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Sun, Yih Leong yih.leong.sun at intel.com
Mon Aug 8 17:16:52 UTC 2016

Hi all,

We are still looking for a location to host this OpenStack ebook book-sprint.

If there is any members company has a local office at Barcelona that can host this event (9am to 5pm, Friday Oct 28th), please let me know. We need a room for around 15 people, with internet/wifi, and preferably with whiteboard.

Much appreciated!


From: Sun, Yih Leong
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Subject: [app] OpenStack eBook (AppDev-centric)


Continuing from previous eBooks, the Enterprise WG (EWG) is planning for another book sprint at the upcoming Barcelona summit (October).
This time, the ebook will be AppDev-centric and focus more on developing/migrating applications that run atop of OpenStack.

An initial outline is drafted [1]. The outline is still very primitive at this stage and any comments/suggestion are very welcome!

We would like to invite contributors to this eBook. If you are interested to participate, please contact me (yih.leong.sun at intel.com<mailto:yih.leong.sun at intel.com>).
Alternatively, you may include yourself to the google doc [1] by adding your name, company and email address at the "Contributor" section.

To become a contributor, you are required to commit to the following time & effort.
Aug: Participate in editing/reviewing the outline of the ebook via email/google doc.
Sep-Oct: Participate in online meeting (once a week) to draft and finalize the outline (or content) of the ebook.
Oct 23, 24 or 28 (TBD): Participate in a full-day book sprint session at Barcelona summit, i.e. writing the content of the ebook (preferably in person).
Nov-Dec: Participate in online meeting (at least once a week depending on schedule) for reviewing final content.

Also, we need to secure a room for the book sprint location, please indicate your availability (Sunday 10/23, Monday 10/24, Friday 10/28) at the very last section in the google doc [1] as soon as possible, preferably by this Friday.

Thank you very much!

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mR-M2ufn0lviyGughNdm0zFz9O6AlYFUSr3JKqoaiv4/edit

Yih Leong Sun, PhD
Senior Software Cloud Architect | Open Source Technology Center | Intel Corporation
yih.leong.sun at intel.com<mailto:yih.leong.sun at intel.com> | +1 503 264 0610

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