[Openstack-operators] Converting existing instances from virtio-blk to virtio-scsi

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Thu Jan 11 08:23:39 UTC 2018

BTW, this is also an end user visible change as the VMs would see the disk move from /dev/vda to /dev/sda. Depending on how the VMs are configured, this may cause issues also for the end user.


From: Jean-Philippe Méthot <jp.methot at planethoster.info>
Date: Thursday, 11 January 2018 at 08:37
To: openstack-operators <openstack-operators at lists.openstack.org>
Subject: [Openstack-operators] Converting existing instances from virtio-blk to virtio-scsi


We currently have a private cloud running old instances using the virtio-blk driver and new instances using the virtio-scsi driver. We would like to convert all our existing instances to virtio-scsi but there doesn’t appear to be an official way to do this. Can I modify this in the openstack database? What parameters would I need to change? Is there an easier, less likely to break everything way?

Jean-Philippe Méthot
Openstack system administrator
Administrateur système Openstack
PlanetHoster inc.

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