[Openstack-operators] New project creation fails because of a Nova check in a multi-region cloud

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Thu May 10 13:52:00 UTC 2018

On 5/9/2018 8:11 PM, Jean-Philippe Méthot wrote:
> I currently operate a multi-region cloud split between 2 geographic 
> locations. I have updated it to Pike not too long ago, but I've been 
> running into a peculiar issue. Ever since the Pike release, Nova now 
> asks Keystone if a new project exists in Keystone before configuring the 
> project’s quotas. However, there doesn’t seem to be any region 
> restriction regarding which endpoint Nova will query Keystone on. So, 
> right now, if I create a new project in region one, Nova will query 
> Keystone in region two. Because my keystone databases are not synched in 
> real time between each region, the region two Keystone will tell it that 
> the new project doesn't exist, while it exists in region one Keystone.
> Thinking that this could be a configuration error, I tried setting the 
> region_name in keystone_authtoken, but that didn’t change much of 
> anything. Right now I am thinking this may be a bug. Could someone 
> confirm that this is indeed a bug and not a configuration error?
> To circumvent this issue, I am considering either modifying the database 
> by hand or trying to implement realtime replication between both 
> Keystone databases. Would there be another solution? (beside modifying 
> the code for the Nova check)

This is the specific code you're talking about:


I don't see region_name as a config option for talking to keystone in Pike:


But it is in Queens:


That was added in this change:


But I think what you're saying is, since you have multiple regions, the 
project could be in any of them at any given time until they synchronize 
so configuring nova for a specific region isn't probably going to help 
in this case, right?

Isn't this somehow resolved with keystone federation? Granted, I'm not 
at all a keystone person, but I'd think this isn't a unique problem.




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