[Openstack] [Nova] Proposed removal of the PowerVM driver

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Fri Nov 22 14:31:00 UTC 2013


The maintainers of the PowerVM driver have proposed that it be removed
from Nova.  Their reasons are:

 - it is no longer in line with IBM's strategic direction with OpenStack

 - they are not aware of anyone ever having used the driver (outside of
   the team that developed and maintained it)

The second point is quite important.  If anyone is using it that they do
not know of, we need to find out.  Normally we would approach something
like this with a phased deprecation plan (mark it deprecated in
Icehouse, remove it in J).  There is a non-zero cost to keeping the
code, so if we can remove it immediately, there is some benefit to Nova

If you have an interest in this driver, please speak now.


Russell Bryant

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