[Openstack-operators] [freezer][horizont] try restore instance from storage local backup

Gregorio Corral gregorio.corral at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 17:40:53 UTC 2018


When i try to restore an instance from a local storage backup, through
freezer plugin (... / horizon / disaster_recovery / backups /), and appears
the form
for setting the restore operation, the "Destination Path" field is a path
in the
host where the freezer agent runs (Hostname).

The result of the operation is to extract the files from the backup
to the destination path.

This command line seems to do the same:

freezer-agent --action restore --overwrite \
--nova-inst-id af8a5e8f-062b-408e-a7f6-d808db005b99 \
--restore-from-date "2018-03-26T18: 58: 04" \
--container / var / lib / backup - localstorage
--restore-abs-path / var / gong --logfile /tmp/kk.log --backup-name gong

But this is not what i want to do. I want  to restore the running nova
instance with
the content of the backup.

How can i do that?

Thaks in advance.

P.S.: i run Pike and freezer-agent 5.0.1

freezer-agent --version


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