[Openstack-operators] Storage concerns when switching from a single controller to a HA setup

Jean-Philippe Méthot jp.methot at planethoster.info
Thu Jul 5 21:30:11 UTC 2018


We’ve been running on Openstack for several years now and our setup has always counted a single controller. We are currently testing switching to a dual controller HA solution, but an unexpected issue has appeared, regarding storage. See, we use Dell compellent SAN for our block devices. I notice that when I create a volume on one controller, I am unable to make any operation on the same volume on the second controller (this is with an active/passive cinder-volume). Worse, this affects VMs directly as they can’t be migrated if the active controller isn’t the one that created their block device.

I know this issue doesn’t happen on Ceph, so I’ve been wondering, is this a limitation of Openstack or the SAN driver? Also, is there actually a way to reach even active-passive high availability with this current storage solution?

Jean-Philippe Méthot
Openstack system administrator
Administrateur système Openstack
PlanetHoster inc.

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