[Openstack-operators] Admin privillages

Ahmed Zaid ahmed.zaid at exalt.ps
Thu Dec 21 07:40:30 UTC 2017


I have a suggestion to extend the admin privileges by giving the ability to
attach a volume from one project-member to an instance in another

The previous steps to achieve this:

1- Create transfer volume request.
2- Change  project.
3- Accept the  volume.
4- Attach volume.

Instead of this step, admin can easily just attach volume and the system
will show a confirmation message about this volume transfer.

Any feedback will be welcomed.

Ahmed Zaid

Exalt Technologies
26 Naji Al-Ali Street, Al-Massyoun Heights
PO Box 1133, Ramallah, W603, Palestine
Tel: +972 2 296 5740 Fax:+972 2 296 5742
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