delete with an attached volume
babf6e9 Switch from pip_missing_reqs to pip_check_reqs
0dc3070 doc: Separate the releasenotes guide from the code-review section
f7a4441 Updated from global requirements
a117e35 Ensure reservation_expire actually expires reservations
f307bc0 Rename the model object ResourceProviderTraits to ResourceProviderTrait
90271b2 Short circuit notifications when not enabled
00e4321 doc: Move code-review under developer policies
c0caf15 Updated from global requirements
169ea07 Use cursive for signature verification
55eca6e Add description to policies in aggregates.py
f3b2ee2 tox: Stop calling config/policy generators twice
435cefd [placement] Split api-ref topics per file
f5fe9ff remove i18n log markers from nova.api.*
5978b02 [placement] add api-ref for GET /resource_providers
e0d598e Structure for simply managing placement-api-ref
a7bc113 [placement] Don't use floats in microversion handling
dac0364 Fix some reST field lists in docstrings
bfa5209 Add check for invalid inventory amounts
ce1e416 Add check for invalid allocation amounts
beb5783 Remove the Allocation.create() method.
58040df Tests: remove .testrepository/times.dbm in tox.ini (functional)
df9af21 DELETE all inventory for a resource provider
2bc3e07 Remove old oslo.messaging transport aliases
9d8ecc0 Updated from global requirements
cc2b09e flake8: Specify 'nova' as name of app
6b28421 Updated from global requirements
31f8bf4 remove flake8-import-order for test requirements
192ebcd Introduce fast8 tox target
408b41c Duplicate JSON line ending check to pep8
b619839 [placement] Raising http codes on old microversion
76effd5 Updated from global requirements
9cc3702 doc: add some documentation around quotas
a08a4ef Temporarily untarget context when deleting from cell0
0c38e0f api-ref: Fix parameters and examples in aggregate API
d764622 Teach os-aggregates about cells
e5fc58d Error message should not include SQL command
25872d0 Add functional test for bad res class in set_inventory_for_provider
3b3555d Remove unused placement_database config options
9ac20c6 virt: add get_inventory() virt driver API method
146023e Use flake8-import-order
de3388f Add comment to instance_destroy()
99ba06b Use Sphinx 1.5 warning-is-error
0a8b799 Add warning on setting secure_proxy_ssl_header
d8bad73 handle uninited fields in notification payload
08e8aa3 Updated from global requirements
137bda4 Add functional test for ip filtering with regex
44d1950 Remove domains *-log-* from compile_catalog
bd9a903 Updated from global requirements
a40908a Updated from global requirements
befdeee [placement] Add Traits related table to the api database
62fb464 Tests: remove .testrepository/times.dbm in tox.ini
4b21ba4 Updated from global requirements
494b317 Ignore deleted services in minimum version calculation
1ad9957 Remove usage of config option verbose
63eb25f Clean up metadata param in doc
8079cff doc: Don't put comments inside toctree
dfc6614 Fix doc generation warnings
cfa9dc5 Updated from global requirements
dd2a611 More usage of ostestr and cleanup an unused dependency
153a11e Make servers API use cell-targeted context
f4bf118 Make CellDatabases fixture work over RPC
71a6f1c Revert "fix usage of opportunistic test cases with enginefacade"
8f33bfe Placement api: set custom json_error_formatter in resource_class
37408ad Enable coverage report
37ebc4f Raise correct error instead of class exist in Placement API
e7a603b Updated from global requirements
5f4490c Remove mox from unit/api/openstack/compute/test_aggregates.py
809ff69 Fix improper prompt when update RC with existed one's name.
77133bb Placement api: set custom json_error_formatter in root
6b0f821 Cleanup some issues with CONF.placement.os_interface
3921a86 Placement api: set custom json_error_formatter in aggregate and usage
a02ef3f Placement api: set custom json_error_formatter in resource_provider
65cad5c Fix incorrect example for querying resource for RP.
68b338a Placement api: set custom json_error_formatter in inventory
a5437f3 Enable global hacking checks and removed local checks
6ccb8c8 Update hacking version
bd0fd86 Placement api: set custom json_error_formatter in allocations
4b26b27 [3/3]Replace six.iteritems() with .items()
b318015 Removed unnecessary parantheses and fixed formation
6b3a2e8 Reserve migration placeholders for Ocata backports
1834c7d conf: remove deprecated image url options
4ea8b6b Mark compute/placement REST API max microversions for Ocata
dbb363d Remove pre-cellsv2 short circuit in instance get
bae8f5b Allow placement endpoint interface to be set
fafe59b [placement] Use modern attributes of oslo_context
c78f57c Use is_valid_cidr and is_valid_ipv6_cidr from oslo_utils
577bc87 Updated from global requirements
e0b3573 Optionally make dynamic vendordata failures fatal.
04cf926 Use a service account to make vendordata requests.
82a352a Only warn about hostmappings during ocata upgrade
328bfd3 Trivial-fix: replace "json" with "yaml" in policy README
e162fd2 Make api_samples tests use simple cell environment
02817e5 Multicell support for instance listing
cae4439 Updated from global requirements
83a7ec8 Amend the PlacementFixture
60bd3ef Updated from global requirements
ce67b48 Add a PlacementFixture
2ccd6b2 placement: create aggregate map in report client
733f9bf Remove references to Python 3.4
06d2ba9 Move to tooz hash ring implementation
aa8fbb5 Integrate OSProfiler and Nova
cb465bd Remove invalid URL in gabbi tests
e6b71e3 Updated from global requirements
d9509e2 Add rudimentary CORS support to placement API
8d92fe0 Updated from global requirements
f32ec69 Updated from global requirements
5256514 placement: validate member_of values are uuids
2da73ce Expose a REST API for a specific list of RPs
bf171bc [py35] Fixes to get rally scenarios working
1c6d252 Add service_token for nova-neutron interaction
4c7c8df Updated from global requirements
9874b97 Add service_token for nova-cinder interaction
8767ebd XenAPI Use os-xenapi lib for nova
adfb997 Document testing process for zero downtime upgrade
f159d6d [2/3]Replace six.iteritems() with .items()
b32f9ac docs: sort the Architecture Concepts index
02c1e6d Make the SingleCellSimple fixture a little more comprehensive
69c04fb [placement] fix typo in call to create auth middleware
8e797aa HTTP interface for resource providers by aggregates
8b4fd32 Return uuid attribute for aggregates
17b3349 Move quota options to a config group.
99fffea Transform aggregate.delete notification
5ba7ff6 Transform aggregate.create notification
38a72d7 move gate hooks to gate/
2cea2d9 Make test_compute pass with CONF.use_neutron=True by default
075e00c placement: Do not save 0-valued inventory
f5b74eb [placement] start a placement_dev doc
51ca5ff Remove Rules.load_json warning
504594a Handle unicode when dealing with duplicate aggregate errors during migration
34af316 Updated from global requirements
0a7b222 [TrivialFix] Fix comment and function name typo error
fccd672 conf: Remove 'virt' file
0c0e2bd Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding
b7b72c2 Add nova-status upgrade check command framework
72a48ce conf: make 'default' upper case
a5fce56 Updated from global requirements
799223a Make nova-manage cell_v2 discover_hosts tests use DBs
ff67e3b Updated from global requirements
d4f4476 Fix some release notes in preparation for the o-2 beta release
e24798a Only return latest instance fault for instances
897be86 conf: fix formatting in base
1f0ff75 Add Python 3.5 functional tests in tox.ini
2623fe2 Simple tenant usage pagination
22635ce Remove the EC2 compatible API tags filter related codes
3b8826b Corrects the type of a base64 encoded string
53a5b02 Fix instructions for running simple_cell_setup
8f2538f Refactor REGEX filters to eliminate 500 errors
c5c4925 Setup CellsV2 environment in base test
d10a4a2 Return 400 when name is more than 255 characters
803e69f Check that all JSON files don't have \r\n in line
091c0a6 conf: Remove config option compute_ manager
a75008c Add SingleCellSimple fixture
eec83ee Make RPCFixture support multiple connections
b5ed791 Updated from global requirements
d543f50 Revert "reduce pep8 requirements to just hacking"
22eb396 Return 400 when name is more than 200 characters
165aa58 Fix a typo in a comment in microversion history
80d7680 Add a CellDatabases test fixture
96f8efe Pass context as kwarg instead of positional arg to get_engine
4c6dbc4 Require cellsv2 setup before migrating to Ocata
c0a4f41 Fix placement API version history 1.1 title
5320a85 placement: REST API for resource classes
e82057b conf: Remove deprecated service manager opts
16d09a9 Updated from global requirements
c84fa51 Always use python2.7 for docs target
9d43efb libvirt: Cleanup test_create_configdrive
e79fb5d Handle maximum limit in schema for int and float type parameters
e02fb79 conf: Trivial fix of indentation in 'api'
213b29a hacking: Use uuidutils or uuidsentinel to generate UUID
48aa351 Replace uuid4() with uuidsentinel
71fcffe conf: Move api options to a group
c6ac14e [scheduler][tests]: Fix incorrect aggr mock values
3f02422 Show team and repo badges on README
8ee75b5 Placement api: Add informative message to 404 response.
2bd8925 conf: remove deprecated cert_topic option
8b1a3a3 conf: remove deprecated exception option
7b49231 Remove redundant VersionedObject Fields
4b5aa87 [placement] increase gabbi coverage of handlers.resource_provider
6a265bc [placement] increase gabbi coverage of handlers.inventory
1e6c13f [placement] increase gabbi coverage of handlers.allocation
62a30fa Separate CRUD policy for server_groups
40ad8a2 Use pick_context_manager throughout DB APIs
07fbac6 Database poison note
4a1e855 Implement get and set aggregates in the placement API
a9d0f19 Updated from global requirements
7eb0987 Typo error allocations.yaml
291e85a [placement] Enforce min_unit, max_unit and step_size
bc29704 Add the initial documentation for the placement API
7b5ea2c conf: fix formatting in wsgi
88cfde2 Change database poison warning to an exception
d2c6330 Updated from global requirements
7c0bdd5 Placement api: 404 response do not indicate what was not found
1f0bcfd Updated from global requirements
320f60f [placement] add a placement_aggregates table to api_db
5401735 Updated from global requirements
6000822 Add explicit dependency on testscenarios
e2f12e0 Updated from global requirements
85e7d91 conf: Remove extraneous whitespace
53fe742 EventReporterStub
bc39bcd placement: raise exc when resource class not found
5a3ef8b encryptors: Workaround mangled passphrases
ce42554 Updated from global requirements
7777ec9 Replace admin check with policy check in placement API
f653f8b Fix import statement order
4f7147c Updated from global requirements
8efb8ca Make build_requests.instance MediumText
b11774c Updated from global requirements
da8ee9a conf: Removed TODO note and updated desc
942d2ce Remove bandit.yaml in favor of defaults
5fec8c9 Add swap volume notifications (error)
a3b300f doc: Integrate oslo_policy.sphinxpolicygen
2ccf5fc [placement] Add support for a version_handler decorator
3cb6f0b Mention API V2 should no longer be used
1178d82 compute: fixes python 3 related unit tests
4b2befc Explicitly name commands target environments
0108b2a Updated from global requirements
dca3c26 Tests: improve assertJsonEqual diagnostic message
dd009ff Correct bug in microversion headers in placement
1931700 Updated from global requirements
f007195 Removal of tests with different result depending on testing env
d1ae40a Add debug to tox environment
6f95f07 placement: change resource class to a StringField
2a8c172 Remove nova/openstack/* from .coveragerc
6cf5327 Remove deprecated nova-all binary
4125084 Require WebOb>=1.6.0
06a01e8 hacking: Use assertIs(Not), assert(True|False)
75f7a2f Use more specific asserts in tests
650ff93 Add quota related tables to the api database.
6cf0d65 Always use python2.7 for functional tests
634b59c placement: add new resource_classes table
ab8382f Add swap volume notifications (start, end)
5bcab38 Add a hacking rule for string interpolation at logging
c1579af Tests: fix a typo
740b90c conf: Group scheduler options
3404cc8 Updated from global requirements
43046c2 Updated from global requirements
9fdbb57 Updated from global requirements
a0f3b6d Fix periodic-nova-py{27,35}-with-oslo-master
99d98e8 Use gabbi inner_fixtures for better error capture
582b551 Updated from global requirements
cfea184 [placement] reorder middleware to correct logging context
5ca6fb9 Remove stale pyc files when running the cover job
4e85f9f [placement] ensure that allow headers are native strings
cf8f6af Fix a few typos in API reference
411113a Archive instance-related rows when the parent instance is deleted
12cfd5b Unwind circular import issue with api / utils
43f8eb4 Remove context object in oslo.log method
1b9e0ab Move notification_format and delete rpc.py
387899f Updated from global requirements
75f7ce1 Cleanup some redundant USES_DB_SELF usage
86e5e03 [placement] Allow both /placement and /placement/ to work
3635718 hacking: Always use 'assertIs(Not)None'
bc4370c [placement] 404 responses do not cause exception logs
5c570e9 Replace uuid4() with generate_uuid() from oslo_utils
a8405c3 Remove redundant str typecasting
a52ac1c Remove nova.image.s3 and configs
29de60a Updated from global requirements
85f42c0 Add placeholder DB migrations for Ocata
ae221ed Remove PCI parent_addr online migration
a29237b Make test logging setup fixture disable future setup
1ad4ce9 Add hacking checks for xrange()
2e498af Add deprecated_since parameter
fcd1e53 [placement] Manage log and other output in gabbi fixure
255c880 Updated from global requirements
aa739cf [placement] Adjust the name of the gabbi tests
8a5c493 Move wsgi-intercept to test-requirements.txt
bc63c07 Remove default=None for config options
84279bc Updated from global requirements
e84511e Don't pass argument sqlite_db in method set_defaults
0cb5dc2 Update minimum requirement for netaddr
0bfe495 [placement] consolidate json handling in util module
30b82fe Fix an error in archiving 'migrations' table
1483a18 [placement] Mark HTTP error responses for translation
6936cb9 [placement] prevent a KeyError in webob.dec.wsgify
d42b029 conf: Make list->dict conversion more specific
8b29dcc Revert "tox: Don't create '.pyc' files"
822de23 Improve help text for service options.
d5b9002 [placement] functional test for report client
9fe6ddd [placement] Correct serialization of inventory collections
deee32e [placement] make PUT inventory consistent with GET
58987c4 Additional logging for placement API
a052bd4 [placement] cleanup some incorrect comments
4c394b7 Updated from global requirements
27bbeb5 Increase BDM column in build_requests table
646418e Pass GENERATE_HASHES to the tox test environment
24f54a5 [placement] add two ways to GET allocations
a8553c7 [placement] Add some tests ensuring unicode resource provider info
84e5c16 db: retry on deadlocks while adding an instance
80beeeb [placement] Allow inventory to violate allocations
9594172 [placement] clean up some nits in the requestlog middleware
2001b99 Body Verification of os-aggregates.inc
b9ce9cb Move placement api request logging to middleware
b8376bf [placement] Fix misleading comment in wsgi loader
6a48dcb Updated from global requirements
1fb72cf Add support for allocations in placement API
6a20c83 Add basic logging to placement api
1e0683a Ignore generated merged policy files
ec8b386 Register keystone opts for placement sample config
3ed329f Remove the incomplete wsgi script placement-api.py
d8d9d08 rt: ensure resource provider records exist from RT
74b90ff create placement API wsgi entry point
ab57b91 Documentation for the vendordata reboot.
ee7faff [placement] remove a comment that is no longer a todo
ef00211 Updated from global requirements
2440270 Use StableObjectJsonFixture from o.vo
7b17a64 Adds nova-policy-check cmd
f2e3ecd Reduce code complexity - api.py
a9d1123 Revert "Optional separate database for placement API"
e83aeb0 In InventoryList.find() raise NotFound if invalid resource class
13a8052 Updated from global requirements
3705dc6 Add oslopolicy script runs to the docs tox target
a545828 Add entry_point for oslo policy scripts
7c0af3b List system dependencies for running common tests
8707b18 Manage db sync command for cell0
ebd6193 removed db_exc.DBDuplicateEntry in bw_usage_update
f8062dd Updated from global requirements
b0787f5 Add support for usages in the placement API
9d61e0f Add support for inventories to placement API
bd5f36e Improve placement API 404 and 405 response tests
8dc7864 Fix 'No data to report' error
5945045 In placement API send microversion header when error
b42dc15 placement: add filtering by attrs to resource_providers
6453520 Add support for resource_providers urls
811e49f Updated from global requirements
38f1428 Add placement API web utility methods
240a25e Fix consistency in API conf
7059890 Improve consistency in WSGI opts
782ef70 Maintain backwards compat for listen opts
bf31e14 Optional separate database for placement API
bcd3703 config options: improve help text of database (related) options (2/2)
d806972 config options: improve help text of database (related) options (1/2)
412bdb1 Remove hacking check [N347] for config options.
1359e02 List instances for secgroup without joining on rules
132bd1c Updated from global requirements
7c5cc4d Remove left over conf placeholders
b268ab5 Fix handling of status in placement API json_error_formatter
5efcca3 Use constraints for all tox environments
1c649d7 Move JSON linting to pep8
7150d2d Set enforce_type=True in method flags
7d63673 Use constraints for releasenotes
16df9f8 Check opt consistency for api.py
3de76f4 Refresh README and its docs links
e512b11 Add NoopConductorFixture
672fd54 Config options: base path configuration
948a285 Remove deprecated legacy_api config options
a32c24f config options: Improve help for base
9edbf75 Improve consistency in API
66eb522 network: introduce helper APIs for dealing with os-vif objects
5a74149 update wording around pep8 exceptions
ef4ff77 Updated from global requirements
f5288a5 Merged barbican and key_manager conf files into one.
4d7212c TrivialFix: Fixed a typo in nova/test.py
871585f Updated from global requirements
90940aa Updated from global requirements
b8775de Add objects.ServiceList.get_all_computes_by_hv_type
465937e Address feedback on cell-aggregate-api-db patches
7a9f095 Updated from global requirements
f0ea1c9 Add data migration methods for Aggregate.
1547c67 Initialise oslo.privsep early in main
9cfd6fc Aggregate create and destroy work against API db
2110b69 Make Aggregate.save work with the API db
c03add9 Trivial option fixes
f7c3ae7 Properly quote IPv6 address in RsyncDriver
4245615 Fixed typos in nova, nova/api, nova/cells directory
7870907 Reminder that release notes are built from commits
5f4c987 Add initial framing of placement API
f88f9a4 Updated from global requirements
470a1da Remove leftover list_opts entry points
3360420 Remove nova.cache_utils oslo.config.opts entrypoint
021856a Remove neutronv2.api oslo.config.opt entry point
dd68fef Updated from global requirements
88c45d1 Make Aggregate metadata functions work with API db
5d73865 Use deprecated_reason for network quota options
ec9da4d New style vendordata support.
e91c55f Add metadata server fixture
2f3c5cf Check opt group and type for nova.conf.service.py
7a2443e Deprecate network quota configuration
080bb81 Verify os-aggregates.inc on sample files
8ce8de1 :Add missing %s in print message
48e4bad Update tox.ini: Constraints are possible for api* jobs
5ac2105 Make Aggregate host operations work against API db
720a249 Replace deprecated LOG.warn with LOG.warning
981e1d8 Add prototype feature classification matrix
eb0de55 Use constraints for coverage job
545e51d Remove deprecated network_api_class option
eb29bd6 Remove redundant DEPRECATED tag from help messages
27d98d2 Add VirtualInterface.destroy()
f84aecf Add block_device_mappings to BuildRequest
ad2a9b0 'limit' and 'marker' support for db_api and keypair_obj
96ae1cc Don't overwrite MarkerNotFound error message
c8dc354 tox: Use conditional targets
05f82a6 tox: Don't create '.pyc' files
e33c148 Add Allocation and AllocationList objects
5b7bd79 Fix invalid import order
61838f3 Hacking check for _ENFORCER.enforce()
9aa54e6 Hacking check for policy registration
8c1b2de Add a py35 environment to tox
dcd170f Microversion 2.33 adds pagination support for hypervisors
addc932 Transform instance.delete notifications
3df3603 Log DB exception if VIF creation fails
1662d55 Add policy sample generation
e52f150 _security_group_get_by_names cleanup
0fa1807 Improve help text for wsgi options
81973fe Add ability to select specific tests for py34
9f4e21b Remove mox from unit/compute/test_compute.py (8)
61def34 remove personality extension
cee192c remove preserve-ephemeral rebuild extension
bd69a84 remove access_ips extension
604a0c2 policy: Replaces 'authorize' in nova-api (part 1)
e38be71 objects: adding an update method to virtual_interface
355749b policy: Add defaults in code (part 1)
2b07626 Add console auth tokens db api methods
41dc566 Port test_pipelib and test_policy to Python 3
e539a23 Add instance groups tables to the API database
710bdf7 Updated from global requirements
6b8fc8f fix developer docs on API
49928a7 remove os-disk-config part 4
6f5dc4d Updated from global requirements
9a8f89e Remove the nova.compute.resources entrypoint
8dbe92c Add console auth tokens table and model
d4085c1 Updated from global requirements
48a73c9 Remove mox from tests/unit/objects/test_aggregate.py
d571206 Remove api_rate_limit config option
2eca851 Tear down of os-disk-config part 2
724d388 Trivial-Fix: Fix typos
afda599 Updated from global requirements
6d7d9c7 Make Aggregate.get_by_uuid use the API db.
0794996 api-ref: parameter  verification for os-aggregates
b4e94cd Enable all extension for all remaining sample tests
d69be3d tox.ini: Remove unnecessary comments in api-ref target
c605f77 Updated from global requirements
f266d40 Fix update inventory for multiple providers
d63dc40 Improve the help text for cells options (7)
5003a66 Add a get_by_uuid for aggregates
b10aa35 Remove v2 extension setting from functional tests
97aa897 Make the base options definitions consistent
4813089 Revert inventory/allocation child DB linkage
d8d0bea add "needs:*" tags to the config option modules
26a7859 Updated from global requirements
6ff392f remove /v2.1/{tenant_id} from all urls
209f127 Updated from global requirements
f7af748 Cancelled live migration are not in progress
5bffcf0 Fix multipath iSCSI encrypted volume attach failure
453e66d Remove legacy v2 API code completely
92bcd0a Make AggregateList.get_ return API & cell db items
5dad61b Make Aggregate.get operation favor the API db
04e4e95 Add aggregates tables to the API db.
bbdd603 Updated from global requirements
f4daad9 Updated from global requirements
bee322d Use oslo_log instead of logging
5dee146 Updated from global requirements
cf39591 api and availablity_zone opt definition consistent
e7ddf00 Return 400 HTTP error for invalid flavor attributes
264e394 No disable reason defined for new services
13f9ad6 Make available to build docs with python3
e7fd233 Updated from global requirements
d3edc8b remove db2 support from tree
aa69ae8 Pass OS_DEBUG to the tox test environment
31eeea1 Add resource provider tables to the api database
38ef71c Let setup.py compile_catalog process all language files
8887ea1 use_neutron_default_nets: StrOpt ->BoolOpt
cb31718 Updated from global requirements
5c0411a Completed migrations are not "in progress"
f9c82e5 Make flavor-manage api call destroy with Flavor object
87d9b80 Updated from global requirements
eb79751 Drop fields from BuildRequest object and model
93ff17c config options: centralize exception options
1e798ee Config options: move set default opt of db section to centralized place
0a9088f Move config options from nova/api directory (5)
87b99b7 Make some build_requests columns nullable
18f1fd8 migrate to os-api-ref
cad0034 config options: centralize section "database" + "api_database"
33e8eb1 Follow-up for the API config option patch
9f62d64 config options: move s3 related options
6e8db3f config options: centralize default flavor option
f87e2bd Fix migration query with unicode status
1848949 Config options: centralize cache options
4c7c33a Updated from global requirements
c9a8444 centralized conf: nova/network/rpcapi.py
6937386 Improve the help text for the API options (4)
649760e Improve the help text for the API options (3)
2471fb2 Add Keypairs to the API database
2fdbadf Drop paramiko < 2 compat code
c39a795 Correct some misspell words in nova
6e894e6 Improve the help text for the API options (2)
0cf7b67 Improve the help text for the API options (1)
c19e44b Move config options from nova/api directory (4)
5bf8cd7 Move config options from nova/api directory (3)
7fec122 Move config options from nova/api directory (2)
fe92364 Move config options from nova/api directory (1)
98251fe Remove 400 as expected error
c5879ff Don't raise error when filtering on custom metadata
28b9809 Add pycrypto explicitly
46d5ab5 Config options: centralize driver libvirt options (1)
169bd0e Remove legacy v2 unit tests[a-e]
18330bc Config options: Centralize servicegroup options
792c065 Archive instance_actions and instance_actions_event
b127f15 Updated from global requirements
a3c26f7 Add ability to filter migrations by instance uuid
868696f Updated from global requirements
c7ccad4 Replace key manager with Castellan
7b14a8c complete Method Verification of aggregates
65a81c7 Config options: Centralize netconf options
fe7e9cb Updated from global requirements
bbd30da Config options: centralize section "ssl"
e86dd6a add tags to files for the content verification phase
2bda949 Final warnings removals for api-ref
863ab31 Fix sample path for aggregate, certificate, console
7e6a552 Updated from global requirements
c8d73cc Fix json response example heading in api ref
9ea3643 Fix "Creates an aggregate" parameters
4f068e0 Properly clean up BDMs when _provision_instances fails
fea8e01 move sphinx h3 to '-' instead of '^'
e0289da Initial use of microversion_parse
d3baf59 Add instance/instance_uuid to build_requests table
47cc132 Updated from global requirements
1b0c655 Import RST files for documentation
155dcce Fix doc build if git is absent
985bd46 Updated from global requirements
80d44b1 Add AllServicesCurrent fixture
e565037 Drop compute node uuid online migration code
62d32f5 config options: centralize 'spice' options
b1320d1 Updated from global requirements
d6a86aa Config options: centralize base path configuration
375e2bd remove alembic from requirements.txt
1e17936 Config options: centralize section "xvp"
1df8495 Updated from global requirements
3e5a961 db: retry instance_info_cache_update() on deadlock
3b087d8 config options: centralize quota options
f4e6bca DB API changes for the nova-manage quota_usage_refresh command
fede2eb Fix typo in compute node mega join comments
4f94825 Add api-ref/build/* to .gitignore
aefce39 Config options: Centralize console options
27c70c7 Config options: Centralize notification options
e1cb6e5 Added server tags support in nova-api
723d90e Added db API layer to add instance tag-list filtering support
0ebb462 Config options: centralize "configdrive" options
c892a8c config options: centralize baseproxy cli options
71855b9 Config options: Centralize neutron options
3fee3e5 Config options: Centralize ipv6 options
4263323 Remove flavor seeding from the base migration
c7d4496 Updated from global requirements
dc20d6e Improve 'monkey_patch' conf options documentation
dbd58af config options: centralize section: "crypto"
58530e1 config options: Centralise 'monkeypatch' options
5d5d651 config options: Centralise 'utils' options
955a3c9 config options: Centralize upgrade_levels section
11a5e9d config options: Centralize mks options
235c1cd config options: Centralize vmware section
23dee1a config options: centralize section "service"
51e1cbe config options: centralize section "guestfs"
3952e1d config options: centralize section "workarounds"
f58e874 config options: Centralize 'nova.rpc' options
5041125 Nuke cliutils from oslo-incubator
1fcd5c8 Updated from global requirements
dfc705c Block flavor creation until main database is empty
0703340 config options: Centralise 'image_file_url' options
80c9960 config options: centralize section: "glance"
5ef02d0 Add Service.get_minimum_version_multi() for multiple binaries
d454438 remove the ability to disable v2.1
7466f4a Make git clean actually remove covhtml
8e583e2 Make compute_node_statistics() use new schema
c178dd3 Config options: Centralize consoleauth options
71d1ddb config options: centralize section "cloudpipe"
7c8112f Add sample API content
7ad7ba1 Config options: Centralize debugger options
4bdd6a1 config options: centralize section: "keymgr"
aca8d3a config options: centralize xenserver options
7b0f5df trivial: Fix alignment of wsgi options
50307bf config options: Remove 'wsgi_' prefix from opts
f42fd84 Removes some redundant words
62c9440 Include CellMapping in InstanceMapping object
90a9590 Move config options from nova/network/manager.py
208fd55 Add a DatabasePoisonFixture
4787a2d config options: Move wsgi options into a group
b65af29 config options: centralize section: "rdp"
beeec92 Fixes hex decoding related unit tests
fb62128 Config options: centralize section "hyperv"
70c573b config options: Centralise floating ip options
fe4e0b9 Add backrefs to api db models
1873ea7 Remove auto generated module api documentation
d3fbb09 Add a hacking check for test method closures
35db732 Make Flavor.get operations prefer the API database
9870262 Error on API Guide warnings
15e899b Add placeholder migrations for Mitaka backports
08d6e40 Update .gitreview for stable/mitaka
ff4a290 Fix reno reverts that are still shown
0683333 config options: centralize cinder options
c8ec001 register the config generator default hook with the right name
fde8b3d Change SpawnIsSynchronous fixture return
d5efaa9 fixed log warning in sqlalchemy/api.py
7a4aea6 Add include_disabled parameter to service_get_all_by_binary
3c73e3b Missing info_cache.save() in db sqlalchemy api
cdae884 Soft delete instance group member when delete instance
46a9329 Add Database fixture to sync to a specific version
d1bd659 Drop the use of magic openstack project_id
42d2177 Aggregate object fixups
e543643 Add ComputeNode and Aggregate UUID operations to nova-manage online migrations
16b5b26 nova-manage: Declare a PciDevice online migration script
f5b7b9c Forbid new legacy notification event_type
0ea76cd Remove unused methods in nova/utils.py
1b4296d Fix string interpolations at logging calls
82c3afa Generate better validation error message when using name regexes
3f4343a Updated from global requirements
3b287ec update tests for use_neutron=True; fix exposed bugs
aac9f50 Deprecate db_driver config option
167d974 Use db connection from RequestContext during queries
1cc6c6e Make InstanceMappings.cell_id nullable
6182b01 Added Keystone and RequestID headers to CORS middleware
b76a76b Use new inventory schema in all compute_node gets
16e393d Use new inventory schema in compute_node_get_all()
5a586fb Deprecate nova.hooks
b70185c Adjust resource-providers models for resource-pools
cb38145 Update time is not updated when metadata of aggregate is updated
20095e6 Do not use constraints for venv
ad27467 Add new APIs and deprecate old API for migrations
19fa16c Updated from global requirements
4a4e0a9 Add build_requests database table and model
c4a55e0 Make db.aggregate_get a reader not a writer
abc8975 Use constant_time_compare from oslo.utils
049cb9a reduce pep8 requirements to just hacking
c773599 fix usage of opportunistic test cases with enginefacade
82eaac2 Creates flavor* tables in API database
0ac93a7 add a place for functional test to block specific regressions
9a0ed11 Allocate uuids for aggregates as they are created or loaded
d21ff30 bug and tests in 'instance_info_cache'
4269161 Updated from global requirements
c05642c Fix networking exceptions in ComputeTestCase
cf31922 tox: Remove 'oslo.versionedobjects' dependency
f36b1ce Add a column for uuid to aggregate_hosts
e9e6381 Failed migration shoudn't be reported as in progress
e82a2b3 always use python2.7 for pep8
75bd645 Hacking: check for deprecated os.popen()
927be12 Add StableObjectJsonFixture and use it in our base test class
a2510b3 always use pip constraints
aed56e2 Reorder name normalization for DNS
79f2c56 Updated from global requirements
b145bfe Fix spelling mistake
c56a4d7 Add methods for RequestContext to switch db connection
ce7a2c8 Config options: centralize options in conductor api
277472d enginefacade: remove 'get_session' and 'get_api_session'
7b7eedb Add new API to force live migration to complete
40569d2 Add new DB API method to retrieve migration for instance
f156225 Updated from global requirements
c4e4a39 enginefacade: 'flavor'
62ef2ef Updated from global requirements
ee166c7 enginefacade: test_db_api cleanup, missed decorators
5dd6d4e config options: Centralise 'vnc' options
5cf3028 config options: centralize section "wsgi"
b502b59 config options: add hacking check for help text length
e4c76d8 Update the home-page
bb3bf8e Switch to oslo.cache lib
c5e9ea6 Remove all remaining references to Quantum
e326803 Spread allocations of fixed ips
825bf59 Updated from global requirements
eaeea31 Revert "Added new scheduler filter: AggregateTypeExtraSpecsAffinityFilter"
8ebfea1 enginefacade: 'instance_tags'
5800804 Added new scheduler filter: AggregateTypeExtraSpecsAffinityFilter
92e7b81 Migrate from keystoneclient to keystoneauth
752765c Generate doc for versioned notifications
c68871c doc: add devref about versioned notifications
2fe9b9a Updated from global requirements
d91332f Persist the request spec during an instance boot
8e970cc Config options: centralize options in availability_zones
9bb21b5 Config options: centralize section "cells"
c812fe9 Use stevedore for scheduler driver
75dfcb5 Use stevedore for scheduler host manager
e1e16ad enginefacade: 'instance_group'
be87e74 enginefacade: 'floating_ip'
edd1814 enginefacade: 'compute_node'
6db15b5 enginefacade: 'service'
9a74c11 Updated from global requirements
f20c6bb Fix docstrings for sphinx
312d754 Add ITRI DISCO os-brick connector for libvirt
cc3e1df enginefacade: 'security_group'
607ad4a enginefacade: 'instance'
64f62d4 enginefacade: 'fixed_ip'
2c12b1f enginefacade: 'quota' and 'reservation'
ca0b41c Python3: Replace dict.iteritems with six.iteritems
cb84c54 Updated from global requirements
1f221e4 Validate translations
b67f262 enginefacade: 'ec2_instance' and 'instance_fault'
b4217ad enginefacade: 'block_device_mapping'
6144d8a Remove releasenotes/build between releasenotes runs
7e1a43e Changed filter_by() to filter() during filtering instances in db API
b757a05 config options: Centralise PCI options
be015db Use of six.PY3 should be forward compatible
cdabbc4 Revert "Workaround reno reverts by accepting warnings"
0836cc6 Workaround reno reverts by accepting warnings
fc65511 Move config options from nova/cert directory
11518b7 Fix undetected races when getting BDMs by volume id
1b6c4f9 Fix instance not destroyed after successful evacuation
d9da4b2 enginefacade: 'aggregate'
3b869ab hacking: check for common double word typos
78b48f1 update min tox version to 2.0
201cd99 nova conf single point of entry: fix error message
6589a78 Remove NovaObjectDictCompat from Aggregate
a779fdf single point of entry for sample config generation
bf1dc10 Remove Deprecated EC2 and ObjectStore impl/tests
a6990f4 Remove null AZ tests from API tests
9e86e34 Updated from global requirements
4c1b1d4 Replace deprecated library function os.popen() with subprocess
25f7b80 Correct the code description
a4ff359 Stop explicitly running test discovery for py34
c85ad1d introduce ``stub_out`` method to base test class
fa14c29 Move Process and Mentoring pages to devref
ba0339f remove use of _get_regexes in samples tests
b1d4afa config options: Centralise 'virt.hardware' options
a0dbb2d Updated from global requirements
7c60b74 db: querry to retrieve all pci device by parent address
295bab5 Python 3 deprecated the logger.warn method in favor of warning
f7a15e9 enginefacade: 'instance_metadata'
972805b Reduce the number of db/rpc calls to get instance rules
e3aed3b Updated from global requirements
a203530 enginefacade: 'bw_usage', 'vol_usage' and 's3_image'
806dce7 Nuke EC2 API from api-paste and remove wsgi support
97d1214 enginefacade: 'vif' and 'task_log'
229dde8 config options: Centralise 'virt.ironic' options
a236ad2 enginefacade: 'migration'
50bc174 centeralized conf:compute/emphemeral_storage_encryption
e531a49 Filter by leased=False when allocating fixed IPs
e7751e5 Updated from global requirements
869083d Add placeholders for config options
fdb4ebb Block requests 2.9.0
84c539c Add signature_utils module
da64d4b Add uuidsentinel test module
5ef6cf8 Updated from global requirements
90ad609 Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed
3dbb675 Fix wrap_exception to get all arguments for payload
f550cfb Cache SecurityGroupAPI results from neutron multiplexer
0584953 [Py34] Enable api.openstack.test_wsgi unit test
998bd8d default host to service name instead of uuid
433a61f Updated from global requirements
a26aca0 Fix capitalization of IP
c9d0ddf Add a note about fixing "db type could not be determined" with py34
c100a61 docs: add test strategy and feature classification
67500b6 Remove SQLite BigInteger/Integer translation logic
bd48edb Fixes dict keys and items references for Python 3
237ceea add api-samples tox target
1d3ffd6 Updated from global requirements
81ff8c6 Hyper-V: adds os-win library
2b91f2f Updated from global requirements
b9ac4fe Config options: centralize section "scheduler"
931dd54 Remove version from setup.cfg
680f2df force releasenotes warnings to be treated as errors
04bf1e6 Add persistence to the RequestSpec object
4d0d193 Updated from global requirements
c9c1770 add hacking check for config options location
d12a073 use graduated oslo.policy
0e049b4 TrivialFix: remove 'deleted' flag
259c8a5 Use version convert methods from oslo_utils.versionutils
5fbc515 Modify Aggregate filters for RequestSpec
8d84ec6 Fixed incorrect name of 'tag' and 'tag-any' filters
a76a8f2 Updated from global requirements
9198438 enginefacade: 'agent' and 'action'
0d16168 config options: centralize section "serial_console"
b030a40 Replaced private field in get_session/engine with public method
32e05de Reverse sort tables before archiving
61a2f83 Updated from global requirements
e6fb959 Replaced deprecated timeutils methods
2886b77 Updated from global requirements
fefeaa7 Prepare filters for using RequestSpec object
664de8e Remove IN-predicate warnings
742d2e7 Fix paths for api-guide build
1d74da8 Don't track migrations in 'accepted' state
9d7c214 Replace N block_device_mapping queries with 1
6e37576 Add reno for release notes management
3080962 Rearranges to create new Compute API Guide
53d490f Aggregate Extra Specs Filter should return if extra_specs is empty
968d480 Updated from global requirements
cf76767 Use ObjectVersionChecker fixture from oslo.versionedobjects
ab4827c Block oslo.messaging 2.8.0
080135c enginefacade: 'provider_fw', 'console_pool' and 'console'
854000f enginefacade: 'network'
36b2cc1 enginefacade: 'dnsdomain' and 'ec2'
f51ab1d enginefacade: 'certificate' and 'pci_device'
1ab46eb enginefacade: 'key_pair' and 'cell'
885b651 enginefacade: 'instance_info' and 'instance_extra'
ef8b4b5 Use EngineFacade from oslo_db.enginefacade
82a1f08 Remove vcpu resource from extensible resource tracker
9ed37db Fix booting fail when unlimited project quota
5eb24df Remove "Can't resolve label reference" warnings
2033bb5 Remove obj_relationships from objects
6e6bab9 Revert "Implement online schema migrations"
b3d2ca2 Add -constraints sections for CI jobs
823fee1 Updated from global requirements
89200c0 Expands python34 unit tests list
cc68be2 Add tags to .gitignore
6bb3bc7 Updated from global requirements
db70971 Add a nova functional test for the os-server-groups GET API with all_projects parameter
deea63b hacking check for contextlib.nested for py34 support
19fdd24 Print number of rows archived per table in db archive_deleted_rows
9a7c198 Updated from global requirements
71685f1 Remove redundant deps in tox.ini.
91ab673 docs: add the scheduler evolution plans
daef416 Updated from global requirements
bafc0f8 Ignore errorcode=4 when executing `cryptsetup remove` command
a88515a Omnibus stable/liberty fix
0db36c1 Updated from global requirements
d0f066d Updated from global requirements
414e4f8 Add a code-review guideline document
3e62f0a Updated from global requirements
b609197 Make archive_deleted_rows_for_table private
4a15416 Log DBReferenceError in archive_deleted_rows_for_table
754fe8f Use DBReferenceError in archive_deleted_rows_for_table
d014444 Add testresources used by oslo.db fixture
0607690 Remove unused context parameter from db.archive_deleted_rows* methods
57d584c Updated from global requirements
166aede Honor until_refresh config when creating default security group
a512f67 remove sphinxcontrib-seqdiag
08147b2 Add get_minimum_version() to Service object and DB API
2b28733 Updated from global requirements
8a79a26 Updated from global requirements
b0d9b4e Add Pillow to test-requirements.txt
c479c55 Add Pillow to test-requirements.txt
d0f99e2 Use os-testr for py34 tox target
f6d50c3 Add sample config file to nova docs
426be7d Identify more py34 tests that already pass
ef68940 Fix the help text of monkey_patch config param
ffb6567 Filter leading/trailing spaces for name field in v2.1 compat mode
60604c1 Give instance default hostname if hostname is empty
b2ce55a Add some devref for AZs
2d1798e Change parameter name in utility function
b4f9c9f Open Mitaka development
f7f113d Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors
1a43935 Pep8 didn't check api/openstack/common.py
73c17b3 Updated from global requirements
9af6027 Devref: Document why conductor has a task api/manager
d5b2cb9 Allow filtering using unicode characters
36759df Updated from global requirements
a700c43 Fix typo in HACKING.rst
08e16aa Reuse method to convert key to passphrase
98d29b7 Set vif and allocated when associating fixed ip
d8d021e Updated from global requirements
d60c1a4 Updated from global requirements
87ad56b Remove more 'v3' references from the code
30a4d97 Expose keystoneclient's session and auth plugin loading parameters
36fd487 Add constraint target to tox.ini
69b1ce2 Don't "lock" the DB on expand dry run
3a688d6 Update from global requirements
a6d15a6 Don't query database with an empty list of tags for creation
8bf36ae Remove duplicate NullHandler test fixture
26aff2d Fix permission issue of server group API
cac91bb Make query to quota usage table order preserved
c7a5237 Rm openstack/common/versionutils from setup.cfg
f3df3c5 Remove v3 references in unit test 'contrib'
850a025 Removed unused dependency: discover
49c8979 db: Add the migration_context to the instance_extra table
0754edd api: deprecate the concept of extensions in v2.1
a1e4885 Cleanup for merging v2 and v2.1 functional tests.
a871f1f Remove doc/source/api and doc/build before building docs
56924e8 Updated from global requirements
c859f7e Move objects registration in tests directory
a648866 Updated from global requirements
9c80d54 Remove merged sample tests and file for v2 tests
7fe94a5 Updated from global requirements
9fbdf36 Gate on nova.conf.sample generation
6b3991b Add rootwrap daemon mode support
806fc31 Remove the useless require_admin_context decorator
14a4364 Remove unused db.security_group_rule_get_by_security_group_grantee()
4b23937 Make compute_api.trigger_members_refresh() issue a single db call
2ba5905 nova.utils._get_root_helper() should be public
378cef4 Re-write way of compare APIVersionRequest's
8994d6a Remove last of the plugins/v3 from unit tests
ac1a312 Rename classes containing 'v3' to 'v21'
5229d2e Move the v2 api_sample functional tests
e98c974 Updated from global requirements
12797ea Don't query database with an empty list of tags for IN clause
c096acf Move V2.1 API unittest to top level directory
7221d92 Move legacy v2 api smaple tests
149331a Make pagination tolerate a deleted marker
c96505b Updated from global requirements
87dbf90 Add hacking check for eventlet.spawn()
196eaaa Updated from global requirements
5d59ae7 Updated from global requirements
3418b74 Remove 'v3' directory for v2.1 json-schemas
79d2f8e Move v2.1 code to the main compute directory - remove v3 step3
a97e052 Move existing V2 to legacy_v2 - step 2
baee8cf Move existing V2 to legacy_v2
4367c6b Add hacking check for greenthread.spawn()
e2e371b Suppress not image properties for image metadata from volume
bd40e71 Updated from global requirements
639b678 docs: add link to liberty summit session on v2.1 API
a4ec1de Add documentation for the nova-cells command.
b178917 Fixed incorrect behaviour of method _check_instance_exists
e850bda Skip additionalProperties checks when LegacyV2CompatibleWrapper enabled
4b6a30a :Add documentation for the nova-idmapshift command.
32705e2 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for keypair
12dfe8f Fix a couple dead links in docs
c672f22 Updated from global requirements
6b37e8d Remove 'scheduled_at' - DB cleanup
1700a2d Change List objects to use obj_relationships
884e8fb Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for instance_get_all_hung_in_rebooting
30cf4cc Undo tox -e docs pip install sphinx workaround
9401b02 Set autodoc_index_modules=True so tox -e docs builds module docs again
8316582 return more details on assertJsonEqual fail
ffd7d00 Add documentation for block device mapping
15d8d3a Implement compare-and-swap for instance update
4ac012c docs: add a placeholder link to mentoring docs
9ebc6b5 Updated from global requirements
4ba2e4c Move to using ovo's remotable decorators
03ace17 Get py34 subunit.run test discovery to work
31d2d88 Enable python34 tests for nova/tests/unit/scheduler/test*.py
16e5c6a Replace openssl calls with cryptography lib
df2d2cf Switch to using os-brick
b282ecd Updated from global requirements
b92f9cc Added removing of tags from instance after its deletion
ef77d51 Scheduler: enhance debug messages for multitenancy aggregates
dec0141 Updated from global requirements
61206c1 tox: make it possible to run pep8 on current patch only
5411813 Switch to the oslo_utils.fileutils
3f72ca8 Remove unused import of the compute_topic option from the DB API
c97f1ad Updated from global requirements
71c612b Remove unnecessary oslo namespace import checks
5bc6874 Switch to oslo.reports
caa4407 docs: clear between current vs future plans
a7eb569 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for fixed_ip_associate_*
b620300 Updated from global requirements
ffb06b2 Fix Python 3 issues in nova.utils and nova.tests
6da4821 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for instance_get_all_by_host_and_not_type
fc5f8b5 Revert "Remove useless db call instance_get_all_hung_in_rebooting"
a4234a9 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for provider_fw_rule_*
327eb6e Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for archive_deleted_rows*
8b5f19e Revert "Implement compare-and-swap for instance update"
adf7ab3 Add tool to build a doc latex pdf
16220a0 Update HACKING.rst for running tests and building docs
48fb018 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for quota_class_create/update
adbe7d4 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for quota_class_get_all_by_name
c10cad4 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for reservation_expire
5d74638 Use stevedore for loading monitor extensions
bf11428 Switch to oslo.service library
9f5d151 Fix for mock-1.1.0
46384b5 Port crypto to Python 3
37a5611 Remove useless db call instance_get_all_hung_in_rebooting
31a54f3 Handle KeyError when volume encryption is not supported
b7fb04d Implement compare-and-swap for instance update
9021a46 Added method exists to the Tag object
71422d2 Add DB2 support
92775d1 Make evacuate leave a record for the source compute host to process
bc6950f removed unused method _get_default_deleted_value
aa90684 Remove flavor migration from db_api and nova-manage
6ab09df Remove unneeded OS_TEST_DBAPI_ADMIN_CONNECTION
c0fa479 Switch from MySQL-python to PyMySQL
dbd2f87 Port test_exception to Python 3
04eeeb3 devref: virtual machine states and transitions
6bad7ee Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for floating_ip_dns
39e49b9 Updated from global requirements
f431f6f Add bandit for security static analysis testing
b5c7ccd Enable python34 tests for nova/tests/unit/objects/test*.py
ac40367 Soft delete system_metadata when destroy instance
79cef70 Remove python3 specific test-requirements file.
0926d83 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_set_host
385284d Block subtractive operations in migrations for Kilo and beyond
6d05ee7 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_disassociate
db28286 Fix Python 3 issues in nova.db.sqlalchemy
68fa718 utils: ignore block device mapping in system metadata
c193f15 Changes conf.py for Sphinx build because oslosphinx now contains GA
e362863 Updated from global requirements
0a69de9 Add explicit alembic dependency
117bfa6 Use oslo-config-generator instead of generate_sample.sh
f718e85 Return bandwidth usage after updating
de06940 Update version for Liberty
41e7d50 The devref for Nova stable API
1fe5504 test: add MatchType helper class as equivalent of mox.IsA
35b8fe1 Updated from global requirements
f71099f Add Host Mapping table to API Database
adc4bb3 Implement online schema migrations
04f951f Make instance usage audit use the brand new TaskLog object
e7e49dc Updated from global requirements
85fc410 Associating of floating IPs corrected
cb01f8f Cleanup wording for the disable_libvirt_livesnapshot workaround option
e034f2f Updated from global requirements
4d22f3f Send Instance object to cells instance_update_at_top
f305d25 fix "down" nova-compute service spuriously marked as "up"
bd26cab Link to microversion history in docs
04995b9 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for quota_usage_update
f1e6b1a pass environment variables of proxy to tox
913023a Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for quota_get_all_*
1151aaf Updated from global requirements
b152d5f compute: only use non_inheritable_image_properties if snapshotting
5e85d48 Replace metaclass registry with explicit opt-in registry from oslo
1e9fe44 Begin the transition to an explicit object registry
a4cd4b6 Add a hacking rule for consistent HTTP501 message
c6b49d7 Updated from global requirements
b3b7bca Handle FlavorNotFound when augmenting migrated flavors
0a24c9b Remove unused instance_group_policy db calls
915dc35 Extract helper method to get image metadata from volume
c0cc62c Fixes referenced path in nova/doc/README.rst
55bb94a Updated from global requirements
712b487 Ensure to store context in thread local after spawn/spawn_n
eae421c Remove unit_test doc
e8a7763 Make blueprints doc a reference for nova blueprints
7e902cf Remove jenkins, launchpad and gerrit docs
e837b40 Updated from global requirements
a196fac Make nova-manage handle completely missing flavor information
b03a683 Let soft-deleted instance_system_metadata readable
14706a8 Add missing @require_context
9287653 Tolerate iso style timestamps for cells rpc communication
af30986 Force the value of LC_ALL to be en_US.UTF-8
37ea0de Remove hash seed comment from tox.ini
3b0d917 Allow querying for migrations by source_compute only
0c69312 Create instance_extra entry if it doesn't update
f33def8 Updated from global requirements
28ce9bc Block oslo.vmware 0.13.0 due to a backwards incompatible change
c1da7d4 Fix version unit test on Python 3
06dae09 Run tests with PyMySQL on Python 3
df22ac4 Drop explicit suds dependency
8e93725 Replace dict.iteritems() with six.iteritems(dict)
9623aa7 Don't use dict.iterkeys()
61b6077 Replace dict(obj.iteritems()) with dict(obj)
6329300 Use six.moves.range for Python 3
5ae1ffd Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for security_group_default_rule_destroy
5661d07 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_associate
bcc8ded Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_create_safe
15c830f Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for v2.1 cells
ac59b36 Update docs layout
38a92b2 Add note to doc explaining scope
7bfda68 Add migration_type and hidden to Migration database model
5edd57b Fix pip-missing-reqs
6b528ac Replace iter.next() with next(iter)
7ca8f9c devref: add information to clarify nova scope
42c9d7b Updated from global requirements
060f049 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for quota_destroy_all_*
f7c8be4 Replace unicode with six.text_type
ce45fde Replace dict.itervalues() with six.itervalues(dict)
a3927b5 API: remove admin require from certificate_* from db layer
827c0b7 API: remove admin require for compute_node(get_all/search_by_hyperviso) from db
e224243 API: remove admin require for compute_node_create/update/delete from db layer
4f02f39 API: remove admin require from compute_node_get_all_by_* from db layer
8ad1fb5 Fix failure of stopping instances during init host
ff7fced API: remove instance_get_all_by_host(_and_node) hard-code admin check from db
836d5a3 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for service_get_by_host*
961fb6d Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for service_get_by_compute_host
cdeab06 Updated from global requirements
aace23d Add SpawnFixture
84d45ef Updated from global requirements
81c758a Start the conversion to oslo.versionedobjects
4c5e9ad Cleanup docs landing page
9407174 Updated from global requirements
ef2ea8e tests: make API signature test also check static function
72e9631 Updated from global requirements
609e38f minor edit to policy_enforcement.rst
be2287b Remove unused db.aggregate_metadata_get_by_metadata_key() call
1e6b52d Removed 'PYTHONHASHSEED=0' from tox.ini
839a093 Convert bandwidth_usage related timestamp to UTC native datetime
16b7d3e Add support for forcing migrate_flavor_data
110ea31 Adds toctree to v2 section of docs
b1f611b Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for fixed_ip_get_*
351c023 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_get_all_by_host
4f90d19 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for security_group_default_rule_create
adab41f Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for floating_ips_bulk
e9b219d Remove downgrade support from the cellsv2 api db
b2121c5 Fix migrate_flavor_data() to catch instances with no instance_extra rows
68a4998 Updated from global requirements
50440a4 Add config option to disable handling virt lifecycle events
3d157ad Fix migrate_flavor_data() to catch instances with no instance_extra rows
73103d6 Cleanup unnecessary session creation in floating_ip_deallocate
7df48fa Fix inefficient transaction usage in floating_ip_bulk_destroy
4e91ec8 libvirt: Add option to ssh to prevent prompting
5eabe1c Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_get_associated_fixed_ips
29e77a8 update .gitreview for stable/kilo
e10f760 Store context in local store after spawn_n
bbc98fb Open Liberty development
6f9bb4b Use retrying decorator from oslo_db
d628615 Fix API links and labels
4d99d71 Adds Compute API v2 docs
f47a7e8 Add debug logging to quota_reserve flow
74a2724 Move suds into test-requirements.txt
9f79cf1 Merge V2 and V2.1 aggregate functional tests
c26be4d Add a fixture for the NovaObject indirection API
43f34b3 Avoid load real policy from policy.d when using fake policy fixture
d6c4e15 Skip 'id' attribute to be explicitly deleted in TestCase
36f1bb9 Updated from global requirements
bb183d4 default tox cmd should also run 'functional' target
d9406b0 Rename and move the v2.1 api policy into separated files
7abb380 Tox: reduce complexity level to 35
b3f7d0a Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for service_get_all
e2a9fde Test fixture for the api database
b65106a Remove context from remotable call signature
15ab281 Added assertJsonEqual method to TestCase class
88fc30c Remove usage of remotable context parameter in agent, aggregate
1c392f2 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for pci
123f85f Add get_api_session to db api
4ab2baa Use the proper database engine for nova-manage
d0ea117 Add support for multiple database engines
23fcd9c Fixed archiving of deleted records
535a029 Revert "Removed useless method _get_default_deleted_value."
8b0d104 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_count_reserved_ips
d7c03d0 refactor policy fixtures to allow use of real policy
e1ff90d ensure DatabaseFixture removes db on cleanup
9fc66a2 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for service_get_all_by_*
cc1149b V2 tests -Reuse server post req/resp sample file
a680887 Move oslo.vmware into test-requirements.txt
9b64a87 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_get_by_uuid
f9fbc5e Refactor _regex_instance_filter for testing
2ecf38b Add instance_mappings table to api database
03734ef Updated from global requirements
ef79647 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_get_by_cidr
068f545 Add cell_mappings table to api database
7a34401 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for network_delete_safe
7a1b5d1 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for flavor-manager
99df446 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for service_delete/service_get
0a0befc Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for service_update
53ae63c Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for flavor_access
d740827 Modify filters so they can look to HostState
ebb1051 let us specify when samples tests need admin privs
da05390 Updated from global requirements
65fe4c4 Remove service_get_by_args from the DB API
10d2e4d Remove usage of db.service_get_by_args
e089a36 Fixed incorrect behavior of method sqlalchemy.api._check_instance_exists
beebcdf Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for migrations_get*
dcd8c91 Updated from global requirements
bcc6ae0 Truncate encoded instance sys meta to 255 or less
735c489 Allow disabling the evacuate cleanup mechanism in compute manager
5e5cde8 Add Service.get_by_host_and_binary and ServiceList.get_by_binary
11dc81c create noauth2
4934eca Add second migrate_repo for cells v2 database migrations
a505b5f Updated from global requirements
09998f1 Force LANGUAGE=en_US in test runs
d4f2878 Remove compute_node field from service_get_by_compute_host
53b5b29 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for migration_create/update
a466720 Disables pci plugin for v2.1 & microversions
3fcbe46 Fix logic for checking if az can be updated
955c318 Remove TranslationFixture
d375437 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for task_log_get*
fc4a37a Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for task_log_begin/end_task
16adfdb Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for service_create
1c6ab99 Support specifing multiple values for aggregate keys
07bc125 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for fixed_ip_disassociate_all_by_timeout
17a4dba Switch to uuidutils from oslo_utils library
9e19b21 Revert : Switch off oslo.* namespace check temporarily
f5163f5 Remove db layer hard-code permission checks for v2.1 agents
6d6b377 Updated from global requirements
61f33b9 Reuse is_int_like from oslo_utils
3253d18 Replace select-for-update in fixed_ip_associate
12f021a Updated from global requirements
910ca87 Remove backwards compat oslo.messaging entries from setup.cfg
fb61046 Change utils.vpn_ping() to return a Boolean
cb94dae Use oslo.log
307f306 extract API fixture
9967e4a Wrap IPv6 address in square brackets for scp/rsync
d5a4279 Added retries in 'network_set_host' function
eded8e3 Refactor how to remove compute nodes when service is deleted
7256d7e Replace usage of LazyPluggable by stevedore driver
6646792 Remove computenode relationship on service_get
dfa56b1 Remove nested service from DB API compute_nodes
b001e72 Fix "Host Aggregate" section of the Nova Developer Guide.
09497b1 Remove now useless requirements wsgiref
231da0d Fixes logic in compute_node_statistics
81e8ae0 Replace oslo-incubator with oslo_context
85f6971 patch out nova libvirt driver event thread in tests
253d8ab Change outer to inner join in fixed IP DB API func
502b49f Small cleanup in pci_device_update
f949012 Drop deprecated namespace for oslo.rootwrap
5add489 Add vcpu_model to instance object
bfd8a47 Fix description of parameters in nova functions
e75385e Stop making the database migration backend lazy pluggable
e35d250 Updated from global requirements
bb69375 Improved performance of db method network_in_use_on_host
d11d28f Replace select-for-update in floating_ip_allocate_address
a8fc119 Extract preserve ephemeral on rebuild from servers plugin
819d63a Updated from global requirements
d3b4957 Switch off oslo.* namespace check temporarily
d015a3c Switch to using oslo_* instead of oslo.*
5be235f Sync with oslo-incubator
9d5a31c Add _LW for missing translations
c9e4c67 Treat LOG.warning and LOG.warn same
fe692f5 Add missing setup.cfg entry for os-user-data plugin
628ab6a Updated from global requirements
a0f54cc Add formal doc recording hypervisor feature capability matrix
bfa79ce Remove useless argparse requirement
a363e7e Use a workarounds group option to disable live snaphots.
0507763 Adds barbican keymgr wrapper
444fd4a Improvement in 'network_set_host' function
fcda519 Add migrate_flavor_data to nova-manage
e3568f8 Add flavor fields to Instance object
a88174d Use a workarounds option to disable rootwrap
1e588b2 Create a 'workarounds' config group.
0b5dc90 Updated from global requirements
1b68da7 libvirt: update uri_whitelist in fakelibvirt.Connection
cff8e23 Check for LUKS device via 'isLuks' subcommand
55dc026 Replace select-for-update in fixed_ip_associate_pool
cadf5f1 Remove N331 hacking rules
fb1190e Revert temporary hack to monkey patch the fake rpc timeout
0adee5e Remove H238 comment from tox.ini
527d19b Removed useless method _get_default_deleted_value.
335bed2 Updated from global requirements
2331a1b HACKING.rst: Update the location of unit tests' README.rst
c5d5fff Ignore warnings from contextlib.nested
51e3627 Cleanup bad JSON files
9c7932d Added hacking rule for assertEqual(a in b, True/False).
182c6d7 Provide compatibliity for db.compute_node_statistics
cad3680 Don't translate exceptions in tests
5ba7267 Enable check for H238 rule
b288830 Remove mox dependency
25ea6d6 Reduce complexity of the _get_guest_config method.
2e4fb89 Add flavor column to instance_extra table
01f53fb Remove useless requirements
e0d1f27 increase fake rpc POLL_TIMEOUT to 0.1s
4dd153d Fix inconsistencies in the ComputeNode object about service
bf2c1c5 Fix wrong instructions for rebuilding API samples
ab642b7 Performance: leverage  dict comprehension in PEP-0274
d73117e Do not use deprecated assertRaisesRegexp()
b62f725 Remove unused instance_group_metadata_* DB APIs
4885872 Reduce the complexity of the create() method.
3f5a772 speed up tests setting fake rpc polling timeout
95f1ce2 Updated from global requirements
7773f8e Remove non existent rule N327 from HACKING.rst
39a4391 Replace Hacking N315 with H105
e09d586 Enable W292
e741838 Fix and re-gate on H306
bcaec1b Move to hacking 0.10
2824d15 Updated from global requirements
5cfeb23 Move WarningsFixture after DatabaseFixture so emit once
9c74159 remove pylint source code annotations
b2f1920 Cleanup XML for api samples tests for Nova REST API
152db1c remove all traces of pylint testing infrastructure
e9c92d6 Add WarningsFixture to only emit DeprecationWarning once in a test run
a6abb10 Added hacking rule for assertTrue/False(A in B)
09d32f9 Make pagination work with deleted marker
3985cff Switch to tempest-lib's packaged subunit-trace
5a1686c Nuke XML support from Nova REST API - Phase 2
fea6add Remove unused methods in nova utils
12e2197 Nuke XML support from Nova REST API - Phase 1
cf658df Don't assume contents of values after aggregate_update
8e165e0 Reuse methods from netutils
48dd5e1 Prevent new code from using namespaced oslo imports
6966026 Move metadata filtering logic to utils.py
ec6ce08 extract RPC setup into a fixture
a4e5652 Remove unused db.api.dnsdomain_list
fb17a53 Remove unused db.api.instance_get_floating_address
a0a31a2 Remove unused db.api.aggregate_host_get_by_metadata_key
74f3f48 Remove unused db.api.get_ec2_instance_id_by_uuid
48d39ff Handle invalid sort keys/dirs gracefully
127ec8f Cleanup in ResourceExtension ALIAS(v2.1api)
89d814f initialize objects with context in Aggregate object tests
e080b01 Corrects link to API Reference on landing page
9c12ba5 Reject non existent mock assert calls
c1095ce Make instance_get_all_*() funtions support the smart extra.$foo columns
775ab61 Updated from global requirements
6e6ea95 objects: remove dict compat support from all XXXList() objects
c3d7bf1 objects: allow creation of objects without dict item compat
2ffb45b Replace stubs with mocks
f8601cd Updated from global requirements
23037bf Use model_query from oslo.db
a93d038 Small cleanup in db.sqlalchemy.api.action_finish()
a96511e Inline _instance_extra_get_by_instance_uuid_query
acdaf3c simplify database fixture to the features we use
e48e764 extract the timeout setup as a fixture
2bc0660 move all conf overrides to conf_fixture
541f163 move ServiceFixture and TranslationFixture
105d6b1 extract fixtures from nova.test to nova.test.fixtures
aba0187 move eventlet GREENDNS override to top level
3d1d586 Updated from global requirements
b832aaa Remove unused db.api.fixed_ip_get_by_address_detailed
0397ebb Add cn_get_all_by_host and cn_get_by_host_and_node to ComputeNode
1a80ece Fix invalid read_deleted value in _validate_unique_server_name()
6e31bb7 Adds hacking check for api_version decorator
af48b4e rename oslo.concurrency to oslo_concurrency
81ff73c Remove needless workaround in utils module
6cf2a3d Remove except Exception cases
c5ac075 Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual
35ef8f2 Implement microversion support on api methods
0a6c1fc Updated from global requirements
e06438d Enforce unique instance uuid in data model
5c5c4c2 Break V2 XML Support
5ab3ac5 Switch to moxstubout and mockpatch from oslotest
05abc53 Optimize 'floating_ip_bulk_create' function
0d6ac35 factor out _setup_logging in test.py
6c37b17 extract _setup_timeouts in test.py
da181a3 Port virtual-interfaces plugin to v2.1(v3) API
fb1ed9d Port floating_ips extension to v2.1
61a1118 Removing the headroom calculation from db layer
42ab041 Change definition of API_EXTENSION_NAMESPACE to method
21a37b7 Updated from global requirements
3512fe3 remove test.ReplaceModule from test.py
86665e7 Added db API layer to add instance tag-list filtering support
53a0761 Added db API layer for CRUD operations on instance tags
758d702 Implement 'personality' plugin for V2.1
a12ff55 move the integrated tests into the functional tree
02ee09e Port v2 quota_classes extension to work in v2.1(v3) framework
b423953 dummy patch to let tox functional pass
b3fc400 Remove Python 2.6 classifier
cd7fcf4 Make aggregate filters use objects
19cd394 Enable pep8 on ./tools directory
62f7a73 Updated from global requirements
3450b00 Replacement `_` on `_LW` in all LOG.warning part 1
0c35cdc Replacement `_` on `_LE` in all LOG.exception
cf8064b Replacement `_` on `_LI` in all LOG.info - part 2
8c8b628 Replacement `_` on `_LI` in all LOG.info - part 1
3bde662 Port assisted-volume-snapshots extension to v2.1
0110aba Updated from global requirements
c9d874a Add debug log when over quota exception occurs
34fcb9c Don't modify columns_to_join formal parameter in _manual_join_columns
add7ea7 Fix bulk floating ip ext to show uuid and fixed_ip
6d020af Use session in cinderclient
0e530a4 Support instance_extra fields in expected_attrs on Instance object
4252979 Rename private functions in db.sqla.api
f8e6ef4 Updated from global requirements
a6051fb Allow passing columns_to_join to instance_get_all_by_host_and_node()
e027b72 GET servers API sorting compute/instance/DB updates
8f597e9 Remove unused db.api.floating_ip_set_auto_assigned
661f36f Remove unused db.api.flavor_extra_specs_get_item
82ba3c9 Create instance_extra items atomically with the instance itself
9c74747 Add API schema for aggregates set_metadata API
70c855e Add 'instance-usage-audit-log' plugin for V2.1
68b70cf Deduplicate some INFO and AUDIT level messages
38e3204 move all tests to nova/tests/unit
830608f Add tox -e functional
1d74de9 Drop max-complexity to 47
b91b614 Aggregate.save() shouldn't return a value
61c509b Updated from global requirements
df06e58 Log sqlalchemy exception message in migration.py
32d63f1 Add note on running single tests to HACKING.rst
55823f2 Use oslo.middleware
32d4384 Switch Nova to use oslo.concurrency
4b31133 remove use of explicit lockutils invocation in tests
6245782 Port security-group-default-rules extension into v2.1
685173b Revert "Switch Nova to use oslo.concurrency"
cc21c64 Updated from global requirements
433f49e DB API: Pass columns_to_join to instance_get_active_by_window_joined
69587a5 Drop python26 support for Kilo nova
4b41628 Switch Nova to use oslo.concurrency
0fc2725 Split out agg multitenancy isolation unit tests
540e4b6 Split agg image props isolation filter unit tests
a44d7ca Port floating_ip_dns extention to v2.1
ecd82b8 Remove use of unicode on exceptions
ca7cbba Port floating_ips_bulk extention to v2.1
9930122 Revert "Replace outdated oslo-incubator middleware"
8f8d452 Replacement `_` on `_LE` in all LOG.error
ed2530e Porting baremetal_nodes extension to v2.1/v3
3d532af Port fixed_ip extention to v2.1
d740a81 Separate filter unit tests for agg extra specs
5c06d4e Allow strategic loading of InstanceExtra columns
da74862 Put a cap on our cyclomatic complexity
45397ec Port os-networks-associate plugin to v2.1(v3) infrastructure
074c426 Port os-tenant-networks plugin to v2.1(v3) infrastructure
8ba1421 Replace outdated oslo-incubator middleware
3ee7268 Remove unused modules copied from oslo-incubator
2907fa9 Add instance_group_get_by_instance to db.api
da9c7d3 Updated from global requirements
a6e5365 Port floating_ip_pools extention to v2.1
9a397ab Sync with latest oslo-incubator
b710886 Use database joins for fixed ips to other objects
538dce6 Don't log every (friggin) migration version step during unit tests
be5285c Port os-networks plugin to v2.1(v3) infrastructure
6722f72 Port cloudpipe extension to v2.1
afe0488 Break out over-quota calculation code from quota_reserve()
36dc2e7 Log quota refresh in_use message at INFO level for logstash
3a81e2a Break out over-quota processing from quota_reserve()
a172e45 Remove baremetal virt driver
0ac1358 Port disk_config extension for V2.1
c158be5 Update NoMoreFixedIps message description
b22f5f5 Break out quota usage refresh code from quota_reserve()
ec7e4bf Optimize 'fixed_ip_bulk_create' function
08a57f0 Port fping extension to work in v2.1/v3 framework
b4eb7a9 Use oslo.utils
ac133d1 Break out quota refresh check code from quota_reserve()
046fbf4 Remove kombu as a dependency for Nova
437bdf2 Remove keystoneclient requirement
a7f31f6 support TRACE_FAILONLY env variable
bb6c1ed remove scary error message in tox
f59333c Open Kilo development
64e30fd Add @_retry_on_deadlock to _instance_update()
737c6ac Remove duplicate entry from .gitignore file
0318a0b Updated from global requirements
bb0db95 Fix SecurityGroupExists error when booting instances
0b55004 Updated from global requirements
ca7e2d2 add time to logging in unit tests
2f27f65 Remove unused py33 tox env
e97e600 Making nova.compute.api to return Aggregate Objects
f9df978 Updated from global requirements
0c9a0eb Don't list entire module autoindex on docs index
939a5e8 mock.assert_called_once() is not a valid method
ecd2706 db: Add @_retry_on_deadlock to service_update()
99b96b8 bring over pretty_tox.sh from tempest
f0f8593 Remove unused elevated context param from quota helper methods
77c99e6 virt: move assertPublicAPISignatures into base test class
68e414e Fix race condition in update_dhcp
c4a4725 correct inverted subtraction in quota check
b4e8685 Updated from global requirements
e97e730 Fixes network_get_all_by_host to use indexes
cd35ec1 delete python bytecode before every test run
6f6defe Stop using intersphinx
1cfc134 Block sqlalchemy migrate 0.9.2 as it breaks all of nova
6d33ef7 Add quotas for Server Groups (V2 API compatibility & V2.1 support)
3c79923 Add unit test to aggregate api
9ed9396 Remove exclude coverage regex from coverage job
8038202 Add instance_extra_update_by_uuid() to DB API
279816c Check requirements.txt files for missing (used) requirements
ac872af Import Ironic Driver & supporting files - part 1
a359c32 Move to oslo.db
1ff946f warn against sorting requirements
fa28505 Allow _poll_bandwidth_usage task to hit slave
982f266 Port used_limits & used_limits_for_admin into v2.1
dde6824 Change v3 aggregate API to v2.1
4cb8a09 Port volumes extension to work in v2.1/v3 framework
9cd536a vmwareapi oslo.vmware library integration
6f9e3aa Port limits extension to work in v2.1/v3 framework
cb302f2 Port image-size extension to work in v2.1/v3 framework
3361b65 Port v2 image_metadata extension to work in v2.1(v3) framework
e45fc2c Port v2 images extension to work in v2.1(v3) framework
01dcc38 cmd: add nova-serialproxy service
8c024af Changes V3 server_actions extension into v2.1
fe053d3 Adds nova-idmapshift cli utility
9ea1e9d Decrease amount of queries while adding aggregate metadata
8c07786 Add instance_extra table and related objects
3b9207f Add extension block_device_mapping_v1 for v2.1
240844c Let update_available_resource hit slave
876c4d3 Remove concatenation with translated messages
66caf07 Port simple_tenant_usage into v2.1
8199bfc GET servers API sorting enhancements common utilities
da4fe15 Add _security_group_ensure_default() DBAPI method
895f205 Remove use of str on exceptions
1254520 Updated from global requirements
540a248 Updated from global requirements
fde645a Correct seconds of a day from 84400 to 86400
a51256d Fix sample files miss for os-aggregates
c89f616 Port os-server-groups extension to work in v2.1/v3 framework
d34a970 Use rfc3986 library to validate URL paths and URIs
30ef8b8 Allow three periodic tasks to hit slave
1cb2b3a Updated from global requirements
45bc01d Remove unused db api methods
ae34f6d Hacking: a new hacking check was added that used an existing number
7fe5144 Add new db api get functions for ec2_snapshot
eccf04c Backport some v3 aggregate API unittest to v2 API
4e9d22a Remove metadata/metadetails from instance/server groups
34ac961 docs - Set pbr 'warnerrors' option for doc build
b8a5d3e docs - Fix errors,warnings from document generation
940bb6b Optimize instance_floating_address_get_all
e3f02ab Standardize logging for v3 api extensions
c2a47fe Standardize logging for v2 api extensions
5438a69 Work on document structure and doc building
439ae06 Optimize db.floating_ip_deallocate
b798d34 Updated from global requirements
8670685 Add hacking check for explicit import of _()
e585a82 Add a retry_on_deadlock to reservations_expire
6c9ebfd docs - Fix doc build errors with SQLAlchemy 0.9
d96da2f docs - Prevent eventlet exception during docs generation
2dda624 docs - Add an index for the command line utilities
4174bab docs - Fix docstring issues
05e98db Add extensible resources to resource tracker (2)
690d347 Fix ImportError during docs generation
a061c01 Updated from global requirements
59c1b19 Turn on pbr's autodoc feature.
ca437d1 Set python hash seed to 0 in tox.ini
748ddcb Stop depending on sitepackages libvirt-python
018e9f2 Fix FloatingIP.save() passing FixedIP object to sqlalchemy
60dfeab Fix and Gate on E265
0967953 Revert "Add extensible resources to resource tracker"
b9c3229 Updated from global requirements
12b5b57 Turn periodic tasks off in all unit tests
7aee75d Updated from global requirements
9a808f6 Re-add H803 to flake8 ignore list.
7474a56 Gate on F402/pep8
e00c056 Add extensible resources to resource tracker
ad62f68 Cleanup and gate on hacking E711 and E712 rule
e5c21eb Use oslo.i18n
eacaa3a update ignore list for pep8
39bf07b Correctly reject request to add lists of hosts to an aggregate
fa9ccec Avoid possible timing attack in metadata api
f14d4f6 Update requirements to include decorator>=3.4.0
c5252f9 Cleanup and gate on hacking E713 rule
72d6706 Correct exception for flavor extra spec create/update
16764c3 Retry db.api.instance_destroy on deadlock
d44d2ba Fix and gate on H305 and H307
f159b9e Catch InvalidAggregateAction when deleting an aggregate
8803d34 Restore ability to delete aggregate metadata
4813487 Updated from global requirements
2493cc7 Fix more re-definitions and enable F811/F813 in gate
c94f123 Make compute api use util.check_string_length
41bef79 add get_by_metadata_key to AggregateList object
3906e84 Fix duplicate definitions of variables/methods
e332ea0 Require posix_ipc for lockutils
65c2104 Updated from global requirements
08ece5c Updated from global requirements
a9664e2 Use default rpc_response_timeout in unit tests
b7557b3 Replace nova.utils.cpu_count() with processutils.get_worker_count()
521957f Use auth_token from keystonemiddleware
67fe5e3 Updated from global requirements
b12b573 Add API schema for v2.1/v3 aggregates API
dcb2808 Fix object code direct use of other object modules
3b5f09a Added statement for ... else
f2a43a7 Not count disabled compute node for statistics
da5f8c8 Removes the use of mutables as default args
ca2ce34 Updated from global requirements
1c1d565 Add bulk create/destroy functionality to FloatingIP
39c4fa6 Cleanup and gate on pep8 rules that are stricter in hacking 0.9
3d8c663 Updated from global requirements
ba581eb Remove duplicate code in Objects create() function
dc3c037 Don't translate debug level logs in nova
6d59451 Fix H401,H402 violations and re-enable gating
00e64cb Bump hacking to 0.9.x series
be4caa0 Add testing for hooks
166dae1 Revert "Remove quota-class logic from context and make unit tests pass"
bf3f789 Check the length of aggregate metadata
a15e4b6 Add missing translation support
32b1228 Update HACKING.rst to include N320
601f421 Updated from global requirements
c34b234 Move oslotest to test only requirements
33b91f6 Revert "Remove quota_class db API calls"
c1e5470 Updated from global requirements
db48c17 Enable flake8 F841 checking
1e53a5f Correct exception handling when create aggregate
d63ab43 Add new ec2 instance db API calls
80efd35 Remove two unused db.api methods
652c8ca Payload meta_data is empty when remove metadata
630f6b1 Register objects in more services
0e877ee Add better coverage support under tox
2c61781 Add a reference to the nova developer documentation
23d8583 Enforce query order for getting VIFs by instance
2c91b87 Fix CIDR values denoting hosts in PostgreSQL
34e5cf6 Sync common db and db/sqlalchemy
2e3218d Remove quota_class db API calls
6bd4946 Ignore etc/nova/nova.conf.sample
1ab174d Accurate exception info in api layer for aggregate
79a82ff Add specific regexp for timestamps in v2 xml
8413a0b Updated from global requirements
39b30b2 Remove explicit dependency on amqplib
27905a8 Update links in README
e3589fb Make cells use Fault obj for create
8f5bbcc Updated from global requirements
9cb195c Remove quota-class logic from context and make unit tests pass
4cda357 Don't translate debug level logs in nova.cmd and nova.db
9c023b3 Updated from global requirements
2f357d5 Use strtime() specific timestamp regexp
be317b6 Normalize API extension updated timestamp format
a36fa01 Hacking: add rule number to HACKING.rst
ed0fecb Fixed many typos.
5e2710d Don't translate debug level logs in nova.volume
82b9744 Add new ec2 volume db API calls
c896e5a Fix bad param name in method docstring
6e7680f Use eventlet.tpool.Proxy for DB API calls
e908a2f Updated from global requirements
50d9e98 Loosen import_exceptions to cover all of gettextutils
a0c5f08 Don't translate debug level scheduler logs
06c0ef9 Remove utils.reset_is_neutron() to avoid races
99cbc6d Add specific doc build option to tox
591d3d0 Use one query instead of two for quota_usages
4076886 Remove nova-clear-rabbit-queues
f82800d Add with_compute_node to service_get()
50711bc Updated from global requirements
eb70991 Remove duplicate code from nova.db.sqlalchemy.utils
78307cd Add lock on API layer delete floating IP
5a4b715 Use debug level logging in unit tests, but don't save them.
fd74650 Avoid the possibility of truncating disk info file
a9ae5ab support local debug logging
193c111 Updated from global requirements
9d36071 Revert "Use debug level logging during unit tests"
bea4f09 Nova utils: add in missing translation
9636b06 Make sure leases are maintained until release
8835d1f Rename instance_actions v3 to server_actions
df23915 Drop nova-rpc-zmq-receiver man-page
464caf0 Open Juno development
0448c6e Remove zmq-receiver from setup.cfg
b7f4c01 Fix the section name in CONTRIBUTING.rst
19be70d Add nova.conf.sample to gitignore
90dd113 Updated from global requirements
4ed9987 Persist image format to a file, to prevent attacks based on changing it
1009383 Add missing test for None in sqlalchemy query filter
2a6632b Tell pip to install packages it sees globally
b2ae163 Bypass the database if limit=0 for server-list requests
2da16ff No longer any need to pass admin context to aggregate DB API methods
d090955 Add a decorator decorator that checks func args
f13825b Updated from global requirements
e088764 Remove the nova.config.sample file
4fc66ad Fix equal_any() DB API helper
2ddc95b Revert "Adding image multiple location support"
8a62fce Revert "enable cloning for rbd-backed ephemeral disks"
111d348 Update aggregate should not allow duplicated names
2a96387 Updated from global requirements
29a81ed Add py27local tox target
76476a2 Fix difference between mysql & psql of flavor-show
662d921 Task cleanup_running_deleted_instances can now use slave
a9cf38f enable cloning for rbd-backed ephemeral disks
a34f1b3 Use debug level logging during unit tests
fd1d710 Add os-server-external-events V3 API
3d1bd3b No longer call check_uptodate.sh in pep8
1de3ec3 Adding image multiple location support
31613b3 Sync the latest DB code from oslo-incubator
f0a18de Updated from global requirements
036c265 Adds get_console_connect_info API
80a15b5 Support IPv6 when booting instances
7cda04d Prevent caller from specifying id during Aggregate.create()
538d5bd Enable flake8 H404 checking
af5a339 Use oslo-common's logging fixture
e0de54e Updated from global requirements
7c52eb2 Updated from global requirements
b127f19 Fix instance_get_all_by_host to actually use slave
c5f3673 Periodic task poll_bandwidth_usage can use slave
8f5d2f8 Adds create backup server extension for the V3 API
5e46483 Fix the indents of v3 API sample docs
719b64c Replace assertEqual(None, *) with assertIsNone in tests
ac1a410 Make is_neutron() thread-safe
245a694 Fix upper bound checking for flavor create parameters
522fe16 Replace oslo.sphinx with oslosphinx
e1c06b0 Change assertTrue(isinstance()) by optimal assert
8608132 Adds migrate server extension for V3 API
a47a70d Refactor stats to avoid bad join
6d4da90 Remove @author from copyright statements.
6136e26 DB: logging exceptions should use save_and_reraise
7fd36bb Remove quota classes extension from the V3 API
086202a Renumber some nova hacking checks
9c63956 Remove tox locale overrides
53256f9 Removes os-instance-usage-audit-log from the V3 API
cb6dafa Removes os-simple-tenant-usage from the V3 API
9d55326 Fix migrations changing the type of deleted column
f8aa657 Typo in backwards compat names for notification drivers
9a8f906 Support building wheels (PEP-427)
d70af6a Fix misspellings in nova
30cdb2a Add super call to db Base class
fddc959 Add hacking test to block cross-virt driver code usage
3b1eeef Remove vi modelines
489cc76 Port to oslo.messaging
81e69c2 Adds suspend server extension for V3 API
6469ffb Adds pause server extension for V3 API
2f87048 Removes XML namespace definitions from V3 API plugins
68229be Make fixed_ip_get_by_address() take columns_to_join
08624d9 Refactor return value of fixed_ip_associate calls
78d17b4 Retry reservation commit and rollback on deadlock
96297b1 Adds lock server extension for V3 API
4757fef Remove V3 API XML entry points
592185c Remove v3 xml API sample tests
f6e1b2e Finish compacting pre-Icehouse database migrations
5600541 Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 210.
90375ca Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 200.
e55019e Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 190.
0b0f11d Use (# of CPUs) workers by default
a693c68 Remove policy check in db layer for aggregates
4b57bde Add db.dnsdomain_get_all() method
8a481b2 Updated from global requirements
fb9dd70 Small edits on help strings
ab9915a Make floating_ip_bulk_destroy deallocate quota if not auto_assigned
3d32c32 Add explicit discussion of dependencies to README.rst
241013d Fix multi availability zone issue part 2
430d11e remove redundant __init__() overwriting when getting ExtensionResources
c6e48da Use oslo.rootwrap library instead of local copy
3bfbe8d Calculate default security group into quota usage
75c6538 Remove unused dict BYTE_MULTIPLIERS
3741f70 replace type() to isinstance() in nova
9e1d046 Make availability_zone optional in create for aggregates
18001a5 Enable compute_node_update to tolerate deadlocks
ae910ea Revert "Whitelist external netaddr requirement"
9d15828 Add finer granularity to host aggregate APIs
d74a787 Adds new method nova.utils.get_hash_str
035845b Ensure instance action event list in order
79f9a9f Cleanup the flake8 section of tox.ini
5754882 Whitelist external netaddr requirement
39b5b46 Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 180.
2220eca Aggregate: Hosts isolation based on image properties
eca1b38 Removes disk-config extension from v3 api
b98e248 Add apache2 license header to appropriate files for enabling H102
8e51322 Adds user_data extension to nova.api.v3.extensions
efe0e48 Add wsgiref to requirements.txt
e98b3e2 Make _change_index_columns use existing utility methods
70c6e2e Fix interprocess locks when running unit-tests
99acb34 Allow some instance polling periodic tasks to hit db slave
50e48c1 Retry on deadlock in instance_metadata_update
e9984dd Setting the xen vm device id on vm record
a7c2196 Rename instance_type to flavor in nova.utils and nova.compute.utils
64f0dfb Refactor time conversion helper function for objects in db api
29f10e8 Remove smoketests
14f0452 Remove middleware ratelimits from v3 api
4b4182d Require List objects to be able to backlevel their contents
a4c3bc7 Add error as not-in-progress migration status
fb46df3 Correct uses of :params in docstrings
5d69bc2 Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 170.
29e5298 Updated from global requirements
244d527 Rename instance_type to flavor in baremetal virt driver
c9e6a0e Sync middleware audit, base, and notifier from oslo
ea17da3 Fix changes-since filter for list-servers API
b9c093d Make it possible to override test timeout value
f2e3e03 Add atomic flavor access creation
22fb865 Fix monkey_patch docstring bug
2454693 Extends V3 servers api for pci support
73fd860 Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 160.
b4f9ba7 Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 150.
98b266f Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 140.
f11d82f Periodic task _heal_instance_info_cache can now use slave db
841d8ab Don't overwrite marker when checking if it exists
b81a4c5 Make check more pythonic
5508a25 Delete instance faults when deleting instance
377dd84 Don't gate on E125
ad8edb1 Fix a lazy-load exception in security_group_update()
e782d31 Bump to sqlalchemy-migrate 0.8.2
1522c63 Use model_query() instead of session.query in db.instance_destroy
e95c457 Periodic task _poll_unconfirmed_resizes can now use slave db
f0eac53 Handle UnicodeEncodeError in validate_integer
c775f49 Removes os-personalities extension from the V3 API
52cc3ae Clean up how test env variables are parsed
0173e32 Remove V3 API version of coverage extension
c61417f Rename InstanceType exceptions to Flavor
9589ad3 Remove used_limits extension from the V3 API
1f66db0 More instance_type -> flavor renames in db.api
308e43a Xenapi: Allow windows builds with xentools 6.1 and 6.2
5448bb0 Removed unused methods from db.api
adb9878 Moved quota headroom calculations into quota_reserve
4fedfad Checking existence of index before dropping
25b13d8 add hints to api_samples documentation
11e1b83 nit: fix indentation
df66ea1 Refactor UnexpectedTaskStateError for handling of deleting instances
88e5cef Move `diff_dict` to compute API
3bf2b49 Comments for db.api.compute_node_*() methods
9c339dd Add DeleteFromSelect to avoid database's limit
8816d6e Include name/level in unit test log messages
c1fa6b4 Remove instance_type* proxy methods from nova.db.api
ede1f21 Make security_group_rule_get_by_security_group() honor columns
cc46daa Nova-all: Replace basestring by six for python3 compatability
4dd47ad Fix tests to work with mysql+postgres concurrently
fe9a00c Enable extension access_ips for v3 API
03e40b5 Allow _sync_power_states periodic task to hit slave DB
fc219e6 Add nova.db.migration.db_initial_version()
dfd68e4 Nova db/api.py docstring cleanups...
ef81f02 Remove extra space in tox.ini
8365146 Replace basestring by six for python3 compatability
af47167 Make security_group_get() more flexible about joins
191d51f Make Object FieldType take an object name instead of a class
0f507ab Updated from global requirements
a818099 Merging two mkfs commands.
dd963c5 Updated from global requirements
8d4c406 Updates OpenStack Style Commandments link
0a7dd02 Updated from global requirements
271da77 Adding support for multiple hypervisor versions
cfc71f8 Fix DB API mismatch with sqlalchemy API
a7a8965 Add missing key attribute to AggregateList.get_by_host()
ae0ff92 Use the oslo fixture module
4c7457b Move exception definitions out of db api
3122cee Migrate Aggregate object to Fields
93f984b Remove obsolete redhat-eventlet.patch
018ed1a Fixes typos in nova/db code
e51ccd3 Avoid clobbering {system_,}metadata dicts passed to instance update
2d34c91 Move `utils.hash_file` -> `imagecache._hash_file`
7aa6849 Remove `utils.timefunc` function
1a9857f Remove `utils.total_seconds`
1e746f3 Remove `utils.get_from_path`
1a60de4 Fixes several misc typos in scheduler code
085d947 Remove unused dict functions from utils
b902578 Log if a quota_usages sync updates usage information
9f4fd97 Open Icehouse development
f9de90d Adds missing entry in setup.cfg for V3 API shelve plugin
c3a7b80 Prefix `utils.get_root_helper` with underscore
582b842 Remove `utils.debug`
750ae1f Remove `utils.last_octet`
20cc2c5 Remove `utils.parse_mailmap`
4cf16ee Updated from global requirements
3e7277b Remove unecessary `get_boolean` function
ead21d5 Fixes inconsistency in flavors list with marker
1c2deae Fix console db can't load attribute pool
35e9a1b Require oslo.config 1.2.0 final
81a1378 Fix Instance object assumptions about joins
e90e3aa Code change for regex filter matching
bba054f Fixes modules with wrong file mode bits
eaa485c Convert TestCases to NoDBTestCase
ea2afa4 Convert TestCases to NoDBTestCase
bc92985 Prune node stats at compute node delete time
b963082 Fix non-unicode string values on objects
0875fb1 xenapi: fix pep8 violations in nova plugins
5ebfcc9 Retry on deadlock in instance_metadata_delete
629842b delete a non existent flavor extra spec returns 204
06ea5e9 Don't use ModelBase.save() inside of transaction
ee3420e Ensure anti affinity scheduling works
825e9a8 Don't use sudo to discover ipv4 address.
60fcbd1 Update requirements not to boto 2.13.0
13b0533 Ignore H803 from Hacking.
4cdc163 Add encryption support for volumes to libvirt
4d5d43f Don't return query from db API
c978e32 Fix migration 211 to downgrade with MySQL
eaf00a1 VMware image clone strategy settings and overrides
97fe16f Clean up object comparison routines in tests
f407b79 Clean up duplicated change-building code in objects
71349bf Fix compute_node_get_all() for Nova Baremetal
18c3244 Add missing indexes back in from 152
6ed9059 Add methods to get image metadata from instance
ace2125 Revert baremetal v3 API extension
af2077a Updated from global requirements
6e03683 Remove indirect dependency from requirements.txt
d078e0b Allow block devices without device_name
affd656 Port to oslo.messaging.Notifier API
4c6bbdf Add expected_errors for extension aggregates v3
ae87354 Add missing Aggregate object tests
55f007b Generalize the _make_list() function for objects
3ea0a57 Add columns_to_join to instance_update_and_get_original
60507b9 Create mixin class for common DB fields
52d50ac Add nova.utils.get_root_helper()
b0d52c0 Inherit base image properties on instance creation
883974c update neutronclient to 2.3.0 minimum
0801933 Make compute_api use Aggregate objects
03b6412 Add Aggregate object model
de0f360 Port flavormanage extension to v3 API Part 2
1341a60 Add os-block-device-mapping to v3 API
a6cb760 xenapi: add support for auto_disk_config=disabled
23d10d7 Add support for API message localization
5b5957c Port Cheetah templates to Jinja2
c6ef96e Fix and gate on H302 (import only modules)
cc8392f Adds V3 API samples for agents, aggregates and certificates
e1d5b40 Adds support for security_groups for V3 API server create
694142b Add mock to test-requirements
dd6e287 Disconnect from iSCSI volume sessions after live migration
ed71c70 Safe db.api.compute_node_get_all() performance improvement
efd657e Adds API version discovery support for V3
fc8614c Port multiple_create extension to V3 API
b38cd56 Filter network by project id
49b71c5 Pci Device DB support
fade974 Fix error messages in v3 aggregate API
8cec4be Removes V3 API images and image_metadata extensions
3683a18 Add db.block_device_mapping_get_by_id
1d868ab Fix typo in baremetal docs
45bfca3 Removes fixed ips extension from V3 API
7414382 Link Service.compute_node with ComputeNode object
9e8f434 Fix aggregate creation/update with null or too long name
89a3819 Fixes sync issue for user level resources
565f792 Fix remove_fixed_ip test with CastAsCall
444d773 Allow more than one ephemeral device in the DB
9dbd543 Add unique constraint to AggregateMetadata
0d0d84a Add jsonschema to Nova requirements.txt
60d5f74 VMware: Ensure Neutron networking works with VMware drivers
12e8bd3 Have tox install via setup.py develop
386a92c Remove deprecated CONF.fixed_range
08e2a58 Offer a paginated version of flavor_get_all
84d700c Upgrade to Hacking 0.7
9fc1c90 Fix logic in add_host_to_aggregate()
fe66655 Fix typo in exception message
3509066 Fix message for server name with whitespace
68c2fce Demote personalities from core of API v3 as extensions os-personality
e0478aa Port disk_config API to v3 Part 2
579d109 Fix instance_group_delete() DB API method
2b42014 User quota update should not exceed project quota
919ca0c Fix H501: Do not use locals() for string formatting
da40dff maint: remove redundant default=None for config options
77ab921 Catch ldap ImportError
b8725cc Merged flavor_disabled extension into V3 core api
a761d1d Merged flavorsextraspecs extension into core API
59933e4 Enable no_parent and file_only security
41c9e45 Pull out instance object handling for use by create also
4d56a24 Fix migration downgrade 146 with mysql
477a741 Retry failed instance file deletes
82f80c7 Do not use context in db.sqla.api private methods
c50d36d Finish DB session cleanup
e8a1c27 Clean up session in db.sqla.api.migration_* methods
5155a84 Clean up session in db.sqla.api.network_* and sec_groups_* methods
7e46501 Add plug-in modules for direct downloads of glance locations
b6055a0 Clean destroy for project quota
eb3ea77 Clean up session in db.sqla.api.get_ec2 methods
ed3fb82 Clean up db.sqla.api.instance_* methods
b61feed Fix multi availability zone issue part 1
cd876f3 Demote admin-passwd from core of API v3 as extensions os-admin-password
fa95839 handle auto assigned flag on allocate floating ip
afa926e Use cached nwinfo for secgroup rules
3015eed Fix and Gate on H303 (no wildcard imports)
ccfd833 Port server_usage API to v3 part 2
548e2c0 Enabled hacking check for Python3 compatible print (H233)
3288f9c Enabled the hacking warning for Py3 compatible octal literals (H232)
5f8591e Remove fping plugin from V3 API
e85f571 Use project quota as default user quota
6ef41be Update references with new Mailing List location
98238bb Remove the monkey patching of _ into the builtins
66f22f5 Set lock_path in tests
b51b285 Bypass queries which cause a contradiction
dfe5dd8 Add latest oslo DB support
b73de67 Add note why E712 is ignored
98787c4 Start using hacking 0.6
8a93b7a Port migrations extension to v3 API part 2
50d82cb Per-project-user-quotas for more granularity
798a32a Add unique constraint to InstanceTypeExtraSpecs.
e5081b8 Remove instance_metadata_get_all* from db api
c68a6a2 Sync sample config file generator with Oslo
caffa8f Allow exceptions to propagate through stevedore map
e6c1215 Revert "Add requests requirement capped <1.2.1."
9f7bae1 Move _validate_int_value controller func to utils
03c3d2b Ensure dates are dates, not strings
dce5286 Use timeutils.utcnow() throughout the code
9c2a6a6 Check that the configuration file sample is up to date
5947244 Make Instance.save() handle cells DB updates
e9d0a60 ec2-api: Disable describing of instances using deleted tags as filter.
815cd19 port BaremetalNodes API into v3 part2
c3ac538 Move resource usage sync functions to db backend
e738cb6 Remove locals() from various places.
a82a47d Support scoped keys in aggregate extra specs filter
814d29b Port AttachInterfaces API to v3 Part 2
43343c3 Port used limits extension to v3 API Part 2
d296c6b Porting os-aggregates extensions to API v3 Part 2
0c7df4a Porting os-aggregates extensions to API v3 Part 1
b22f6e4 Porting server metadata core API to API v3 Part 2
2771b43 Port limits core API to API-v3 Part 2
81af9fd Fix filtering aggregate metadata by key
d040764 remove python-glanceclient cap
ff4cf51 Fix IPAddress and CIDR type decorators
f685bce Port user_data API to v3 Part 2
ef2ab74 Port flavor_rxtx extension to v3 API Part 2
7df1c0e Fix aggregate_get_by_host host filtering
49edcb0 xenapi:populating hypervisor version in host state
3f8af06 Port deferredDelete API to v3 Part 2
bbd22cf Port instance_actions API to v3 Part 2
f979add Prompt error message when creating aggregate without aggregate name
d585f74 Port AvailabilityZone API to v3 Part 2
f912fa7 Port service API to v3 Part 2
0b71ce7 Port hide srvr addresses extension to v3 API Pt2
cb75a59 Port extended status extension to v3 API Part 2
b5e289a Port os-console-output extension to API v3 Part 2
52a4f2c Make db/api strip timezones for datetimes
a46c26c update Quantum usage to Neutron
abe6fe7 Fix aggregate update.
615bf3f Port extended-availability-zone API into v3 part2
0b28339 Add unique constraints to AggregateHost.
e9e7bb3 Port server password extension to v3 API Part 2
6d5079f Add -U to the command line for pip
6216805 Change force_dhcp_release default to True
8c259e8 port Host API into v3 part2
0c70027 Port admin-actions API into v3 part2
989e766 Fix issue with pip installing oslo.config-1.2.0
713f1bf Properly pin pbr and d2to1 in setup.py
cbd30a7 Add Instance.get_by_id() query method
8b56e4e Port images metadata functionality to v3 API Part 2
d85d03c Add unique constraint to ConsolePool.
f26bb39 Add "ExtendedVolumes" API extension
3d52a76 Port multinic extension to v3 API Part 2
a0a04fe Port security groups extension to v3 API Part 2
5a6212f Fix info_cache and bw_usage update race
2b310ad Change db.api.instance_type_ to db.api.flavor_
9c43a15 Add unique constraint to AgentBuild.
3c8ea78 Ensure flake8 tests run on all api code
5bf9785 Port extended-server-attributes API into v3 part2
515d6c5 List migrations through Admin API
85657a2 Port fping extension to v3 API Part 2
b4a15e3 Allow filters to only run once per request if their data is static
39fc338 Fix formatting errors in documentation
b556d8f Use oslo.sphinx and remove local copy of doc theme
e1c4a5e Add unique constraints to Service.
f7289d9 Add unique constraint to FixedIp.
f28de3d Change unique constraint in VirtualInterface.
c45283e Fix and gate on E125
754d28f Make flavors is_public option actually work
51c453e Make instance_update() string-convert IP addresses
8ab5b4c Port agent API to v3 Part 2
cdaae92 Add unique constraints to Quota.
960aad7 Port scheduler hints extension to v3 API Part 2
81e6554 Port hypervisor API into v3 part2
28a55c3 port Instance_usage_audit_log API into v3 part2
c97aeeb Add unique constraint for security groups
37d9e9c Add HACKING check for db session param
4790a58 Port coverage API into v3 part2
102e4c2 Clean up and make HACKING.rst DRYer
673964b Fix binding of SQL query params in DB utils.
4b0e071 Port quota classes extension to v3 API Part 2
13d8c2d Port server_diagnostics extension to v3 API Part2
e13f531 Port images functionality to v3 API Part 2
2017ad1 Port cells extension to v3 API Part 2
c05314a Port consoles extension API into v3 part2
0deed16 Session cleanup for db.security_group_* methods
7f61288 Port config_drive API to v3 Part 2
de72aa5 Fix metadata access in prep for instance objects
1ee0903 Fix typo for instance_get_all_by_filters() function.
bb3cbf3 Port flavor_disabled extension to v3 API Part 2
ea58447 Fix sqlalchemy utils.
8ed6e06 Port flavor_access extension to v3 API Part 2
a914468 Port Simple_tenant_usage API to v3 Part 2
4968685 Better default for my_ip if is unreachable
79ec1d4 db.compute_node_update: ignore values['update_at']
4e14dc5 Port quota API into v3 part2
841a666 Update pyparsing to 1.5.7
38b0ec1 Refactor db.security_group_get() instance join behavior
75641b6 Port missing bits from httplib2 to requests
7653ae1 Retry quota_reserve on DBDeadlock
6948fc7 Revert "Add oslo-config-1.2.0a2 and pbr>=0.5.16 to requirements."
3fe86c6 Add oslo-config-1.2.0a2 and pbr>=0.5.16 to requirements.
8a9426c Remove usage of locals() for formatting from nova.scheduler.*
1b653fc Remove db session hack from conductor's vol_usage_update()
ea4a01b Add unique constraints to Cell.
af9a3ef Accept is_public=None when listing all flavors
6c962be Add missing tests for cell_* methods
8f9f1b3 Enforce sqlite-specific flow in drop_unique_constraint
4131191 Remove unused cert db method.
ab5d858 Session cleanup for db.security_group_rule_* methods
3e82648 Organize limits units and per-units constants
652f56e Replace utils.to_bytes() with strutils.to_bytes()
0f84940 Backup and restore object registry for tests
046907e Port flavors core API to v3 tree
edbc5f0 Remove trivial cases of unused variables (1)
1ab675e Port certificates API to v3 Part 2
9481cd0 Fix and enable H403 tests
968c6ef Update to the latest stevedore
a8e3073 Add missing tests for nova.db.api.network_*.
4585876 Cells: Add support for global cinder
d67f7da Remove explicit distribute depend.
833b4c6 Use an inner join on aggregate_hosts in aggregate_get_by_host
9646673 Nova instance group DB support
57a9bbf Replace functions in utils with oslo.fileutils
b26ea67 Refactors get_instance_security_groups to only use instance_uuid
93ed980 DB migration to the new BDM data format
c59a0f4 Enhance group handling in extract_opts
5731aa7 Use InstanceList object for init_host
b39f9a8 Sending volume IO usage broken
c293c64 Replace openstack-common with oslo in HACKING.rst
e8459cc Port evacuate API to v3 Part 2
a2dee31 Speeding up scheduler tests
590d3b3 Port rescue API to v3 Part 2
500dc94 Alphabetize v3 API extension entry point list
d75853e Add missing exception to cell_update()
d270c52 Import osapi_v3/enabled option in nova/test
08b0119 More detailed log in failing aggregate extra filter.
fcac192 Call scheduler for run_instance from conductor
0b911fa Fix a race where a soft deleted instance might be removed by mistake
0aae9b1 Delete unused bin directory
895de87 Fix postgresql failures related to Data type
9f2ff5b hardcode pbr and d2to1 versions
43c55b7 Adds ability to black/whitelist v3 API extensions
a47b3ca Add notes about how doc generation works.
e8b0463 python3: Add py33 to tox.ini
e8dcf43 Improve Python 3.x compatibility
1352e0f Ports consoles API to v3 API
92084c1 Fixed two minor docs niggles.
a6bc71b Adds v3 API disable config option
8e75067 Ports ips api to v3 API
8886b68 Cosmetic fix to parameter name in DB API
8b2dfa5 Removed session from reservation_create()
0b693fe Raise exception instances not exception classes
c847317 Don't delete sys_meta on instance delete
f865778 Fix volume IO usage notifications been sent too often.
ba8f97e Fix _drop_unique_constraint_in_sqlite() function.
6368580 Add update method of security group name and description
3d72383 Add posargs support to flake8 call
ef037de Enumerate Flake8 E12x ignores
7445ef3 Fix and enable flake8 F823
a41261f Fix and enable flake8 F812
497b1aa In utils.tempdir, pass CONF.tempdir as an argument.
5eddb55 Enumerate Flake8 Fxxx ignores
1af3467 Enable flake8 E721
991e564 API Extensions framework for v3 API Part 2
235246f Change db `deleted` column type utils
f3177e8 Fix tests for sqlalchemy utils
93756ab Moved sample network creation out of unittest base class constructor.
1bccc35 Make a few places tolerant of sys_meta being a dict
7322316 Remove locals() from scheduler filters
476e385 Rename requires files to standard names.
32e8431 Removed session from fixed_ip_*() functions.
370ac43 Raise AgentBuildNotFound on updating/destroying deleted object
5100795 Don't update API cell on get_nwinfo
8483ba6 Fix error in instance_get_all_by_filters() use of soft_deleted filter
cd08bf8 Fix require_context() decorators.
869842f Use strict=True instead of `is_valid_boolstr`
76ced2f Editable default quota support
e368bf0 Remove usage of locals() for formatting from nova.api.*
089a347 Switch to flake8+hacking.
3297a07 Don't update DB records for unchanged stats.
9756b72 Mox should cleanup before stubs
077a546 Add missing tests for db.fixed_ip_*(). functions.
7373344 Cells: Don't allow active -> build
d75d2e8 Use Oslo's `bool_from_string`
444ee81 Hide lock_prefix argument using synchronized_with_prefix()
33c03d1 Move get_table() from test_migrations to sqlalchemy.utils
0dbbf8d API extensions framework for v3 API
42a040d Record smoketest dependency on gFlags
97b6af2 Add pointer to compute driver matrix wiki page.
3f68d43 Update rootwrap with code from oslo.
d811454 Remove invalid block_device_mapping volume_size of ''
c665787 Add sqlalchemy migration utils.create_shadow_table method
dad7a0b Add sqlalchemy migration utils.check_shadow_table method
0453c4a Optimize db.instance_floating_address_get_all method
7f7700a Session cleanup for db.floating_ip_* methods
a547746 Optimize instance queries in compute manager
6712beb Convert to using newly imported processutils.
514fe95 Transition from openstack.common.setup to pbr.
b94281b Remove security_group_handler
36e93c2 Sync oslo-incubator print statement changes
5b36b61 Convert to using oslo's execute() method.
7fa37d9 Remove race condition (in FloatingIps)
abbf2fa Add missing tests for db.floating_ip_* methods
c7ed1e1 Delete InstanceSystemMetadata on instance deletion
10238af Volume IO usage gets reset to 0 after a reboot / crash
03d02fc Add the availability_zone to the volume.usage notifications
ad2b277 Performance optimization for contrib.flavorextraspecs
c1361fb Refactor work with db.instance_type_* methods
f01f651 Fix bug in db.instance_type_destroy
2926426 Move db.instance_type_extra_specs_* to db.instance_type_* methods
0fec8c7 Fix fixed_ip_count_by_project in DB API
6876de3 Add option to exclude joins from instance_get_by_uuid
1a795e8 Import and convert to oslo loopingcall.
6812f19 Remove orphaned db method instance_test_and_set
591acad Allow listing fixed_ips for a given compute host.
66bce89 Don't join metadata twice in instance_get_all()
2c91b5c Optimize some of the periodic task database queries in n-cpu
88070c3 Change DB API instance functions for selective metadata fetching
b0e167b Replace metadata joins with another query
550f35b Remove unnecessary LOG initialisation
80a7c35 Add tenant/ user id to volume usage notifications
685414d Import eventlet in __init__.py
f38536f Allow describe_instances to use tags for searches
bb76b1f Remove race condition (in InstanceTypeProjects)
c5fb796 Optimize resource tracker queries for instances
5c15b0f Move console scripts to entrypoints.
de1d97b Update latest oslo.setup.
1b50a6c Remove print statements
d3ce272 Return 409 on creating/importing same name keypair
c89cbc3 Add CRUD methods for tags to the EC2 API.
bbec04b Adds Tilera back-end for baremetal
82dc2cb Remove race condition (in InstanceTypes)
a1f7347 Add missing tests for db.instance_type_* methods
5f0db89 set up FakeLogger for root logger.
cb3d604 Include Co-authored-by entries in AUTHORS
86ae63d Sync everything from oslo-incubator.
764b40f Set version to 2013.2
fb9a89e Refactor db.service_destroy and db.service_update methods
74bfe33 Enable tox use of site-packages for libvirt.
873a93b Fix db archiving bug with foreign key constraints.
20671db Add quotas for fixed ips.
40811c3 Makes safe xml data calls raise 400 http error instead of 500
b975d70 Check keypair destroy result operation
be04e88 Remove sqlalchemy calling back to DB API
0471e96 Fix: Nova aggregate API throws an uncaught exception on invalid host
2971007 Skip deleted fixed ip address for os-fixed-ips extension
c408e85 Don't load system_metadata when it isn't joined.
6eca1ee Delete instance metadata when delete VM
6316a89 Refactor work with session in db.block_device_mapping_* methods
d027252 Force resource updates to update updated_at
8e764e5 Remove instance['instance_type'] relationship from db api
5d6aa64 Extended server attributes can show wrong hypervisor_hostname
6ad4a48 Compile BigInteger to INTEGER for sqlite
e9018d3 Remove uses of instance['instance_type'] from nova/compute
910ce9d Make nova-manage db archive_deleted_rows more explicit
167e91c add .idea folder to .gitignore pycharm creates this folder
05b82e3 Update tox.ini to support RHEL 6.x.
d35f27c Remove parameters containing passwords from Notifications.
59c2044 Standarize ip validation along the code
220d573 Rename VMWare to VMware
7c1cf79 docs should indicate proper git commit limit
f2650bf Imporove db.sqlalchemy.api._validate_unique_server_name method
08d386f Remove unused db calls from nova.db.api
f905cd4 Compute manager should remove dead resources
e35bb16 instance_info_cache_update creates wrongly
4fcddc2 don't stack trace if long ints are passed to db
7351d51 Add instance_type_get() to virt api
79d8302 Remove duplicate options(joinedload) from aggregates db code
73d515a Update OpenStack LLC to Foundation
aebbb96 Additional tests for safe parsing with minidom
ddc646d Retry floating_ip_fixed_ip_associate on deadlock.
4bdf6b2 Sync nova with oslo DB exception cleanup.
ea147ed Remove unused nova.db.api:instance_get_all_by_reservation
88aeff7 Migration 146: Execute delete call.
ec7bf1f Spelling: compatable=>compatible
11a77ba Move DB thread pooling to DB API.
78d4ed7 Remove race condition (in Networks)
5854729 Move some context checking code from sqlalchemy
ad1defb5 Add Nova quantum security group proxy
dc8805d Fix handling of source_groups with no-db-compute.
1bac4c1 Multi-tenancy isolation with aggregates
ece3640 Fix broken logging imports.
2925c91 Use oslo-config-2013.1b4
1e140a6 Add a safe_minidom_parse_string function.
4f8e09d Retry bw_usage_update() on innodb Deadlock
d24fba2 Default SG rules for the Security Group "Default"
1ef209c create new cidr type for data storage
ef58737 Remove unused nova.db.api:network_get_by_bridge
fe0198e Remove unused nova.db.api:network_get_by_instance
3a1eda1 Remove unused db calls from nova.db.sqlalchemy.api
0d82ff3 Remove unused db calls
a3a4505 Small spelling fix in sqlalchemy utils.
18057ff Remove race condition (in TaskLog)
c380ff7 Add generic dropper for duplicate rows
e8e18fa Fix typo/bug in generic UC dropper
37c5045 clean up missing whitespace after ':'
e504fe7 Push 'Error' result from event to instance action.
4519af4 Assign unique names with os-multiple-create.
e4fda94 Harmonize PEP8 checking between tox and run_tests.sh
ca49b54 Allow archiving deleted rows to shadow tables, for performance.
4316295 Synchronize code from oslo
bcdf3c6 Canonizes IPv6 before insert it into the db
750b76a API extension for accessing instance_actions
fd1e64f Use joinedload for system_metadata in db
4bcd737 Module import style checking changes
2531103 Check the length of flavor name in "flavor-create"
452e019 Update docs about testing.
b082377 Add generic UC dropper
cc01df8 Fix regression in non-admin simple_usage:show.
8ee8209 Fix inaccuracies in the development environment doc.
412a863 Update to simplified common oslo version code.
c367b76 Use joined version of db.api calls
17850cc Move floating ip db access to calling side.
aa8da99 Added the build directory to the tox.ini list pep8 ignores.
9740c7f Fix lazy load 'system_metadata' failed problem.
1f6a62b Remove strcmp_const_time.
3a919ef Update .coveragerc
9b725ce Use oslo database code
b9d970f Default value of monkey_patch_modules is broken
2baf604 Update HACKING.rst per recent changes
a88a78b Optimize floating ip list to make one db query
3865353 Reimplement is_valid_ipv4().
caec1c9 Tweakify is_valid_boolstr().
277e59d Make system_metadata update in place
4c437a0 Record instance actions and events
8cd87af Postgres does not like empty strings for type inet
b3bef3f Fixes 'not in' operator usage
59f0be9 Fixes "is not" usage
aaf6866 Code cleanup for rebuild block device mapping
633b7cf Nova Hyper-V driver refactoring
5d91a07 Make sure there are no unused import
48e61cf Refactoring/cleanup of compute and db apis
37c490f Allow users to specify a tmp location via config
044ce64 Add system_metadata to db.instance_get_active_by_window_joined
efb3514 Enable N302: Import modules only
24c782c clean up api_samples documentation
86e8bb4 populate dnsmasq lease db with valid leases
40a68b6 Fix rendering of FixedIpNotFoundForNetworkHost
d981e1a Fix hacking N302 import only modules
41b3510 Avoid db lookup in info_from_instance().
61269ad Fixes task_log_get and task_log_get_all signatures
6034fc9 Provide creating real unique constraints for columns
3715f27 Fix nova coverage.
214adf8 Fix floating ips with external gateway
df4991f Add support for Option Groups in LazyPluggable
a0dc5a8 fix misspellings in logs, comments and tests
3908399 Remove restoring soft deleted entries part 2
efd2dc1 Remove restoring soft deleted entries part 1
e368001 Remove some db calls from db servicegroup driver.
6b54b59 Cells: Fix for relaying instance info_cache updates
452d9ff Ignore auto-generated files by lintstack
bb50306 Clean up db network db calls for fixed and float
8f15cc8 Fix multi line docstring tests in hacking.py
ce1d756 don't allow crs in the code
3b4da3a enforce server_id can only be uuid or int
d0e70da Move compute node operations to conductor
a9f55c4 correcting for proper use of the word 'an'.
deb958e Add nova-spicehtml5proxy helper
e0c956b Clean up get_instance_id_by_floating_address
019da27 Use testrepository setuptools support.
8a6bff9 Cells: Add cells API extension
8bfc453 More HostAPI() cleanup for cells.
a01a0ba Revert "Use testr setuptools commands."
d7a302e enable hacking.py self tests
51a7e87 Fix uses of service_get_all_compute_by_host
5150a73 use postgresql INET datatype for storing IPs
01a3599 Clean up compute API image_create
2ff35b4 Use testr setuptools commands.
6d092db Fix quota updating when admin deletes common user's instance
b3fa2f7 Move logic from os-api-host into compute
76f43dd make runtests -p act more like tox
5356274 fix new N402 errors
4e9bc79 Move service_down_time to nova.service
c8bf18d fix N402 for rest of nova
9e179af fix N402 for nova/db
2b02137 Move osapi_compute_unique_server_name_scope to db
42be618 Move compute_topic into nova.compute.rpcapi
466b9b1 Fix N402 for nova/api
274e741 New instance_actions and events table, model, and api
bc74a13 Remove availability_zones from service table
645d46b Enable Aggregate based availability zones
166ee5f Refresh instance metadata in-place
5467127 CLI for bare-metal database sync.
a81417d Move global glance opts into nova.image.glance
9649f45 fix N401 errors, stop ignoring all N4* errors
b4efedd PXE bare-metal provisioning helper server
f75376d Changed 'OpenStack, LLC' message to 'OpenStack Foundation'
158e393 Invert test stream capture logic for debugging.
35d9ea2 Refactor work with TaskLog in sqlalchemy.api
9db0e7b NovaBase.delete() rename to NovaBase.soft_delete()
f7b83a9 Refactor periodic tasks.
709d12d Timeout individual tests after one minute.
8543f10 Cells: Add the main code.
5606768 Add helper methods to nova.paths
cfe22c8 Move global path opts in nova.paths
02c6cef Fix bug and remove update lock in db.instance_test_and_set()
6c19090 Remove unused imports
95f6da3 Database metadata performance optimizations
56485e1 db.network_delete_safe() method performance optimization
87fde95 db.security_group_rule_destroy() method performance optimization
a1cda21 Database reservations methods performance optimization
fc29e1d Using query.soft_delete() method insead of soft deleting by hand
5c90b3a Removed unused imports.
759c2c4 Enable nova exception format checking in tests.
e887c1d Eliminate race conditions in floating association
6eb9748 Parameterize database connection in test.py
e8cfb9c Move baremetal database tests to fixtures.
c24e4ba Add .testrepository/ directory to gitginore
e9282b2 Update exceptions to pass correct kwargs.
ca3f312 Remove fake_tests opt from test.py.
ca6731b Move TimeOverride to the general reusable-test-helper place.
5f867cd Add more association support to network API
651a493 Replace fixtures.DetailStream with fixtures.StringStream.
9d275ee Use testr to run nova unittests.
e6c40a7 Add general mechanism for testing api coverage.
e4f8baf remove session param from instance_get
ad7d2af remove session param from instance_get_by_uuid
9d5a3f7 Move some opts into nova.utils
311f8e2 Properly scope password options
50e4932 Move monkey patch config opts into nova.utils
c08062a Move all temporary files into a single /tmp subdir.
a0399ae Use fixtures library for nova test fixtures.
e89e4b0 Remove unused bridge interfaces
b9add01 Order instance faults by created_at and id.
62f371b Fix pep8 exclude logic for 1.3.3
00fe8d5 Add agent build API support for list/create/delete/modify agent build
4e2da9f Make policy.json not filesystem location specific.
f9daac8 Add pyflakes option to tox
751f334 Implements volume usage metering.
204a549 Fix test suite to use MiniDNS
35a3439 remove session param from certificate_get
3d443ac improve sessions for key_pair_(create,destroy)
205946d Include 'hosts' and 'metadetails' in aggregate.
3e2067e Make resize and multi-node work properly together
db41fce Provide better error message for aggregate-create
6fdd7fa Allow multi_host compute nodes to share dhcp ip
751f638 Add pluggable ServiceGroup monitoring APIs
62c2b23 Add SSL support to utils.generate_glance_url().
e33f14d Truncate large console logs in libvirt.
93df5e5 Move global fixture setup into nova/test.py
24e7146 Add a CONTRIBUTING file.
80a2f39 Cells: Re-add DB model and calls
117faf8 Move sql options to nova.db.sqlalchemy.session
d456ed3 Add missing binary
25822d8 Pin pep8 to 1.3.3
17c14b9 Use CONF.import_opt() for nova.config opts
533e2d4 Remove nova.config.CONF
c6f027f Add the beginnings of the nova-conductor service
d4f1fd2 Remove useless function quota_usage_create
d2c5a0f Compact pre-Grizzly database migrations.
6e6508b Ignore editor backup files.
5d9fc60 Remove nova.flags
e30e18e improve session handling around instance_ methods
19480c7 add instance_type_extra_specs to instances
230d374 Change a toplevel function comment to a docstring.
8b724bf Make ec2_instance_create db method consistant across db apis
4c09a5b Adds documentation for Hyper-V testing
1ea9802 Update api_samples README.rst to use tox
740b709 Allow group='foo' in self.flags() for tests.
05874a8 Make sure instance data is always refreshed
f020d63 Remove gen_uuid()
9b90d85 Isolate tests from the environment variable http_proxy.
5838369 Sync latest code from oslo-incubator.
61340a8 Add DB query to get in-progress migrations.
a21e842 Adds REST API support for Fixed IPs
ee61bcb Added separate bare-metal MySQL DB.
5f7a696 Ban db import from nova/virt
b6daee0 Upgrade pylint version to 0.26.0
51ae2c4 Removes fixed_ip_get_network
1462593 improve session handling around virtual_interfaces
ec0f34d improve sessions for reservation
58ce632 improve session handling around quotas
25418cf Remove custom test assertions.
6b898e0 Add nova option osapi_compute_unique_server_name_scope
522fd3e Switch from FLAGS to CONF in tests
eed5429 Updated scheduler and compute for multiple capabilities.
6910634 Switch from FLAGS to CONF in nova.db
94af3f4 Removed two unused imports.
3ef5294 Remove unused functions.
b6980fd Fixes a bug in nova.utils, due to Windows compatibility issues.
7e97aad improve session handling of dnsdomain_list
f1bc78f Make tox.ini run pep8/hacking checks on bin.
b44083c clean up dnsdomain_unregister
8b1d8c1 Make utils.mkfs() set label when fs=swap
ae6c9d2 Remove nova-volume DB
efdcd33 Make instance_system_metadata load with instance
ff6dcd9 Remove unused function require_instance_exists
d2d9e98 Fix warnings found with pyflakes.
066ff31 make utils.mkfs() more general
4d4496a Cleanup nova.db.sqlalchemy.api import
3b2aecc Use uuidutils.is_uuid_like for uuid validation
78fb6f5 Switch from FLAGS to CONF in misc modules
52e97a8 Move parse_args to nova.config
42f5eb1 improve sessions around floating_ip_get_by_address
8c5dd1f Improve EC2 describe_security_groups performance
60f2a10 Increased MAC address range to reduce conflicts
055c3de Move to a more canonicalized output from qemu-img info.
00f0c2e Add call to reset quota usage
87a6ed4 Remove nose detailed error reporting.
8196dce improve sessions around compute_node_*
ccd409f Use testtools as the base testcase class.
c703d26 removes the nova-volume code from nova
0444b7a remove session parameter from fixed_ip_get
338020d Make instance_get_all() not require admin context
13f8a36 Fix nova-network MAC collision logic
2fc5f8e Make nova-rootwrap optional
f693509 Fix hardcoded topic strings with constants.
9b9ab98 Update common.
0777398 Remove unused imports in setup.py
502a5bd Migrate to fileutils and lockutils.
d280655 Migrate network of an instance
7547d70 Remove deprecated root_helper config
3d4c45c Remove is_admin_context from sqlalchemy.api
140f2d6 SanISCSIDriver SSH execution fixes.
096d940 Fix bad Log statement in nova-manage
5cde636 Move mkfs from libvirt.utils to utils
785d732 Add trove classifiers for PyPI
72dd68a Fix and enable pep8 E502, E712
6e9f12c read_deleted snapshot and volume id mappings.
06367c1 Set read_deleted='yes' for instance_id_mappings.
d7511af Add TestCase.stub_module to make stubbing modules easier
e870432 Update tools hacking for pep8 1.2 and beyond
ac79d90 Remove outdated moduleauthor tags
06c31bc Add aggregates extension to API samples test.
ecbec44 Remove TestCase.assertNotRaises
ceb7975 Revert "Add full test environment."
9f32c04 Fixes error message for flavor-create duplicate ID
6cd1b95 Updated code to update attach_time of a volume while detaching
7814d07 Deleting security group does not mark rules as deleted
5281526 Collect more accurate bandwidth data for XenServer
f24e149 Clarify dangerous use of exceptions in unit tests
62f6d0c Restore SIGPIPE default action for subprocesses
abe9723 Fix bugs in resource tracker and cleanup
ab8ddbd Properly create and delete Aggregates
5702d0f No stack trace on bad nova aggregate-* command
b85b232 Fix aggregate_hosts.host migration for sqlite
d30f07e Fix marker pagination for /servers
c593403 Fix doc/README.rst to render properly
40c61b7 make ensure_default_security_group() call sgh
5ca8657 Adds new volume API extensions
758a389 Include volume_metadata with object on vol create
67ae730 Add man pages
0202100 Clean up handling of project_only in network_get
9839dae Add README for doc folder
caa27f7 Return 400 if create volume snapshot force parameter is invalid
c9b1a47 Make ip block splitting a bit more self documenting.
517e84a Add documentation for scheduler filters scope
a852c2f Improve floating IP delete speed.
50a0a41 Set install_requires in setup.py.
8741014 Stop lock decorator from leaving tempdirs in tests
af7202a Implement paginate query use marker in nova-api
7e1a36c Fix synchronized decorator path cleanup
d7278cf Add scope to extra_specs entries
f0379d5 Speed up creating floating ips.
3685fc2 Fixes sqlalchemy.api.compute_node_get_by_host
02edb47 Address race condition from concurrent task state update
ce19e23 Clear up the .gitignore file
31e10ec hacking: Add driver prefix recommendation.
cbb9668 External locking for image caching.
210d09c Do not run pylint by default
0260f42 Correct utils.execute() to check 0 in check_exit_code
b8e38f5 Add ops to aggregate_instance_extra_specs filter.
f9bf7d8 Implement project specific flavors API
f352c19 Move ensure_tree to utils
fd22a3a Rename class_name to project_id
b7c27fd Remove unused permitted_instance_types
142c9f1 Add lintstack error checker based on pylint
3f2c6b6 Adding indexes to frequently joined database columns.
099cfa5 Adds integration testing for api samples
80ea449 Make instance_update_and_get_original() atomic
5eb4aa7 Remove unused instance id-to-uuid function
b63136d Have compute_node_get() join 'service'
0cb8ed9 Implements sending notification on metadata change
c512534 Code clean up
0e99c4d Keep the ComputeNode model updated with usage
6f227f2 Makes sure instance deletion ok with deleted data
a1bcd8c OpenStack capitalization added to HACKING.rst
d95adb4 Makes sure tests don't leave lockfiles around
0c6b105 Disable I18N in Nova's test suites
a5ead62 Revert per-user-quotas
c2ab4be Remove unused imports
b0ee997 Fix PEP8 issues
a2090cf Fix spelling typos
cd120cd Ignoring *.sw[op] files
684f2be Adds Hyper-V support in nova-compute (with new network_info model), including unit tests
aeeea39 Allow nova to guess device if not passed to attach
ec17dd5 Remove assigned, but unused variables from nova/db/sqlalchemy/api.py
24144ab Improve bw_usage_update() performance
9e58f5c Update extra specs calls to use deleted: False.
00b03e9 Implement network association in OS API
f356a68 import module, not type.
e5b9d0b Make sure ec2 mapping raises proper exceptions
4d8485f Sync some cleanups from openstack.common
7aef2b6 Revert "Remove unused add_network_to_project() method"
c1ca9eb Uniqueness checks for floating ip addresses.
c5507a9 Add a 50 char git title limit test to hacking.
3b626a5 General host aggregates part 2
a26415e Update devref for general host aggregates
b22a687 Move results filtering to  db.
43f40cc Improve external locking on Windows
1a3586d Solve possible race in semaphor creation
6dd5c00 Adds per-user-quotas support for more detailed quotas management
85ba86a Move root_helper deprecation warning into execute.
5996457 Flavor extra specs extension use instance_type id
4169a35 Simplify file hashing
30c8072 Remove old exception type
4cdfe5e Improve external lock implementation
c564b35 Fix broken pep8 exclude processing.
e5d33bc Update reset_db to call setup if _DB is None.
6198c53 Remove unused imports
6438474 Fix a comment typo in db api
eefd366 Fix issue with filtering where a value is unicode.
c818461 Deprecate root_helper in favor of rootwrap_config
6c01c45 Prevent instance_info_cache from being altered post instance
63783e9 Convert virtual_interfaces to using instance_uuid.
f9ed18e reduce debugging from utils.trycmd()
2d3b369 Add a link from HACKING to wiki GitCommitMessages page
b7816e5 Make compute only auto-confirm its own instances
b5fd9ae Don't store system_metadata in xenstore
1189588 Only enforce valid uuids if a uuid is passed.
6827649 Call correct implementation for quota_destroy_all_by_project
4082c5b Convert fixed_ips to using instance_uuid.
ae52349 Inject instance metadata into xenstore
f2bbd3c Allow floating IP pools to be deleted
e590650 Fix a bug in compute_node_statistics
db00c47 Add call to get hypervisor statistics
db81384 Fix wrong regex in cleanup_file_locks.
20100bc Remove unused add_network_to_project() method
ebb617b Updates migration 111 to work w/ Postgres.
89cb459 Remove unnecessary use of with_lockmode
9503443 Fix SQL deadlock in quota reservations
d2469bf remove unused clauses[] variable
1ae8903 Return 413 status on over-quota in the native API.
8bdc4cf Use all deps for tools/hacking.py tests in tox
8281c52 General-host-aggregates part 1.
b140cab Exclude openstack-common from pep8 checks.
95e900c Add SKIP_WRITE_GIT_CHANGELOG to setup.py.
bac8e33 Remove deprecated auth-related db code
4cac7d8 Remove unused find_data_files function in setup.py
474be08 Refactor instance_usage_audit. Add audit tasklog.
0b431ce Avoid lazy-loading errors on instance_type
3f4eb5e Propagate setup.py change from common.
3966682 Removed a bunch of cruft files.
91d5f08 Update common setup code to latest.
4f4da15 Implements updating complete bw usage data
44dfeea This patch stops metadata from being deleted when an instance is deleted.
894c323 sort .gitignore for readability
11658e3 ignore project files for eclipse/pydev
f5bf766 Add *.egg* to .gitignore
277d3a8 Finish AUTHORS transition.
f0b1355 Modifies ec2/cloud to be able to use Cinder
657b6c4 Expand HACKING with commit message guidelines
1776e3f Switch to common logging.
9be02a4 Run hacking tests as part of the gate.
b137a4b Ability to read deleted system metadata records.
be0e760 Remove passing superfluous read_deleted argument
6e04816 Flesh out the README file with a little more useful information
47da664 Implement blueprint ec2-id-compatibilty.
87b0455 Add multi-process support for API services
a6c716a Use setuptools-git plugin for MANIFEST.
c58d142 Add missing nova-novncproxy to tarballs
8a049f0 Rename the instance_id column in instance_info_caches.
d4e13d7 Add hypervisor information extension.
6629a2d Cleanup of image service code
c63a341 Fix several PEP-8 issues
bd9fb0a Fix db calls for snaphsot and volume mapping
929f3c8 Removes utils.logging_error (no longer used)
68f9169 Removes utils.fetch_file (no longer used).
9b0b407 Improve filter_scheduler performance
26e9515 Re-factor instance DB creation
591a027 Add full test environment.
7abe809 vm state and task state management
4ad8b66 Update pylint/pep8 issues jenkins job link
dffc3d2 SM volume driver: DB changes and tests
936b4a8 Imports cleanup
102247d Enforce an instance uuid for instance_test_and_set.
7a1a6d0 Replaces functions in utils.py with openstack/common/timeutils.py
f38e51b Add CPU arch filter scheduler support
c9f252c Cleanup instance_update so it only takes a UUID.
1e54f03 Re-add private _compute_node_get call to sql api.
5048e11 Remove unused DB calls
8188b34 Remove utils.deprecated functions.
8428894 instance_destroy now only takes a uuid.
9f42135 Finalize tox config.
983a376 Convert consoles to use instance uuid.
a3b7f33 Add zeromq driver. Implements blueprint zeromq-rpc-driver
6ac515a Prefix all nova binaries with 'nova-'.
c9b1fab Migrate security_group_instance_association to use a uuid to refer to instances.
5c1122c Migrate instance_metadata to use a uuid to refer to instances.
03de47e Adds `disabled` field for instance-types.
4f59a5e Revert "blueprint <multi-process-api-service>"
4c5ea69 Use openstack.common.cfg.CONF.
f9940c2 Unused imports cleanup (folsom-2)
39745b2 blueprint <multi-process-api-service>
5743c12 convert virt drivers to fully dynamic loading
fe70859 Remove duplicate words in comments
f8ec055 Eliminate a race condition on instance deletes.
995a6c9 Backslash continuation removal (Nova folsom-2)
e1c96b3 Update .gitignore
cbfcd97 Move queue_get_for() from db to rpc.
30afcb3 Use cfg's new global CONF object
5787625 Add attach_time for EC2 Volumes
5e8de0c fixing issue with db.volume_update not returning the volume_ref
ecb6cf7 Grammar fixes.
386d092 Grammar / spelling corrections
f57af26 Run coverage tests via xcover for jenkins.
f148539 Use utils.utcnow rather than datetime.utcnow
201ba7b Expose a limited networks API for users
5891d02 Added a instance state update notification
46f9fc2 Update pep8 dependency to v1.1
4002c80 Nail pep8 dependencies to 1.0.1.
e55319f Add scheduler filter: TypeAffinityFilter
b27e2fc Finish quota refactor.
c054295 Include volume-usage-audit in tarballs
aef9b6b Use cfg's new behavior of reset() clearing overrides
7f89d4f fixed_ip_get_by_address read_deleted from context
af67486 Rearchitect quota checking to partially fix bug 938317.
c46c5a7 Make use of openstack.common.jsonutils.
f7dc86a Alphabetize imports
0e6c9d5 Adding notifications for volumes
5f86983 Destroy system metadata when destroying instance
e65c6f8 Use ConfigOpts.find_file() to find paste config
6710714 Remove instance Foreign Key in volumes table, replace with instance_uuid
c1cac2b Remove old flagfile support.
f2d06d1 Defer image_ref update to manager on rebuild
d9837bf Remove instance action logging mechanism
968f644 pylint cleanup
284ee57 Allow sitepackages on jenkins.
fd298ac Replaces exceptions.Error with NovaException
9b8b7e4 Register fake flags with rpc init function.
e028a7d Generate a Changelog for Nova
740919a Add instance_system_metadata modeling.
e0b072d Use ConfigOpts.find_file() to locate policy.json
1a53cc6 Implement key pair quotas.
9a9a0f2 Compact pre-Folsom database migrations.
ab0a224 Use save_and_reraise_exception() from common.
eb20c37 Convert Volume and Snapshot IDs to use UUID
af66806 adjust logging levels for utils.py
4032833 Migrate block_device_mapping to use instance uuids.
7ec8f66 Removes RST documentation and moves it to openstack-manuals
7b98c91 Remove workaround for sqlalchemy-migration < 0.6.4
356b4bd Use openstack.common.importutils.
14c0935 Keep uuid with bandwidth usage tracking to handle the case where a MAC address could be recycled between instances.
aba878c Refactor nova.rpc config handling.
b940f89 Improved tools/hacking.py
29699ff Scope coverage report generation to nova module.
b540454 Moves `usage_from_instance` into nova.compute.utils.
29738eb Implement security group quotas.
93a5480 Add deleted_at to instance usage notification.
52d5fb7 Port types and extra specs to volume api
d050372 Renamed current_audit_period function to last_completed_audit_period to clarify its purpose.
4a1a0c5 Improve grammar throughout nova.
fc33af3 Improved localization testing.
54ad9ea Remove nova Direct API
9fc6dff migration_get_all_unconfirmed() now uses lowercase "finished" Fixes bug 977719
8a411aa Run tools/hacking.py instead of pep8 mandatory.
7601d78 Delete fixed_ips when network is deleted
6d1fe37 HACKING fixes, sqlalchemy fix.
466dce3 Cleanup xenapi driver logging messages to include instance
a2293f4 Use -1 end-to-end for unlimited quotas
9cb59f7 Treat -1 quotas as unlimited.
2376ae3 Remove nova.rpc.impl_carrot.
371303f fix TypeError with unstarted threads in nova-network
d63cfdc bug 965335
b875936 Check that volume has no snapshots before deletion
5ab9d65 Fix disassociate query to remove foreign keys
ac94be0 Clean up read_deleted support in host aggregates code
88172b8 ensure atomic manipulation of libvirt disk images
2e4d187 Reordered the alphabet.
e4ddae7 Add periodic_fuzzy_delay option.
96b19d5 Remove unused certificate SQL calls.
4c6c973 Assume migrate module missing __version__ is old
fab38c8 Remove tools/nova-debug
8e027bb Change mycloud.com to example.com (RFC2606).
98c369b Clarify HACKING's shadow built-in guidance.
6501e0b Implement quota classes.
28fe307 Fixes bug 949038
289f4b4 Fixes bug 957708.
6ea67ad Improve performance of generating dhcp leases
a0c0b0c Make sqlite in-memory-db usable to unittest
3ef73d1 Workaround issue with greenthreads and lockfiles
645367a various cleanups
b2be0ee Remove Virtual Storage Array (VSA) code
6887002 db api: Remove check for security groups reference
d80162e Remove broken bin/*spool* tools
80632cb Refix mac change to work around libvirt issue
03a115b Use a FixedIp subquery to find networks by host
5de3d27 Make fixed_ip_disassociate_all_by_timeout work.
e4a1533 Sort results from describe_instances in EC2 API.
4eb108a doc/source/conf.py: Fix man page building
13ee694 Nuke some unused SQL api calls.
a3cdb38 Remove update lockmode from compute_node_get_by_host
efaae39 Clean up setup and teardown for dhcp managers
98acf97 Fix nova-manage backend_add with sr_uuid
a4eadbb Add pybasedir and bindir options
0f9b397 Use a high number for our default mac addresses
6258d9b Remove an obsolete FIXME comment.
556d94f Fix racey snapshots.
a6d689a setup.py: Fix doc building
5829228 Add adjustable offset to audit_period.
a97bde4 Clear created attributes when tearing down tests
be716fd HACKING fixes, all but sqlalchemy.
eaaf4c2 Remove trailing whitespaces in regular file
f46fde9 Bug #943178: aggregate extension lacks documentation
21e3f12 No longer ignoring man/novamanage
869b1c2 Fix rst formatting and cross-references
7853dcd fix restructuredtext formatting in docstrings that show up in the developer guide
54c719f Update fixed_ip_associate to not use relationships
97a0730 Only raw string literals should be used with _()
39222b2 assertRaises(Exception, ...) considered harmful
5b5744f update copyright, add version information to footer
b84e6f6 Refactor spawn to use UndoManager.
e4314e5 Add missing filters for new root commands
a4a9492 Fixes bug 943188
8aa4325 Use constant time string comparisons for auth.
4139b08 Rename zones table to cells and Instance.zone_name to cell_name
d4b55d5 Fixes bug 942549
ed2f79b sm vol driver: Fix regression in sm_backend_conf_update
471845c Add utils.tempdir() context manager for easy temp dirs
960ec69 Do not hit the network_api every poll
2a9e7f3 OS X Support fixed, bug 942352
1185e2b Adds temporary chown to sparse_copy.
291ede3 Fixes cloudpipe extension to work with keystone
3766d61 Add missing directive to tox.ini.
b8f5760 Clean stale lockfiles on service startup : fixes bug 785955
b337b4b Add hypervisor_hostname to compute_nodes table and use it in XenServer.
fc64037 blueprint host-aggregates: improvements and clean-up
97490d3 blueprint host-aggregates: xenapi implementation
fc20f17 Support tox-based unittests.
97acb84 Add attaching state for Volumes
a8e2b07 Escape apostrophe in utils.xhtml_escape() (lp#872450)
c550ff6 nova.conf sample tool
451eab4 Fix traceback running instance-usage-audit
2a2943b Support non-UTC timestamps in changes-since filter
c6b1f5c Allow file logging config
cf86bc4 bug 933620: Error during ComputeManager._poll_bandwidth_usage
709ba80 Make database downgrade works
2fa9c35 Backslash continuations (nova.tests)
f474bb2 Core modifications for future zones service.
d0eedcd Fix API extensions documentation, bug 931516.
1b00613 bw_usage takes a MAC address now.
9048862 Prevent Duplicate VLAN IDs
7b4cbc4 Don't allow EC2 removal of security group in use.
d9021ba Standardize logging delaration and use
1e8edbc Remove the last of the gflags shim layer
c58e4bc Move translations to babel locations.
06d26d1 Get rid of distutils.extra.
5969e0d Use named logger when available
c034e59 Removes constraints from instance and volume types
f2adfc1 Backslash continuations (misc.)
68b25c2 Update cfg from openstack-common
2a21a55 Remove ajaxterm from Nova
829e212 Fix support for --flagfile argument
9ef4661 Fix _poll_bandwidth_usage if no network on vif
ca292e0 Backslash continuations (nova.db)
7415aae Allows nova to read files as root
7603fbc Re-run nova-manage under sudo if unable to read conffile
fce2bf3 Move cfg to nova.openstack.common
53a5f66 blueprint nova-image-cache-management phase1
8e29ebf Fix disassociation of fixed IPs when using FlatManager
43ffe75 Optionally disable file locking.
1ca6273 Avoid weird test error when mox is missing
ea18346 Add support for pluggable l3 backends
bf5b0f5 lockfile.FileLock already appends .lock
3059d31 Ties quantum, melange, and nova network model
ec5fb6b Fix VPN ping packet length.
40ccefa Remove utils.runthis().
80823ed Refactor away the flags.DEFINE_* helpers
43aa985 Remove session arg from sm_backend_conf_update
8e15bdc Remove session arguments from db.api
f8bedd7 blueprint host-aggregates: OSAPI extensions
47ba28e blueprint host-aggregates: OSAPI/virt integration, via nova.compute.api
ccb3c58 Fixes bug 921265 - i'nova-manage flavor create|list'
60a876b Blueprint xenapi-provider-firewall and Bug #915403.
cd3093e Create nova cert worker for x509 support
c710b60 usage: Fix time filtering
d8363ae Add an API extension for creating+deleting flavors
b6f9721 Abstract out _exact_match_filter()
3563a69 Adds a bandwidth filter DB call.
dd65c7d KVM and XEN Disk Management Parity
72d7102 ComputeNode Capacity support
e763ffe Change the logic for deleting a record dns_domains.
0b6a75a Fix nova-manage floating list (fixes bug 918804)
1206886 scheduler host_manager needs service for filters
92e66df Add dns domain manipulation to nova.
db66823 Implements blueprint vnc-console-cleanup
17135ed blueprint host-aggregates
2c97411 Add missing scripts to setup.py (lp#917676)
682b61c Fixes bug 917128
0c90acf Implement BP untie-nova-network-models
1a8f27e Remove a whole bunch of unused imports
caab31e Implements blueprint separate-nova-volumeapi
294e751 Call to instance_info_cache_delete to use uuid
8b98df8 Add @utils.deprecated().
80f6ddf Adds support for floating ip pools
d383ef6 Refactors utils.load_cached_file
94101b6 Workaround bug 852095 without importing mox
8f283c3 Bug #912858: test_authors_up_to_date does not deal with capitalized names properly
f9409a8 Adds workaround check for mox in to_primitive
2922d04 preload cache table and keep it up to date
3127c6d Update HACKING.rst.
b5dad2d Remove install_requires processing.
49e0041 PEP8 type comparison cleanup
f4fb500 Adds running_deleted_instance_reaper task.
4a0e18d Unused db.api cleanup
d176806 PEP8 remove direct type comparisons
0eaacdc Clean up pylint errors in top-level files
ff170ef Ensure generated passwords meet minimum complexity
137aa21 'except:' to 'except Exception:' as per HACKING
7e02b83 Fixes LP bug #907898.
cb155ea Bug#898257 abstract out disk image access methods
d88f837 Make UUID format checking more correct.
7aa816c Document return type from utils.execute().
dff718c Makes disassociate by timeout work with multi-host
1e526af Adds missing joinedload for vif loading.
74c266b Starting work on exposing service functionality.
0addbc4 Fixes bug 723235
197bbc0 Expose Asynchronous Fault entity in the OSAPI
ab8a427 Update utils.execute so that check_exit_code handles booleans. Fixes LP bug #904560.
13e64a9 Fixes bug 887402
9b9da2a Bug 902626
3008185 Renaming instance_actions.instance_id column to instance_uuid. blueprint: internal-uuids
a59be78 Moves find config to utils because it is useful
6b51188 fixed_ips by vif does not raise
dcab02f Add preparation for asynchronous instance faults
2099d17 Log it when we get a lock
3160b80 Adds network model and network info cache.
53858e2 Rename .nova-venv to .venv.
b38f7e0 Add ability to see deleted and active records.
53568de A more secure root-wrapper alternative
d6ee853 First steps towards consolidating testing infrastructure
a5c433b Remove remnants of babel i18n infrastructure
81f8837 Remove autogenerated pot file
24833d2 remove duplicate netaddr in nova/utils
ee7213b Adds extension documentation for some but not all extensions
98a33c9 Remove VIF<->Network FK dependancy
5144596 split rxtx_factor into network and instance_type
ab6625b Fix for bug 887712
335bf0e Fix RPC responses to allow None response correctly.
d475192 removed logic of throwing exception if no floating ip
b210c75 Adding an install_requires to the setup call. Now you can pip install nova on a naked machine.
fb7260f Removing obsolete bzr-related clauses in setup.py
32c528e Updating {add,remove}_security_group in compute.api to use instance uuids instead of instance ids. blueprint internal-uuids
da7bc7f Converted README to RST format.
8686eb6 Follow hostname RFCs
997829e Remove contrib/nova.sh and other stale docs.
4be4210 Separate metadata api into its own service
c6fa2b7 Log the URL to an image_ref and not just the ID.
f26fae3 Verify security group parameters
137fab4 More spelling fixes inside of nova
da86c16 Refactor logging_error into utils
ae2a368 Add DHCP support to the QuantumManager and break apart dhcp/gateway
00016e3 Added some documentation to db.api module docstring.
a6e1e38 Xen Storage Manager Volume Driver
5dcf71a flatten distributed scheduler
eeecf35 Creating uuid -> id mapping for S3 Image Service
dc1d040 Fixes lp883279
3acbf64 Log original dropped exception when a new exception occurs
b56dd3e Fix lp:861160 -- newly created network has no uuid
e141506 Adding bulk create fixed ips. The true issue here is the creation of IPs in the DB that are not currently used(we are building the entire block). This fix is just a bandaid, but it does cut ~25 seconds off of the quantum tests on my laptop.
8a541f6 Revert how APIs get IP address info for instances
412f112 Replaces all references to nova.db.api with nova.db
40397c0 Add .gitreview config file for gerrit.
684a84c Convert instancetype.flavorid to string
2fc769e Improve the liveness checking for services
7c83b75 Repartition and resize disk when marked as managed.
2e52ffc Remove dead DB API call.
7bb73a6 Remove unused flag_overrides from TestCase
acc5488 Xenapi driver can now generate swap from instance_type
f60d3ef Adds the ability to automatically issue a hard reboot to instances that have been stuck in a 'rebooting' state for longer than a specified window.
697cfec Adds more usage data to Nova's usage notifications.
427ce26 Remove AoE, Clean up volume code
db69ed2 Include original exception in ClassNotFound exception
6915d1e Allow db schema downgrades
9f6acdf moved floating ip db access and sanity checking from network api into network manager added floating ip get by fixed address added fixed_ip_get moved floating ip testing from osapi into the network tests where they belong
8573160 Adding run_test.sh artifacts to .gitignore
bec6403 Fix the grantee group loading for source groups
1a0c983 Fix some minor issues due to premature merge of original code.
6248bd3 * Rework osapi to use network API not FK backref * Fixes lp854585
387594c Adding OSAPI tests for flavor filtering
10baa29 Adding flavor filtering
425ee80 floating ip could have no project and we should allow access
68b79db actions on floating IPs in other projects for non-admins should not be allowed.
3d8502c floating_ip_get_by_address should check user's project_id
49ac70f Pep8 fixes
0605a51 Refactoring instance_type_get_all
2597b7c Fixed unit tests with some minor refactoring.
c8648a3 Removed the extra code added to support filtering instances by instance uuids. Instead, added 'uuid' to the list of exact_filter_match names. Updated the caller to add 'uuid: uuid_list' to the filters dictionary, instead of passing it in as another argument. Updated the ID to UUID mapping code to return a dictionary, which allows the caller to be more efficient... It removes an extra loop there. A couple of typo fixes.
5f54bcb Corrected the status in DB call.
73109ce remove unused import
1186a48 remove the polymorph
73efd1b Make sure grantee_group is eagerly loaded.
94ae037 revert last change
f12926a build the query with the query builder
bb0a999 update db api for split filterings searches
f4d7e1a Adding progress
c1237fc 0 for the instance id is False ;)
9aa2177 fix up the filtering so it does not return duplicates if both the network and the db filters match
693066b Initial pass at automatically confirming resizes after a given window.
6708ca1 get all the vifs
7c89e0b get all the vifs
3771928 remove the vif joins, some dead code, and the ability to take in some instances for filtering
8c6c251 allow passing in of instances already
3409216 makes sure floating addresses are associated with host on associate so they come back
b4efdb1 PEP8 cleanups
5503444 working on getting tests back
9403d4e pep8 fixes
0873840 converting fix to just address ec2; updating test
f9431a1 adding can_read_deleted back to db api
23f90a9 revert codes for db
e6ab171 correct a method to collect instances from db add interface data to test
d193081 format for pep8
272fcf9 implement unit test for linux_net
97b2d1b Fix bug #835919 that output a option file for dnsmasq not to offer a default gateway on second vif.
a75101e feedback from jk0's review, including removing a lot of spaces from docstrings
e5e2d0b Fix for LP Bug #839269
d976fdc Fix for LP Bug #838251
56ceb6f Removed extraneous import and s/vm_state.STOP/vm_states.STOPPED/
1d15b2c make two functions instead of fast flag and add compute api commands instead of hitting db directly
a72cac7 changing default sort to created_at
3389c3f supporting changes-since
ba2b375 support the extra optional arguments for msg to assertIn and assertNotIn
1664ce7 fix for assertIn and assertNotIn use which was added in python 2.7.  this makes things work on 2.6 still
9fd5d53 restore fixed_ip_associate_pool in nova/db/sqlalchemy.py to its original form before this branch.  Figured out how to make unit tests pass without requiring that this function changes
ef206ac use 'uuid' field in networks table rather than 'bridge'.  Specify project_id when creating instance in unit test
655bd7a use db layer for aggregation
52e9772 VSA code redesign. Drive types completely replaced by Volume types
8d9735d review feedback
a865772 added new tables to list of DBs in migration.py
698ddef added Openstack APIs for volume types & extradata
c66eb47 pep8 compliant
b8eb5a6 added volume metadata APIs (OS & volume layers), search volume by metadata & other
c7cdebe Stub out the DB in unit test. Fix 'nova-manage network modify' to use db.network_update()
aa73a57 Removed blank line
3c73639 Fixed typo and docstring and example class name
ed128cd pulling all qmanager changes into a branch based on trunk, as they were previously stacked on top of melange
9242ed8 initial cut on volume type APIs
2dd09c6 Added Test Code, doc string, and fixed pip-requiresw
be50cb5 Fix pep8
9c7184e delete debug code.
fc7fc16 Use 'vm_state' instead of 'state' in instance filters query.
287cba2 Add 'nova-manage network modify' command.
801dbca Fixed review comments
b360a8a Fixed typo
27f056e Added monkey patching notification code function w
c878c58 Fixes primitive with builtins, modules, etc
98f2514 added volume metadata. Fixed test_volume_types_extra_specs
d7ff7b1 added unittests for volume_extra_data
85cd925 first cut on types & extra-data (only DB work, no tests)
20a4630 Updated a number of items to pave the way for new states.
3bcc10c Make all services use the same launching strategy
18b5c50 Pep8 fixes.
33ec090 Split set state into vm, task, and power state functions.
b277c19 Added uuid for networks and made changes to the Create server API format to accept network as uuid instead of id
7afc088 making get project quotas require context which has access to the project/tenant)
99ac11d fix bug which DescribeInstances in EC2 api was returning deleted instances
d5fc3ec have NetworkManager generate MAC address and pass it to the driver for plugging.  Sets the stage for being able to do duplicate checks on those MACs as well.
6f1e5fa Added add securitygroup to instance and remove securitygroup from instance functionality
ea2f533 join virtual_interfaces.instance for DB queries for instances.  updates instance_get_all to match instance_get_all_by_filters.
2a19e16 moved vsa_id to metadata. Added search my meta
903797e Added search instance by metadata. get_all_by_filters should filter deleted
5caf445 tenant_id -> project_id
adcf45c Pass py_modules=[] to setup to avoid installing run_tests.py as a top-level module.
99b48ad Dropped vsa_id from instances
d751004 use correct variable name
d7947f6 updating tests; fixing create output; review fixes
6e02575 Rename sudo_helper FLAG into root_helper
d9c7ced Command args can be a tuple, convert them to list
2eafe0a Fix usage of sudo -E and addl_env in dnsmasq/radvd calls, remove addl_env support, fix fake_execute allowed kwargs
f15381f Use close_fds by default since it's good for you
dd70813 Fix ajaxterm's use of shell=True, prevent vmops.py from running its own version of utils.execute
cc5be92 Fixing a bug in nova.utils.novadir()
2534430 making server metadata work functionally
3690ab5 cleaning up instance metadata api code
608af35 remove obsolete script from setup.py
ca7dc0b Refactored code to reduce lines of code and changed method signature
82d36be Allow actions queries by UUID and PEP8 fixes.
77a073b pep8 violations sneaking into trunk?
2e584f7 Add run_as_root parameter to utils.execute, uses new sudo_helper FLAG to prefix command
53c9aed Remove spurious direct use of subprocess
df84379 utilized functools.wraps
2f06b3e remove storing original flags verbosity
06a89e0 remove set_flags_verbosity.. it's not needed
de574ce Conditionals were not actually runing the tests when they were supposed to. Renamed example testcases
22ea7bc Remove instances of the "diaper pattern"
ca55016 Initial version
6103ace switch FLAGS.* = in tests to self.flags(...) remove unused cases of FLAGS from tests modified test.TestCase's flags() to allow multiple overrides added missing license to test_rpc_amqp.py
67f36b2 more cleanup of API tests regarding FLAGS
5fb2bf7 Resolved pep8 errors
a6359d1 fix failing tests
6f1a892 fix pylint errors
892b455 removing compute monitor
87fa397 Added @test.skip_unless and @test.skip_if functionality. Also created nova/tests/test_skip_examples.py to show the skip cases usage.
8418474 initial commit of vif-plugging for network-service interfaces
748a063 FlavorNotFound already existed, no need to create another exception.
282fc10 You see what happens Danny when you forget to close the parenthesis
8c395d4 allow getting by the cidr_v6
aa77054 made the whole instance handling thing optional
a38ab83 Use the util.import_object to import a module.
a5587aa added instance support to to_primitive and tests
7558f4f Use utils.utcnow. Use True instead of literal 1
0d170dc some minor cosmetic work. addressed some dead code section
3952b3e fix undefined variable errors
87768da fix call to nonexistant method to_global_ipv6. Add myself to authors file
1bb976d Implements a simplified messaging abstraction with the least amount of impact to the code base.
29d71b2 VSA volume creation/deletion changes
d74af9a some cleanup. VSA flag status changes. returned some files
cb6dca8 db/api: fix network_get_by_cidr()
9062a93 db/api: block_device_mapping_update_or_create()
479bdaa Reverted volume driver part
53a0226 pass in the right argument
ff06d77 start removing references to AuthManager
ead6b10 change context to maintain exact time, store roles, use ids instead of objects and use a uuid for request_id
31995a7 Updated the compute API so that has_finished_migration uses instance_uuid. Fixes some regressions with 1295-1296.
339e6a4 allow 2 dns servers to be specified on network create
f1d03c7 Reverted to original code, after network binding to project code is in integration code for testing new extension will be added
3d8bf63 Fixes lp813006 - inconsistent DB API naming
0e2209c pep8 cleanup
838a543 adding fixed_ipv6 property to VirtualInterface model; exposing ipv6 in api
12b13f8 fix issues that were breaking vlan mode
c477d0d added missing instance_get_all_by_vsa
0cdd43a VSA: first cut. merged with 1279
c49fb2e added integrated unit testcases and minor fixes
e114b4b First pass
4189855 updating testing; simplifying instance-level code
0771188 adding test; casting instance to dict to prevent sqlalchemy errors
dbeb5d3 add optional parameter networks to the Create server OS API
90b9d8a fix tests
ed40840 make sure that old networks get the same dhcp ip so we don't break existing deployments
341c298 cleaned up on set network host to _setup_network and made networks allocate ips dynamically
81c3ec8 image/fake: added teardown method
fa3f7f3 removed extra comment
05b19ef merge code i'd split from instance_get_fixed_addresses_v6 that's no longer needed to be split
3bfd80e rename _check_servers_options, add some comments and small cleanup in the db get_by_filters call
6073241 convert filter value to a string just in case before running re.compile
b719a2f pep8 fixes
2996604 test fixes.. one more to go
739be1f test fixes and typos
4955a60 typos
dc26f97 cleanup checking of options in the API before calling compute_api's get_all()
feaf063 a lot of major re-work.. still things to finish up
8a876f7 missing doc strings for fixed_ip calls I renamed
ef8a8b8 pep8 fixes
fc26849 added searching by 'image', 'flavor', and 'status' reverted ip/ip6 searching to be admin only
bd66122 compute's get_all should accept 'name' not 'display_name' for searching Instance.display_name. Removed 'server_name' searching.. Fixed DB calls for searching to filter results based on context
f49aae0 clean up checking for exclusive search options fix a cut n paste error with instance_get_all_by_name_regexp
8ddc869 fix bugs with fixed_ip returning a 404 instance searching needs to joinload more stuff
adf863b added searching by instance name added unit tests
9e87acc pep8 fixes
8121764 Replace 'like' support with 'regexp' matching done in python.  Since 'like' would result in a full table scan anyway, this is a bit more flexible. Make search options and matching a little more generic Return 404 when --fixed_ip doesn't match any instance, instead of a 500 only when the IP isn't in the FixedIps table.
f2e20f8 update tests
244bfdb add ability to set multi_host in nova-manage and remove debugging issues
4f600c6 pass in dhcp server address, fix a bunch of bugs
cb91e71 make sure to filter out ips associated by host and add some sync for allocating ip to host
ae2baf2 First round of changes for ha-flatdhcp.
f16ad1e properly displays addresses in each network, not just public/private; adding addresses attribute to server entities
dc82750 Found some additional fixed_ip. entries in the Intance model contest that needed to be updated
a640c27 Changed fixed_ip.network to be fixed_ips.network, which is the correct DB field
1581139 refactored instance type code
3460017 Update the fixed_ip_disassociate_all_by_timeout in nova.db.api so that it supports Postgres. Fixes casting errors on postgres with this function.
f3984ac fix issue of recurse_zones not being converted to bool properly add bool_from_str util call add test for bool_from_str slight rework of min/max_count check
e8fb886 Refactored usage generation
1a10748 pep8 fix
06962bb Re-merging code for generating system-usages to get around bzr merge braindeadness.
5977f93 small formatting change
e605c58 Added nova.version to utils.py
9539bdf fixed pep style
bd54e98 review issues fixed
7d55a00 only create the db if it doesn't exist, add an option -r to run_tests.py to delete it
6f58bc5 PEP8 fix
89fe6d5 pep8
373d3bf Updated _dict_with_extra_specs docstring
ea54d5a Renamed _inst_type_query_to_dict -> _dict_with_extra_specs.
de75a85 added disassociate method to tests
19fd409 some tests and refactoring
6e791eb Unwind last commit, force anyjson to use our serialization methods.
e7b9589 Now automatically populates the instance_type dict with extra_specs upon being retrieved from the database.
8fa668a Created Bootstrapper to handle Nova bootstrapping logic.
b032605 updated the way vifs/fixed_ips are deallocated and their relationships, altered lease/release fixed_ip
4163b9e Returned code to original location
4a10128 added virtual_interface_update method
b989861 added fixed ip filtering by null virtual interface_id to network get associated fixed ips
85f9ad4 fixed ip gets now have floating IPs correctly loaded
1db6fb7 fix some issues with flags and logging
99c5757 api/ec2, boot-from-volume: an unit test for describe instances
5ff5cff db/block_device_mapping/api: introduce update_or_create
fae5eb9 fixed zone update
3f06f5e some libvirt multi-nic just to get it to work, from tushar
6d95e0d Filter out datetime fields from instance_type
c08c1be updated the exceptions around virtual interface creation, updated flatDHCP manager comment
35019ef Cleanup and addition of tests for WSGI server.
b43f693 Cleanup of the cleanup.
015ea5a Cleaned up nova-api binary and logging a bit.
28e5291 General cleanup and refactor of a lot of the API/WSGI service code.
8451090 Adding tests for is_uuid_like
64a6a79 updated fixed ip and floating ip exceptions
c5d3aa5 moving instance existance logic down to api layer
2305ac6 bunch of docstring changes
686a483 Rename: intance_type_metadata -> instance_type_extra_specs
e3175aa erroneous self in virtual_interface_delete_by_instance() sqlalchemy api
e0b5fa7 Renaming to _build_instance_get
5124edf First implementation of FloatingIpController
1ea3595 syntax
4a8ad21 Added metadata joinedloads
87c32d9 Prep-work to begin on reroute_compute
f4ef3e3 Adding uuid test
5d57455 Pep8 Fixes
0af62de Adding UUID test
8d8942f db/block_device_mapping_get_all_by_instance: don't raise.
efeb93f PEP8 cleanups
22a1483 pep8
6cb9e50 typo
0ddfc35 net base project id now from context, removed incorrect floatnig ip host assignment
6313777 fix method chaining in database layer to pass right parameters.
0eb86b4 Add a method to delete provider firewall rules.
100bd3b block migration feature added
75519dc floating ips can now move around the network hosts
1fb7c23 forgot a comma
acd5e74 misc argument alterations
3d3a812 Add some docstrings for new agent build DB functions
387246d Record architecture of image for matching to agent build later. Add code to automatically update agent running on instance on instance creation.
bf10c8d updated docstring for nova-manage network create
51a4472 removed network_info shims in vmops
334955c pep8
7d52865 take out the host
680af42 Use True/False instead of 1/0 when setting updating 'deleted' column attributes.Fixes casting issues when running nova with Postgres.
73b629b Change to a more generic error and update documentation.
2e30358 Fixed incorrect exception
db5f744 Set pylint to ignore correct lines that it could not determine were correct, due to the means by which eventlet.green imported subprocess Minimized the number of these lines to ignore
3c8bb25 make all uses of utcnow use our testable utils.utcnow
8c3d583 small fixes
684f263 Use a new instance_metadata_delete_all DB api call to delete existing metadata when updating a server.
b7cb028 pep8 fixes
b48453f Updates so that 'name' can be updated when doing a OS API v1.1 rebuild. Fixed issue where metadata wasn't getting deleted when an empty dict was POST'd on a rebuild.
6cc239d Use metadata variable when calling _metadata_refs.
8464b56 Fixes to the SQLAlchmeny API such that metadata is saved on an instance_update. Added integration test to test that instance metadata is updated on a rebuild.
ccb8221 Fixing pep8 problems
5a4be5b Modified instance_type_create to take metadata
ed5fb12 Added test for instance type metadata update
5cf3cbf Adding accessor methods for instance type metadata
6844181 Fix a description of 'snapshot_name_template'.
706b48b compute: implement ec2 stop/start instances
f16c341 db: add a table for block device mapping
5759eff Rename instances.image_id to instances.image_ref.
b1d7759 Virt tests passing while assuming the old style single nics
c5075cb remove dead/duplicate code.
b156b3e Added test skipper class
d2868fd cleanup the code for merging
5f444f9 lots of fixes for rpc and extra imports
4c765ee almost everything working with fake_rabbit
fcd8d2a Fixing divergence
1ae339a need to return the ref
4505713 many tests pass now
563c84c uhhh yea
cb9d67a make sure to get a results, not the query
54d7fa6 Renaming service_image_id vars to image_id to reduce confusion. Also some minor cleanup.
bcd7ff6 port the current create_networks over to the new network scheme
9106c8d moved utils functions into nova/image/
6aa0237 Removing utils.is_int()
aa21525 Fixed some tests.
a1eadb0 waldon's naming feedback
0e33b1f updated the hypervisors and ec2 api to support receiving lists from pluralized mac_addresses and fixed_ips
87a5fba Fix comments.
b14045d default to port 80 if it isnt in the href/uri
2a57dbe get real absolute limits in openstack api and verify absolute limit responses
ce90f2e fix pep8 issues
5d51225 fixed QuotaTestCases
2ac3097 fixed ComputeTestCase tests
543e45f made ImageControllerWithGlanceServiceTests pass
c8a3ab9 get integrated server_tests passing
f1a59d8 Removed all utils.import_object(FLAGS.image_service) and replaced with utils.get_default_image_service().
988ea15 added is_int function to utils
44cdaba Pep8 fixes
1246ade updates to utils methods, initial usage in images.py
300f629 added util functions to get image service
3a03c7a Adding fill first cost function
6235aa4 add ram limits to instance quotas
59eaf53 Added missing metadata join to instance_get calls.
cf82505 updated the mac_address delete function to actually delete the rows, and update fixed_ips
04f6b46 added |fixed_ip_get_all_by_mac_address| and |mac_address_get_by_fixed_ip| to db and sqlalchemy APIs
151df71 fixed_ip disassociate now also unsets mac_address_id
04c8942 Make sure imports are in alphabetical order
2b293f7 if a LoopingCall has canceled the loop, break out early instead of sleeping any more than needed
3b9a4be misc related network manager refactor and cleanup
6096c9d rename quota column to 'hard_limit' to make it simpler to avoid collisions with sql keyword 'limit'
0222751 Implement IPv6 address generation that includes account identifier
978b474 oops fixed a docstring
8c4b8ea more filter alignment
f85fd7e align filters on query
0a1eee9 Abstract out IPv6 address generation to pluggable backends
0ab71f1 fix mismerge by 1059
98053f7 convert quota table to key-value
1f5a82f looking for default flagfile
5c0445f converted 1/0 comparison to True/False for Postgres compatibility
c370099 further cleanup of nova/exceptions.py
5c40009 added eagerloading mac adddresses for instance
d6e7d89 Make the import of distutils.extra non-mandatory in setup.py. Just print a warning that i18n commands are not available...
5c88341 pep8
889e0e1 adding gettext to setup.py
cedf7a7 Rework completed. Added test cases, changed helper method name, etc.
cc7c603 Addressing exception.NotFound across the project
0d93c92 eager loaded mac_address attributes for mac address get functions
9a2367b commit to push for testing
427c9f2 Utility method reworked, etc.
9e6a0da cleanups per code review
f0d763f docstring cleanup, nova dir
0677899 docstring cleanup, nova/db dir
b7557e4 Fixes cloudpipe to get the proper ip address.
0f134de Add support for creating a snapshot of a nova volume with euca-create-snapshot.
dbb31c6 Add support for creating a snapshot of a nova volume with euca-create-snapshot.
012e673 use 'is not None' instead of '!= None'
7c06e85 not performing floating ip operation with auto allocated ips
b703ff1 Updated following to RIck's comments.
13d76f5 Blushed up a little bit.
f45aa20 migaration and pep8 fixes
8debc41 network manager changes, compute changes, various other
a784905 Floating ips auto assignment
490cee1 Blush up a bit.
2ff0257 pep8 cleanup.
8bc3628 Enable RightAWS style signing on server_string without port number portion.
cbaa300 Add a find_data_files method to setup.py. Use it to get tools/ installed under /usr/(local/)/share/nova
8ff2bef Allow CA code and state to be separated, and make sure CA code gets installed by setup.py install.
7f3704c Refactor so that instances.instance_type is now instances.instance_type_id.
d3060cf Added updated_at field to update statement according to Jay's comment.
8a98ad7f Implement quotas for the new v1.1 server metadata controller. Modified the compute API so that metadata is a dict (not an array) to ensure we are using unique key values for metadata. This is isn't explicit in the SPECs but it is implied by the new v1.1 spec since PUT requests modify individual items.
7975c46 Added synchronize_session parameter to a query in fixed_ip_disassociate_all_by_timeout() and fix #735974.
e50d547 add nova-vncproxy to setup.py
6922441 port the objectstore tests to the new tests
46be2e3 update test base class to monkey patch wsgi
a496678 style and spacing  fixed
c5915b0 change names for consistency with existing db api
4ee6a61 Small refactor
96d27bf Better method name
4b53a9c small fix
7fdc143 Added docstring
c89c516 migration gateway_v6 to network_info
771b689 fix utils.execute retries for osx
8705fed Automatically unrescue instances after a given timeout
81136c9 Unit test cleanup
4df092d id -> instance_id
c4cda23 Filtering images by user_id now
1665fe4 Added space in between # and TODO in #TODO
72ae909 Renamed check_instance -> check_isinstance to make intent clearer
adb1700 Fix some crypto strangeness (\n in file_name field of certificates, wrong IMPL method for certificate_update).
0b4cec5 pep8 and fixed up zone-list
d8a4d64 Pep8 fix
6e2042d Adding BASE_IMAGE_ATTRS to ImageService
2688074 Merge stuff
51ad200 Changed default for disabled on service_get_all to None. Changed calls to service_get_all so that the results should still be as they previously were.
72cd9b1 Remove unused global semaphore.
e8cabdc When updating or creating set 'delete = 0'. (thus reactivating a deleted row) Filter by 'deleted' on delete.
2deef65 Make synchronized decorator not leak semaphores, at the expense of not being truly thread safe (but safe enough for Eventlet style green threads).
16b06d1 Make synchronized support both external (file based) locks as well as internal (semaphore based) locks. Attempt to make it native thread safe at the expense of never cleaning up semaphores.
9eddc3e fix nova-manage instance_type list for postgres compatibility
9c8a56b uses True/False instead of 1/0 for Postgres compatibility
7143cf4 Fixed 'Undefined variable' errors generated by pylint (E0602).
0914268 disable-msg -> disable
421c51d Implement metadata resource for Openstack API v1.1. Includes:     -GET /servers/id/meta     -POST /servers/id/meta     -GET /servers/id/meta/key     -PUT /servers/id/meta/key     -DELETE /servers/id/meta/key
878b396 Mark instance metadata as deleted when we delete the instance
46e8947 pep8
ecc49b3 cleanup
f5f54b1 moved scheduler API check into db.api decorator
e0440ce foo
7c24288 hurr
849e494 hurr
e1baa1d expanding osapi flavors tests; rewriting flavors resource with view builders; adding 1.1 specific links to flavors resources
7a2b55e Add logging to lock check
e12e3f7 Use random.SystemRandom for easy secure randoms, configurable symbol set by default including mixed-case
65a0ba2 Fixed problem with metadata creation (backported fix)
cef5741 Clarify the logic in using 32 symbols
89e93fe Don't generate insecure passwords where it's easy to use urandom instead
0777fe4 Fixing API per spec, to get unit-tests to pass
2c466ab Initial implementation of refresh instance states
44eb46b Adding instance_id as Glance image_property
af1639e committing to share
9656757 Test fixes and some typos
2ef13fc Make utils.execute not overwrite std{in,out,err} args to Popen on retries. Make utils.execute reject unknown kwargs.
d3a1f16 Remove vish comment
acf2069 Minor stylistic updates affecting indentation
fbe43a2 Discovered literal_column(), which does exactly what I need
03f4b82 Last un-magiced session.execute() replaced with SQLAlchemy code...
4a01592 PEP8
87b2815 Partial revert of one conversion due to phantom magic exception from SQLAlchemy in unrelated code; convert all deletes
5ddc0a4 Correct a misspelling
c8d9629 fixed based on reviewer's comment.
2520dd9 Replace session.execute() calls performing raw UPDATE statements with SQLAlchemy code, with the exception of fixed_ip_disassociate_all_by_timeout()
9fabc85 execvp passes pep8
4141274 Fixes uses of process_input
9cd8e06 Fixed pep8 issues
502a2e8 execvp: unit tests pass
e2ac2dd execvp: almost passes tests
cd5431e Added ability to remove networks on nova-manage command
072517c execvp
248bcba deleted network_is_associated from nova.db api
d38467e added network_get_by_cidr method to nova.db api
6f1c0be Log failed command execution if there are more retry attempts left.
2d0f49c remove ensure_b64_encoding
13f6234 some comments are modified
122be8a Merged to trunk rev 757. Main changes are below. 1. Rename db table ComputeService -> ComputeNode 2. nova-manage option instance_type is reserved and we cannot use option instance, so change instance -> vm.
10bbcb8 Add in multi-tenant support in openstack api.
5b0b0af changed _context
da5c66c Changed ra_server to gateway_v6 and removed addressv6 column from fixed_ips db table
fa98c28 Use functools.wraps to make sure wrapped method's metadata (docstring and name) doesn't get mangled.
aa5c84b replaced ugly INSTANCE_TYPE constant with (slightly less ugly) stubs
7b2b382 Add a lock_path flag for lock files.
c66023e refactored nova-manage list (-all, <name>) and fixed docs
440ea31 Add utils.synchronized decorator to allow for synchronising method entrance across multiple workers on the same host.
15402fb execute: shell=True removed.
55fa108 fixed FIXME
d32b2b1 Copy over to current trunk my tests, the 401/500 fix, and a couple of fixes to the committed fix which was actually brittle around the edges...
5f16b48 Pass id of token to be deleted to the db api, not the actual object.
630b421 Rename auth_token db methods to follow standard.
85174bc IPV6 FlatManager changes
0fd3946 Reverted bad-fix to sqlalchemy code
9c9d162 Rename minixpath_select to get_from_path
42dad52 fix describe_availability_zones
a4c0e39 Cope when we pass a non-list to xpath_select - wrap it in a list
3162047 Created mini XPath implementation, to simplify mapping logic
9776004 move the deletion of the db into fixtures
aa229ff merged trunk
96805d0 use flags for sqlite db names and fix flags in dhcpbridge
529bb22 speed up network tests
ec2bd4d move db creation into fixtures and clean db for each test
cbabadf Lots of test fixing
7e32812 Don't blindly concatenate queue name if second portiion is None
d67652d Also remove nova-combined from setup.py
1248696 Fixed based on reviewer's comment. 1. Change docstrings format 2. Fix comment grammer mistake, etc
96469cb fixed newline and moved import fake_flags into run_tests where it makes more sense
234fcf9 remove keyword argument, per review
4c5c2d0 add a start_service method to our test baseclass
f6a8c28 switch to explicit call to logging.setup()
77f8912 Removing duplicate installation docs and adding flag file information, plus pointing to docs.openstack.org for Admin-audience docs
bc8098b PEP8 errors and remove check in authors file for nova-core, since nova-core owns the translation export branch
01a4475 PEP-8 fixes
aab2dff get rid of initialized flag
162e09b move the fake initialized into fake flags
642c63b fixes for various logging errors and issues
304330b Pep8 cleanup
e0e30a7 Introduce IptablesManager in linux_net. Port every use of iptables in linux_net to it.
30f9669 added functionality to list only fixed ip addresses of one node and added exception handling to list method
0d4a8c3 fixed based on reviewer's comment. 1. erase wrapper function(remove/exists/mktempfile) from nova.utils. 2. nova-manage service describeresource(->describe_resource) 3. nova-manage service updateresource(->update_resource) 4. erase "my mistake print" statement
4935d49 Initial support for per-instance metadata, though the OpenStack API. Key/value pairs can be specified at instance creation time and are returned in the details view. Support limits based on quota system.
fe3309c Correctly pass the associate paramater to project_get_network
3adfe46 comments + Englilish, changed copyright in migration, removed network_get_all from db.api (vestigial)
245e7a2 added new functionality to list all defined fixed ips
23405e3 added i18n of 'No networks defined'
fa3b782 fixed
757e5e8 Better exceptions
78ea93d Typos
f688e2a Derp
e64876d fixed authors, import sys in migration.py
5ec53c4 Merge bfschott's patch for migations in.
a346b53 added functionality to nova-manage to list created networks
233f923 I fail at sessions
a4e0cb6 I fail at sessions
66c784f Foo
560d238 Adding missing scripts and files to setup.py / MANIFEST.in
4266c36 fixed nova-combined debug hack and renamed ChildZone to Zone
7c35f77 Use eventlet.green.subprocess instead of standard subprocess
175474b corrected model for table lookup
87ced91 Derp
96d78a1 Merge Distutils.Extra changes for automating translation message catalog compilation
6fdb148 More typos
96f6c4f More typos
199032b More typos
0a301a7 More typos
e3617a3 fixed exceptions import from python migrate
cc8d4ba added instance_type_purge() to actually remove records from db
5b81e61 updated tests and added more error checking
a1dbc19 joinedload network so describe_instances continues to work
da2af1b First, not all
e086530 fixed destroy calls
57a7c24 Forgot the metadata includes
e8df53b added get IPs by instance
b4bc2d8 forgot to add network_get_all_by_instance to db.api
944452c template adjusted to NOVA_TOOLS, zone db & os api layers added
5a0e7b8 added support to pull list of ALL instance types even those that are marked deleted
0dfb6fe Fix PEP8 violations
1b93e16 Don't convert datetime objects to a string using .isoformat(). Leave it to sqlalchmeny (or pysqlite or whatever it is that does the magic) to work it out.
113a246 added testing for instance_types.py and refactored nova-manage to use instance_types.py instead of going directly to db.
aeba22c additional error checking for nova-manage instance_type
b4f06fc Changes and bug fixes
a238c39 added INSTANCE_TYPES to test for compatibility with current tests
de5c3a5 require user context for most flavor/instance_type read calls
cfd9df7 added network_get_all_by_instance(), call to reset_network in vmops
2815dd2 simplified instance_types db calls to return entire row - we may need these extra columns for some features and there seems to be little downside in including them. still need to fix testing calls.
28e5edb updated api.create to use instance_type table
1a0207d instance_types should return in predicatable order (by name currently)
00e41a2 corrected db.instance_types to return expect dict instead of lists. updated openstack flavors to expect dicts instead of lists. added deleted column to returned dict.
262171f converted openstack flavors over to use instance_types table. a few pep changes.
39c5ad8 added FIXME(kpepple) comments for all constant usage of INSTANCE_TYPES. updated api/ec2/admin.py to use the new instance_types db table
9622d35 Added a bunch of stubbed out functionality
9f52567 Fixes for Vish & Devin's feedback
2214c66 flagged all INSTANCE_TYPES usage with FIXME comment. Added basic usage to nova-manage (needs formatting). created api methods.
8ab857a 1. Discard nova-manage host list Reason: nova-manage service list can be replacement. Changes: nova-manage
63c9f79 fix austin->bexar db migration
0bbb857 incorporate feedback from devin - use sql consistently in instance_destroy also, set deleted_at
cce777d Fixed a pep8 spacing issue.
20599de fixes for bug #709057
b3b1dd6 Working on api / manager / db support for zones
4ad5b4c Fixed formatting issues in current codebase.
94fabc0 Fixes NotFound messages in api to show the ec2_id.
489dde0 adding testcode
7df0a9c Changed method signature of create_network
c16e850 Add a host argument to virt driver's init_host method. It will be set to the name of host it's running on.
3fb6677 Adds conditional around sphinx inclusion.
e964dba wrap sqlalchemy exceptions in a generic error
3252386 Wrap instance at api layer to print the proper error.  Use same logic for volumes.
e677179 syntax error
f1b8d01 should be writing some kindof network info to the xenstore now, hopefully
f15fbc4 Doc changes for db sync
ce8d145 Passing in an elevated context instead of making the call non-elevated.
f7a3324 Changing service_get_all_by_host to not require admin context as it is used for describing instances, which any user in a project can do.
0599e1b Implement provider-level firewall rules in nwfilter.
179493b Eagerly load instance's fixed_ip.network attribute.
1aeea76 minor code cleanup
8b3462a Refactor run_tests.sh to allow us to run an extra command after the tests.
d4f8e90 get_my_linklocal raises exception
dc9f9b9 Completed first pass at converting all localized strings with multiple format substitutions.
371f8ef move db sync into nosetests package-level fixtures so that the existing nosetests attempt in hudson will pass
a4a7e93 revert live_migration branch
f27226c Add rules to database, cast refresh message and trickle down to firewall driver.
86a07a5 Fixed error message in get_my_linklocal
9f84b3d merged to rev 561 and fixed based on reviewer's comment
bef4939 pep8 fixes... largely to things from trunk?
a927541 undo accidental removal of fake_flags
b9373e0 remove TrialTestCase again and fix merge issues
a6961b3 remove ">>>MERGE" iin nova/db/sqlalchemy/api.py
33c0158 Fixed missing _(). Fixed to follow logging to LOG changes. Fixed merge miss (get_fixed_ip was moved away). Update some missing comments.
8f8a921 add support for database migration
c35ac21 standardize on hex for ids, allow configurable instance names
922b8e8 Do joinedload_all('fixed_ip.floating_ips') instead of joinedload('fixed_ip')
70fc34a Support IPv6 firewall with IptablesFirewallDriver
3025a33 Fixed syntax errors
dd2e98e Eagerly load fixed_ip property of instances.
277ac1d Change command to get link local address Remove superfluous code
79af198 Fixed for pep8 Remove temporary debugging
9699d8f changed exception class
495a824 resolve pylint warnings
9b2c653 Add support for EBS volumes to the live migration feature. Currently, only AoE is supported.
63c5586 Added babel/gettext build support.
134e32d Fix describe_availablity_zones versobse.
72ab8f2 Moved get_my_ip into flags because that is the only thing it is being used for and use it to set a new flag called my_ip
ff81d66 added myself to authors and fixed typo to follow standard
30a5c9c typo correction
705fec6 fixed doc make process for new nova version (rev530) machanism
bdc9973 s/canonical_version/canonical_version_string/g
311222f Bug #699912: When failing to connect to a data store, Nova doesn't log which data store it tried to connect to
75cecbf Additional cleanup prior to pushing
e114bc6 Less code generation.
c4604b1 Remove redundant import of nova.context. Use db instance attribute rather than module directly.
d9382f3 Removing some FIXMEs
9f3dd0e Reserving image before uploading
1dd51e5 merge
d98aa0e Review feedback
0c14632 Review feedback
0a435b5 Review feedback
5ab43b6 Review feedback
6d46a17 various cleanup and fixes
38f55f9 Include date in action query
0a877fa Let documentation get version from nova/version.py as well.
e1c55e9 Track version info, and make available for logging.
3dc9377 pep8 fix
a9d2e42 commit before merging trunk
f9036fa fix some glitches due to someone removing instanc.internal_id (not that I mind) remove accidental change to nova-combined script
7e8c7dd Fix a bunch of pep8 stuff
c2e7b2e add in xs-console worker and tests.
918fa28 missing _()
592ecdc Change all 2010 Copyright statements to 2010-2011 in doc source directory only
4199001 Removed leftover UUID reference.
7469db1 Some Bug Fix
4f318a2 Apply logging changes as a giant patch to work around the cloudpipe delete + add issue in the original patch.
f0d563a Fixes LP688545
f85a171 removed db.set_lock, using update_instance instead
67b31ed removed some code i didn't end up using
951937d PEP8 cleanup
07d281a Added implementation availability_zones to EC2 API
335ae59 initial lock functionality commit
4f34853 Defualt services to enabled.
7752f32 Add flag --enable_new_services to toggle default state of service when created.
5ff9c6b Make action log available through Admin API
7c22fa4 Added InstanceAction DB functions
45ff74b Added stack command-line tool
17df0cd Converted Volume model and operation to use UUIDs.
e0820c8 logs inner exception in nova/utils.py->import_class
a521194 Support IPv6
84a261c Added reference in setup.py so that python setup.py test works now.
cf21359 added tests to ensure the easy api works as a backend for Compute API
67ec9de merge trunk and upgrade to cheetah templating
ac3fe54 PEP8 cleanup
5f163a1 Log all XenAPI actions
9e1c40c update db/api.py as well
91c2b1c don't allocate networks when getting vpn info
f260e18 add a few extra joined objects to get instance
4457b56 Tests pass after cleaning up allocation process
ee3bee6 Some tweaks
3c409af First pass at converting run_tests.py to nosetests. The network and objctstore tests don't yet work. Also, we need to manually remove the sqlite file between runs.
d6210d9 move some flags around
7b49f22 pep8 fixes
50ddadc Restore code which was changed for testing reasons to the original state. Kudos to Armando for spotting this.
00c0a09 Hostテーブルのカラム名を修正 FlatManager, FlatDHCPManagerに対応
7678bc7 clean up tests and add overriden time method to utils
af5b2cb Lots of PEP-8 work.
bc44a8f updates per review
0bc1c2b pep8
03d46d0 Move security group refresh logic into ComputeAPI.
e3c6bb5 First round of i18n-ifying strings in Nova
0add183 Initial i18n commit for endpoints. All endpoints must install gettext, which injects the _ function into the builtins.
5ada95d Fixed spelling errors in index.rst
afe170e formatting and naming cleanup
17408c7 get service unittests runnning again
a67f11b Converted the instance table to use a uuid instead of a auto_increment ID and a random internal_id. I had to use a String(32) column with hex and not a String(16) with bytes because SQLAlchemy doesn't like non-unicode strings going in for String types. We could try another type, but I didn't want a primary_key on blob types.
4a7e495 raw instances can now be launched in xenapi (only as hvm at the moment)
9642cbe intermediate commit to checkpoint progress
6ea5925 コメントを除去 README.live_migration.txtのレビュー結果を修正
c093217 Added livecd instructions plus fixed references to .conf files
ddf1160 rev439ベースにライブマイグレーションの機能をマージ このバージョンはEBSなし、CPUフラグのチェックなし
6611297 Add iptables based security groups implementation.
17c54c1 Decreased the maximum value for instance-id generation from uint32 to int32 to avoid truncation when being entered into the instance table.  Reverted fix to make internal_id column a uint
e1938e2 Finished cleaning up the openstack servers API, it no longer touches the database directly. Also cleaned up similar things in ec2 API and refactored a couple methods in nova.compute.api to accomodate this work.
29a8ac3 Oops, internal_id isn't available until after a save.  This code saves twice; if I moved it into the DB layer we could do it in one save.  However, we're moving to one sqlite db per compute worker, so I'd rather have two saves in order to keep the logic in the right layer.
5babeb3 Broke parts of compute manager out into compute.api to separate what gets run on the API side vs the worker side.
7714d9a Add include_package_data=True to setup.py.
0cb4d88 Fix typo "nova.util" -> "nova.utils"
f32510e add vpn ping and optimize vpn list
3b9d5a9 Address pep8 complaints.
8c23df3 Overwrite build_sphinx, making it run once for each of the html and man builders.
95c87b2 fix greenthread race conditions in trunk and floating ip leakage
466acfb Testing man page build through conf.py
a1a68aa Improved Pylint Score
03e4d73 Update version to 2011.1 as that is the version we expect to release next.
1738e7a The docs are just going to be wrong for now.  I'll file a bug upstream.
5f6a2ff Change how wsgified doc wrapping happens to fix test.
3cbc75c pep8
a60b108 unify env syntax
f56f323 create SPHINX_DEBUG env var.  Setting this will disable aggressive autodoc generation.  Also provide some sample for P syntax
0973597 fix conf file from earlier merge
5865b26 Updated Networking doc
5fe688e Added a .mailmap that maps addresses in bzr to people's real, preferred e-mail addresses. (I made a few guesses along the way, feel free to adjust according to what is actually the preferred e-mail)
cc785f5 home page tweaks
f83b0e4 Updated CSS and community.rst file
fd4ee37 modifications and additions based on doc sprint
c2b1ea3 incorporate some feedback from todd and anne
f161490 working on novadoc structure
2e2094c Use the autodoc tools in the setup.py build_sphinx toolchain.
96ccc04 Fix include paths so setup.py build_sphinx works again.
3651277 Merge lp:~termie/nova/trunkdoc (via patch, since bzr though it was already merged)
4b0b8c7 back out stacked merge
af81b24 Switch to module-per-file for the module index.
1d5d009 Build autodocs for all our libraries.
025207e Per-project vpns, certificates, and revocation
8722514 Fix docstrings for wsigfied methods.
a1d8d9d small tweaks before context switch
ffac9e8 use include to grab todd's quickstart
a870d51 add in custom todo, and custom css
b7f0062 Format TODO items for sphinx todo extension.
1788441 additions to home page
4d06cce Change directory structure for great justice!
1c289bd Getting Started Guide.
e794a88 have "contents" look the same as other headings.
779a9da pep8 whitespace and line length fixes
bf5f9da prettier theme
d9c0084 Change socket type in nova.utils.get_my_ip() to SOCK_DGRAM. This way, we don't actually have to set up a connection. Also, change the destination host to an IP (chose one of Google's DNS's at random) rather than a hostname, so we avoid doing a DNS lookup.
1e852bc API endpoint documentation.
6869154 basics to get proxied ajaxterm working with virsh
fdc184b Update database docs.
e311290 Changes to conf.py
da84487 Update database page a bit.
7520178 Pep-257 cleanups.
5fed2b0 Fix wiki link.
b2730a5 updates to auth, concepts, and network, fix of docstring
4ed498b cleanup rrd doc generation.
518fd34 New structure for documentation.
f83a894 More PEP8 fixes that were introduced in the last couple commits.
63e1e5b Delete BaseTestCase and with it the last reference to tornado.
5775a16 actually remove the conditional
981cd93 fix tests by removing missed reference to prefix and unnecessary conditional in generate_uid
553e5f0 add nova-debug to setup.py
cc767b2 Duplicate the two trivial escaping functions remaining from tornado's code and remove the dependency.
9e6ac58 ISCSI Volume support
db78910 part way through porting the codebase off of twisted
8039b4c PEP8 cleanup in nova/db. There should be no functional changes here, just style changes to get violations down.
5ac2051 PEP8 and pylint cleanup. There should be no functional changes here, just style changes to get violations down.
94fceae Moves db writes into compute manager class. Cleans up sqlalchemy model/api to remove redundant calls for updating what is really a dict.
711a391 Made updates based on review comments.
f5ed388 Updated documentation
c3035a7 Also update version in docs.
98b05bf Update version to 2010.1 in preparation for Austin release.
a93e032 trivial style change
f6ef7c1 prevent leakage of FLAGS changes across tests
314cc81 cleaned up most of the issues
1aa6e80 elevate in proper places, fix a couple of typos
5db69d5 Fix several problems keeping AuthMiddleware from functioning in the OpenStack API.
1ce79dd cleanup leftover addresses
e07f35c Revert 64 bit storage and use 32 bit again.  I didn't notice that we verify that randomly created uids don't already exist in the DB, so the chance of collision isn't really an issue until we get to tens of thousands of machines.  Even then we should only expect a few retries before finding a free ID.
38bf83b 32 bit internal_ids become 64 bit.  Since there is no 64 bit native type in SqlAlchemy, we use PickleType which uses the Binary SqlAlchemy type under the hood.
7f1237c A little more clean up
42f242e Fix clause comparing id to internal_id
667ce09 Fix broken unit tests
04dbf7b Merge security group related changes from lp:~anso/nova/deploy
ceba217 Revert r312
360786a Accidentally renamed volume related stuff
007772b Bug #654025: nova-manage project zip and nova-manage vpn list broken by change in DB semantics when networks are missing
752fb68 Bug #653534: NameError on session_get in sqlalchemy.api.service_update
2ab9c82 Adjust db api usage according to recent refactoring.
aa03a7a Fix the deprecation warnings for passing no context.
ffceeec Address a few comments from Todd.
64e378e Locked down fixed ips and improved network tests
ff43f1b Fixed flat network manager with network index gone.
d39e755 First attempt at a uuid generator -- but we've lost a 'topic' input so i don't know what that did.
f73a541 Replace database instance 'ec2_id' with 'internal_id' throughout the nova.db package. internal_id is now an integer -- we need to figure out how to make this a bigint or something.
a03dcfd Add a DB backend for auth manager.
7c4be29 Bug #652103: NameError in exception handler in sqlalchemy API layer
d6615a9 Cleaned up db/api.py
1a5be8c Refactored APIRequestContext
cfd2837 Simplified authorization with decorators" "
cf344e2 Wired up context auth for keypairs
0f4ec28 Completed quota context auth
f33532f Finished context auth for network
1a0f5c1 Finished instance context auth
5e7b60b Finished instance context auth
a016768 Made network tests pass again
44696d0 Wired up context auth for services
4005535 Progress on volumes Fixed foreign keys to respect deleted flag
b1c148a fix the primary and secondary join
63d6664 autocreate the models and use security_groups
b114aed Began wiring up context authorization
001630a removed a few extra items
328189e fix loading to ignore deleted items
f382760 fix join and misnamed method
af1c815 fix eagerload to be joins that filter by deleted == False
97431d4 Added checks for uniqueness for ec2 id
7a1e6f1 add disabled column to services and check for it in scheduler
ebe5d53 move default group creation to api
cdff14e Implemented random instance and volume strings for ec2 api
c476593 get rid of network indexes and make networks into a pool
e50a9ff return a value if possible from export_device_create_safe
5b87f5b db api call to get instances by user and user checking in each of the server actions
d9e20b2 Add db api methods for retrieving the networks for which a host is the designated network host.
6b1846c Install nova-scheduler.
c921904 nova-api-new is no more. Don't attempt to install it.
fe14576 typo in instance_get
210fa83 typo in instance_get
e6e1e86 cleaned up exception handling for fixed_ip_get
6f35b64 Some more refactoring and another unit test
a483ad1 Refactored the auth branch based on review feedback
021ff45 add in support for ajaxterm console access
6206f99 Clean up use of ORM to remove the need for scoped_session.
4fcbd88 Filters all get defined when running an instance.
44e98cc multiple network controllers will not create duplicate indexes
c3e86ab removed second copy of ProcessExecutionError
43ca4ba simplified query
481c659 missed a space
ea9a1ec set leased = 0 as well on disassociate update
95e2766 speed up the query and make sure allocated is false
05bef8a workaround for mysql select in update
0533686 Periodic callback for services and managers.  Added code to automatically disassociate stale ip addresses
ff7a47c Integrity error is in a different exc file
9b4c1c1 allow multiple volumes to run ensure_blades without creating duplicates
4457814 make fixed_ip_get_by_address return the instance as well so we don't run into concurrency issues where it is disassociated in between
7f65501 speed up generation of dhcp_hosts and don't run into None errors if instance is deleted
61379f1 don't allocate the same floating ip multiple times
6f3011d implement floating_ip_get_all_by_project and renamed db methods that get more then one to get_all_by instead of get_by
698faaf tests for volumes work
7c42369 update query and test
54d0e7a use gigabytes and cores
e741dc0 Security Group API layer cleanup
c7640a3 fixed old key reference and made keypair name constistent -> key_pair
7ed8269 fixed tests, added a flag for updating dhcp on disassociate
1f55af9 simplified network instance association
ba23d15 fix network association issue
0f8d43f Finished security group / project refactor
09cc37b delete keypairs when a user is deleted
f01c5e0 moved keypairs to db using the same interface
e13226a Refactored to security group api to support projects
0272b8f First pass of nwfilter based security group implementation. It is not where it is supposed to be and it does not actually do anything yet.
00fab31 Create and delete security groups works. Adding and revoking rules works. DescribeSecurityGroups returns the groups and rules. So, the API seems to be done. Yay.
f1e1a57 make the db creates return refs instead of ids
66c2729 merged orm, added database methods for getting volume and ip data for projects
452573f database support for quotas
20d99f7 remove extraneous get_host calls that were requiring an extra db trip
044a40c Authorize and Revoke access now works.
1c0f830 list command for floating ips
5e6dfdd floating ip commands
5fe0417 speed up describe by loading fixed and floating ips
a9f32c4 AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress now works.
f169102 Alright, first hole poked all the way through. We can now create security groups and read them back.
8d8f528 don't fail in db if context isn't a dict, since we're still using a class based context in the api
6a8ecbf logging for backend is now info instead of error
2ebf9f7 consistent naming for instance_set_state
3566dce Tests turn things into inlineCallbacks.
68a6893 Remove tornado-related code from almost everything.
31b0426 make timestamps for instances and volumes, includes additions to get deleted objects from db using deleted flag.
37bc33e changed a few unused context to _context
fea329f a few formatting fixes and moved exception
a265327 fixed a few bugs in volume handling
5eb6644 Last of cleanup, including removing fake_storage flage
fa14b64 review db code cleanup
cb24a9b more fixes to session handling
1a1fa1d few typos in updates
6412f69 clean up of session handling
5104af0 fix floating_ip to follow standard create pattern
81e905c Lots of fixes to make the nova commands work properly and make datamodel work with mysql properly
db135a8 removed extra equals
f364356 removed extra file and updated sql note
583f65c merged trunk and cleaned up test
61f0b18 renamed daemon to service and update db on create and destroy
3d7f7dc scheduler + unittests
fd8adc5 removed underscores from used context
23dfbcb pylint cleanup of db classes
0ca11cc rename node_name to host
9066e21 Better log formatter for Nova. It's just like gnuchangelog, but logs the author rather than the committer.
02aaa38 Fix up setup.py to match nova-rsapi -> nova-api-new rename.
f936a28 more cleanup and pylint fixes
84810c1 pep8 cleanup
6a14db2 run and terminate work
7c5662f undo change to get_my_ip
50b26c7 all tests pass again
e83e9b5 Making tests pass
0090dba ip addresses work now
a3bdccd instance runs
efdef73 tests pass
f6f241e Making tests pass
fd3f6b7 Refactored orm to support atomic actions
9c15b92 moved network code into business layer
8566d80 split volume into service/manager/driver
ccdd45a moved models.py
cb7b46b removed the last few references to models.py
56e6d92 fixed volume unit tests
aebb45c network tests pass again
c212e44 move network_type flag so it is accesible in data layer
df5bf49 more data layer breakouts, lots of fixes to cloud.py
0b6aa08 work towards volumes using db layer
68bdcdf more cleanup
8cc9487 getting run/terminate/describe to work
0fb366d removed old imports and moved flags
40d0539 bunch more fixes
cf7885d moving network code and fixing run_instances
be5fd7e fix daemons and move network code
575164f Refactored network model access into data abstraction layer.
789885b Moves auth.manager to the data layer.
6ee3ed6 Add db abstraction and unittets for service.py.
7d2d899 Alphabetize the methods in the db layer.
c559a3f Better error message on subprocess spawn fail, and it's a ProcessExecutionException irrespective of how the process is run.
a4779ac move volume code into datalayer and cleanup
d58c5e1 Move deferredToThread into utils, as suggested by termie.
d5a830c Data abstraction for compute service
25adb40 Changed our minds: keep pylint equal to Ubuntu Lucid version, and use disable-msg throughout.
d9842e1 Newest pylint supports 'disable=', not 'disable-msg='
1c1c4e8 rather comprehensive style fixes
c44ecfb got run_tests.py to run (with many failed tests)
7ae111d Fix up variable names instead of disabling pylint naming rule.  Makes variables able to be a single letter in pylintrc
a737294 Disables warning about TODO in code comments in pylintrc
39aa2be pylint fixes for /nova/test.py
eec1379 Greater compliance with pep8/pylint style checks
f9befda Get IP doesn't fail of you not connected to the intetnet
623fd86 Added --fail argument to curl invocations, so that HTTP request fails get surfaced as non-zero exit codes
de520ad oops retry and add extra exception check
2034aad More merges from trunk.  Not everything came over the first time.
a7c210a Fixed pep8 issues in setup.py - thanks redbo.
5b76812 Added ChangeLog generation.
3f664a7 allow driver to be passed in to auth manager instead of depending solely on flag
3e9c6d2 Tagged 0.9.0 and bumped the version to 0.9.1
887cedc Added the gitignore files back in for the folks who are still on the git.
55caa1f Updated setup.py file to install stuff on a python setup.py install command.
8d949cd Removed gitignore files.
07e1d68 Bump version to 0.9.0. Change author to "OpenStack". Change author_email to nova at lists.launchpad.net. Change url to http://www.openstack.org/. Change description to "cloud computing fabric controller".
4a6909c Move virtualenv installation out of the makefile.
8ca2aab Expiry awareness for SessionToken.
a70beb4 Updated sphinx layout to a two-dir layout like swift. Updated a doc string to get rid of a Sphinx warning.
e37ffeb renamed xxxnode to xxservice
15f2777 Check exit codes when spawning processes by default
5fa156b use a locally administered mac address so it isn't saved by udev
ffa32cd Added a config file to let setup.py drive building the sphinx docs.
b158f8f reorder imports spacing
c61357a remove import of vendor since we have PPA now
7afbe8a remove vendor
e8d63d9 update copyrights
fa8a13b datetime import typo
c2657e7 added missing isotime method from utils
4264cc7 Fixed the os.environ patch (bogus)
4f00c54 Fixes as per Vish review (whitespace, import statements)
bc141d7 Got dhcpleasor working, with test ENV for testing, and rpc.cast for real world.
354fa3f Capture signals from dnsmasq and use them to update network state.
aeae45d Removed trailing whitespace from header
e502293 Updated licenses
483c601 removed all references to keeper
0b59c1c Fixes based on code review 27001.
dc60b17 Admin API + Worker Tracking.
63ca746 Removed trailing whitespace from header
f51094b Updated licenses
10872f5 Merge of fix to stop twisted threads from interuppting system calls http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/changeset/28447
439ad0b fix fakeldap so it can use redis keeper
9db62b9 Refactored Instance to get rid of _s bits, and fixed some bugs in state management.
cca767a Flush redis db in setup and teardown of tests.
6ae544a make get_my_ip return for testing
489c307 whitespace fixes for nova/utils.py
1bf8bb0 missed the gitignore

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..66fd1d8
--- /dev/null
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+# The order of packages is significant, because pip processes them in the order
+# of appearance. Changing the order has an impact on the overall integration
+# process, which may cause wedges in the gate later.
+pbr!=2.1.0,>=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+SQLAlchemy!=1.1.5,!=1.1.6,!=1.1.7,!=1.1.8,>=1.0.10 # MIT
+keystonemiddleware>=4.18.0 # Apache-2.0
+Routes>=2.3.1 # MIT
+WebOb>=1.8.2 # MIT
+jsonschema<3.0.0,>=2.6.0 # MIT
+requests>=2.14.2 # Apache-2.0
+six>=1.10.0 # MIT
+setuptools!=24.0.0,!=34.0.0,!=34.0.1,!=34.0.2,!=34.0.3,!=34.1.0,!=34.1.1,!=34.2.0,!=34.3.0,!=34.3.1,!=34.3.2,!=36.2.0,>=21.0.0 # PSF/ZPL
+oslo.concurrency>=3.26.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.config>=6.7.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.context>=2.19.2 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.log>=3.36.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.serialization!=2.19.1,>=2.18.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.utils>=3.37.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.db>=4.40.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.policy>=1.35.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.i18n>=3.15.3 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.middleware>=3.31.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.upgradecheck>=0.1.1 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.versionedobjects>=1.31.2 # Apache-2.0
+os-resource-classes>=0.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+os-traits>=0.4.0 # Apache-2.0
+microversion-parse>=0.2.1 # Apache-2.0
diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..1b4d124
--- /dev/null
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
+# The order of packages is significant, because pip processes them in the order
+# of appearance. Changing the order has an impact on the overall integration
+# process, which may cause wedges in the gate later.
+hacking!=0.13.0,<0.14,>=0.12.0 # Apache-2.0
+coverage!=4.4,>=4.0 # Apache-2.0
+fixtures>=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+mock>=2.0.0 # BSD
+psycopg2>=2.6.2 # LGPL/ZPL
+PyMySQL>=0.7.6 # MIT License
+oslotest>=3.4.0 # Apache-2.0
+stestr>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+testtools>=2.2.0 # MIT
+bandit>=1.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+gabbi>=1.35.0 # Apache-2.0
+# placement functional tests
+wsgi-intercept>=1.7.0 # MIT License

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