[Openstack-operators] looking for feedback on proposals to improve logging

Nematollah Bidokhti Nematollah.Bidokhti at huawei.com
Thu Apr 27 22:30:34 UTC 2017


I have been working on the concept of fault management blueprint to increase cloud resiliency. As part of this proposal, info such as logs, KPIs, health checks and so on are critical since we are engaging in deep data analysis and machine learning.
>> To ease the data analysis process there must be consistent logs. This comes with having IDs and severity properties.
>> Cloud resiliency in general requires fast fault detection, isolation and recovery. In addition, there are applications such as NFV that is sensitive to fast fault detection and recovery. One approach is to have meaningful logs where by parsing the data we can make real time fault management decisions.
>> Similar to interrupts, I would like us to have logging hierarchy which can help an automated fault management system to take accurate and appropriate actions. The format of the logs is important since it will ease the ML analysis later in the process.
>> Thanks,
>> Nemat

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I am looking for some feedback on two new proposals to add IDs to log messages. Please see the thread on openstack-dev, and comment there or on the specs referenced there.



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