[Openstack-operators] New project creation fails because of a Nova check in a multi-region cloud

Jean-Philippe Méthot jp.methot at planethoster.info
Thu May 10 01:11:06 UTC 2018


I currently operate a multi-region cloud split between 2 geographic locations. I have updated it to Pike not too long ago, but I've been running into a peculiar issue. Ever since the Pike release, Nova now asks Keystone if a new project exists in Keystone before configuring the project’s quotas. However, there doesn’t seem to be any region restriction regarding which endpoint Nova will query Keystone on. So, right now, if I create a new project in region one, Nova will query Keystone in region two. Because my keystone databases are not synched in real time between each region, the region two Keystone will tell it that the new project doesn't exist, while it exists in region one Keystone.

Thinking that this could be a configuration error, I tried setting the region_name in keystone_authtoken, but that didn’t change much of anything. Right now I am thinking this may be a bug. Could someone confirm that this is indeed a bug and not a configuration error?

To circumvent this issue, I am considering either modifying the database by hand or trying to implement realtime replication between both Keystone databases. Would there be another solution? (beside modifying the code for the Nova check)

Jean-Philippe Méthot
Openstack system administrator
Administrateur système Openstack
PlanetHoster inc.

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