[release-announce] tripleo-heat-templates 9.2.0 (rocky)

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Mon Jan 7 15:20:30 UTC 2019

We are jazzed to announce the release of:

tripleo-heat-templates 9.2.0: Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
with OpenStack.

This release is part of the rocky stable release series.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


Please report issues through launchpad:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* Added Dell EMC SC multipath support This change adds support for
  cinder::backend::dellsc_iscsi::use_multipath_for_image_xfer Added a
  new parameter CinderDellScMultipathXfer.

* Add new parameter 'GlanceImageImportPlugins', to enable plugins
  used by image import process. Add parameter
  'GlanceImageConversionOutputFormat', to provide desired output
  format for image conversion plugin.

* Adds support to configure disjoint address pools for Ironic

  When Inspector is deployed as a HA service disjoint address pools
  should be served by the DHCP instances to avoid address conflict
  issues. The disjoint address pools are configured by using hostname
  (short form) as the key, then pass the list of ranges for each host.
  For example:


           - ip_range:,
           - ip_range:,
             tag: subnet1
           - ip_range:,
           - ip_range:,
             tag: subnet1

* Add *OctaviaEventStreamDriver* parameter to specify which driver
  to use for syncing Octavia and Neutron LBaaS databases.

Upgrade Notes

* The default Octavia event_streamer_driver has changed from
  *queue_event_streamer* to *noop_event_streamer*. See

* Octavia amphora images are now expected to be located in directory
  /usr/share/openstack-octavia-amphora-images on the undercloud node
  for uniformization across different OpenStack distributions.

* Remove zaqar wbesocket service when upgrading from non-
  containerized environment.

Deprecation Notes

* Ensure Octavia amphora image files are placed in directory
  /usr/share/openstack-octavia-amphora-images on the undercloud node.

Bug Fixes

* Make sure all Swift services are disabled after upgrading to a
  containerized undercloud.

* Directory /var/lib/gnocchi/tmp is created by gnocchi-upgrade with
  root ownership. It is now ensured that the directory is created
  before upgrade with proper ownership. For details see:

* With tls-everywhere enabled connecting to keystone endpoint fails
  to retrieve the URL for the placement endpoint as the certificate
  can not be verified. While verification is disabled to check the
  placement endpoint later, it is not to communicate with keystone.
  This disables certificate verification for communication with

* Fix an issue where Octavia amphora images were not accessible
  during overcloud deployment.

* The deployed-server get-occ-config.sh script now allows
  $SSH_OPTIONS to be overridden.

Changes in tripleo-heat-templates 9.1.0..9.2.0

bc49263 Remove unused nova packages from host during upgrade and update
23614e9 ovn-metadata: Fix bug when upgrading
3e6e978 Ironic Inspector - disjoint ip range(s) for HA
f5974f2 Update kolla_config to deal with keystone fernet key rotation
cf3946e Enable neutron-sriov-agent health check
9be2652 Add config files/templates to integrate nsx plugin with container
cdeb05c Upload amphora image in RAW format if RBD backend
033e6f7 Perform docker reconfiguration on upgrade_tasks.
c7d702d Remove invalid comment in ips-from-pool-ctlplane
e770e36 Fix horizon's iptables rules for haproxy when split off a separate role
fc28e44 Update tuned profile variable configuration file if it exists
c7d10a5 Run local registry and prep cont at standalone
aac9581 Configure registry to use gluster
f36adbc Call etcd scaleup playbook when adding master nodes
bcad833 Allow to skip docker reconfiguration during stack update
533892f Enable image import plugins & image output format
e6c373f Force rhsm re-registration during upgrades.
35eb3e1 Handle missing or bad dmidecode
09daf69 mistral-executor: bind-mount undercloud.conf when validations are enabled
39ed1ec Fix multiple-nic sample template
df0c4f3 Allow to run docker-puppet.py with SELinux enabled
2e620b9 Check for available networks for a role
2f85534 Remove nic for storage_mgt network
90b8bde Add hosts to expected ansible groups
4070380 Use correct permission on Gnocchi tmp dir
6ae4bb0 ctlplane pre-alloc IPs - deprecated/non-deprecated role name
19e9b6a Lower mistral-executor nofile to 1024
d89fe2a Set facter variable 'uuid' explicitly in docker-puppet.py
8cead22 Invoke redhat-subscription role during upgrade.
af415ba Standalone: Disable persisting VIPs on /etc/hosts
bf4d94a Fix Swift S3 API configuration
7efdc91 Mount puppet-generated directory for tripleo-validations
4f67585 neutron-cleanup skips ports marked skip_cleanup=true
da9c928 Enable ironic-inspector support in ironic when enabling ironic-inspector
9c4fcad Mount config-data/puppet-generated/nova for nova_api_ensure_default_cell
5950cfe Set balance to source for openshift_router endpoints
0df3b82 Use InternalApi network for openshift_master_cluster_hostname
323548a Verify docker as part of the online database migration pre-upgrade.
57bcfe8 Fix ServiceData in docker/services/aodh-api.yaml
14af067 nova_compute fails to start in tls-everywhere configuration
3363bcb Change step to start nova placement and make compute wait for it
d5f9842 Add Storage network to IronicConductor role
038b1ea Added Dell EMC SC multipath support
b0b5ce2 Remove unnecessary logs due to misconfiguration from pacemaker
027493c Stop upgrade if a task on one node fails
00ced92 Rename tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario00{6,9}-multinode-oooq (rocky)
5336577 Add template to disable Panko services
13174bb Set Swift workers to 2
2ff663b Make $SSH_OPTIONS overrideable
1306334 Ensure octavia flavor gets configured if composable octavia
f1da0a2 Add more NSX config parameters
7a254d1 Make openshift-master service idempotent
2566721 Do not include node scale up playbook in case of new masters
f6094a9 Move set of database_connection to OctaviaBase
3223f2d Enable _member_ role for undercloud install.
7f15e92 Restrict number of Swift workers to 1 on the undercloud
420dd84 Mount /usr/share/openstack-octavia-amphora-images into mistral-executor
788c90d Ensure correct tmp ownership for Gnocchi
f84d02f Collectd documentation refactor
76cd584 Add support for configuring ppc64le in ironic
338e220 Fix tasks in check mode
6ade724 Sharing hypervisor /var/lib/ironic with ironic-conductor container
76fdd24 Remove non-container zaqar-server on upgrade
1f10fff Disable non-containerized Swift services
668a628 Pass parameters for TLS proxy in front of Octavia-API
7a05790 Simplify ssh known_hosts entries for non-default port
3d5d275 Include ssh known_hosts entries for non-default port
8d2085f Add OctaviaEventStreamerDriver and change default

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.../network/multiple-nics/nic-configs/compute.yaml |   6 -
common/deploy-steps-tasks.yaml                     |   2 +
common/deploy-steps.j2                             |   5 +
deployed-server/scripts/get-occ-config.sh          |   2 +-
.../octavia/octavia-deployment-config.yaml         |  13 +-
.../nova_wait_for_placement_service.py             | 110 ++++++++++++++
environments/cinder-dellsc-config.yaml             |   1 +
environments/collectd-environment.yaml             |  94 +++++++++---
environments/disable-panko.yaml                    |  10 ++
environments/ips-from-pool-ctlplane.yaml           |   4 +-
environments/metrics-collectd-qdr.yaml             |   4 +-
environments/neutron-nsx.yaml                      |   2 +
environments/nsx-config.yaml                       |  22 +++
environments/services/ironic-inspector.yaml        |   4 +
environments/services/neutron-nsx-lbaasv2.yaml     |   6 +
environments/standalone/standalone-tripleo.yaml    |   6 +
environments/undercloud.yaml                       |   6 +
extraconfig/pre_network/boot_param_tasks.yaml      |   6 +-
extraconfig/services/openshift-cns.yaml            |   1 +
extraconfig/services/openshift-infra.yaml          |   4 +-
extraconfig/services/openshift-master.yaml         | 160 +++++++++++++++------
extraconfig/services/openshift-node.yaml           |  37 +++--
extraconfig/services/rhsm.yaml                     |  12 +-
network/config/multiple-nics/role.role.j2.yaml     |  20 ++-
overcloud-resource-registry-puppet.j2.yaml         |   2 +-
overcloud.j2.yaml                                  |  12 +-
puppet/extraconfig/pre_deploy/per_node.yaml        |   4 +-
puppet/role.role.j2.yaml                           |  58 ++++++--
puppet/services/cinder-backend-dellsc.yaml         |   4 +
puppet/services/container-image-prepare.j2.yaml    |   4 +
puppet/services/docker-registry.yaml               |  12 +-
puppet/services/docker.yaml                        |  32 ++++-
puppet/services/glance-api.yaml                    |  12 ++
puppet/services/horizon.yaml                       |   2 +-
puppet/services/ironic-conductor.yaml              |  13 ++
puppet/services/ironic-inspector.yaml              |  31 +++-
puppet/services/keystone.yaml                      |   5 +
puppet/services/neutron-plugin-nsx.yaml            |  36 +++--
puppet/services/octavia-api.yaml                   |  62 ++++++--
puppet/services/octavia-base.yaml                  |  10 ++
puppet/services/octavia-health-manager.yaml        |   9 +-
puppet/services/swift-proxy.yaml                   |   2 +-
.../notes/dellsc-driver-d7cd300a24a64b01.yaml      |   6 +
...tainerized-swift-services-4f7edd98203d749b.yaml |   5 +
...age_conversion_parameters-740e5282385444c7.yaml |   7 +
.../notes/gnocchi-tmp-b5b48708c5dd17df.yaml        |   8 ++
...joint-inspection-ip-range-f399a938d50daadd.yaml |  25 ++++
...rvice_disable_cert_verify-45f532d7a924df86.yaml |   9 ++
...t_streamer_driver-default-e5152c28713e7707.yaml |   8 ++
...-mount-amphora-images-dir-31da44a544628687.yaml |  14 ++
.../overrideable-ssh-options-1bd4a78408eb6c2c.yaml |   4 +
.../notes/zaqar-ws-upgrade-8dda7caea7e6bc1e.yaml   |   5 +
roles/IronicConductor.yaml                         |   1 +
roles/OpenShiftAllInOne.yaml                       |   1 +
roles/OpenShiftInfra.yaml                          |   1 +
roles/OpenShiftMaster.yaml                         |   1 +
roles/OpenShiftWorker.yaml                         |   1 +
roles/Standalone.yaml                              |   8 ++
roles/Undercloud.yaml                              |   6 +
roles_data_undercloud.yaml                         |   6 +
sample-env-generator/standalone.yaml               |  13 +-
zuul.d/layout.yaml                                 |   4 +-
90 files changed, 1087 insertions(+), 183 deletions(-)

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