[Openstack-operators] [telemetry][ceilometer][panko] ceilometer event API removal

gordon chung gord at live.ca
Wed Jan 18 13:57:05 UTC 2017


unfortunately i noticed this thread never made it to the operators list. 
there is a thread regarding the removal of Ceilometer Event API in 
Ocata[1]. this is only related to the storage and access of events. the 
generation of events remains in Ceilometer.

as a quick summary: the telemetry upstream team is small and does not 
have resources to maintain duplicate code so we removed the deprecated 
event code from Ceilometer and it is supported in Panko only now. we 
decided not to drag our feet with removal since the Event code has been 
idle for over a year now upstream and seems no one has made an effort to 
support it.

the current gaps we have between code removed from Ceilometer and Panko is:
- ceilometerclient support only works if Ceilometer api is enabled (but 
support for client only redirect to panko is in merge queue)
- there was a single event tempest test in Ceilometer which was not 
ported to Panko. this item remains still

if you have any concerns, i highly suggest you provide feedback, 
specifically if you notice any other gaps. there is a revert patch[2] 
just in case there is a scenario that warrants us putting it back into 
Ocata but again, we are a super small team so it's best to provide some 
resources to actually maintain it if you'd like Events to continue on.



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