[openstack-dev] [telemetry] [ceilometer] [panko] ceilometer API deprecation

William M Edmonds edmondsw at us.ibm.com
Mon Jan 9 18:32:45 UTC 2017

It's just come to my attention that the Newton release notes indicated
deprecation of the events support in favor of Panko [1] and that it has
already been removed in master [2]. But I don't believe there were any
deprecation warnings for this in the Newton code, which is the typical way
many folks learn about deprecations. The only deprecation warning I've
found was merged after Newton released [3]. And while the official
OpenStack deprecation policy allows you to remove things in the next
release after deprecation, it also says "Note that this delay is a required
minimum. For significant features, it is recommended that the deprecated
feature appears at least in the next two stable release branches." [4]. So
a) we should have had a deprecation warning in the code to go along with
the releasenote in Newton and b) even then we probably shouldn't be
removing the event API support until Pike.

I started the conversation on IRC [5], but wanted to send this to the
mailing list and see if others have thoughts/concerns here and figure out
what we should do about this going forward.


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