[Openstack-operators] Openstack operational configuration improvement.

Flint WALRUS gael.therond at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 13:28:46 UTC 2017

Hi everyone, I don't really know if this list is the good one, but I'll
have my bet on it :D

Here I go.

Since many times now, I'm managing  Openstack platforms, and one things
that always amazed me is its lack of comprehensive configuration management
for services within Horizon.

Indeed, you can set and adapt pretty much everything within Horizon or the
CLI except for the services configuration.

So here is a proposal regarding this issue:

I think of it as a rework of the already existing system information panel
from the admin dashboard such as:

Within the services tab, each service line would now be a clickable drop
down containing an additional subarray named configuration and listing the
whole available configurations options for this service with information
such as:
- Current value: default or value. (Dynamically editable by simply clicking
on it, write the new value on the INI file).
- Default value: the default sane value. (Not editable default value of the
- Reload / Restart button. (a button enforcing the service to reload its
- Description: None or a short excerpt. (Not editable information about the
option meaning).
- Documentation: None or a link to the option documentation. (Not editable).

What do you think of it?

PS: If this discussion should go with the horizon team rather than the
operational team, could someone help with this one as I didn't find any
mailing list related endpoint?

Thanks a lot.
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