[Openstack-operators] [telemetry][ceilometer] problem about measures

张 盛平 zhangshengping2012 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 23 08:58:11 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

I was reading the Measurements doc today, I got a bit confused about some measurements. such as :

disk.capacity and disk.device.capacity

       the disk.capacity explanation: The amount of disk that the instance can see.

       the disk.device.capacity explanation: The amount of disk per device that the instance can see.

I do not know what is the ‘device’ here.

I grap the disk info here:

DiskInfoData(capacity=21475325952L, allocation=19580554752L, physical=21475325952L, per_disk_info={'allocation': {'vda': 19580554752L, 'hdd': 0L}, 'capacity': {'vda': 21474836480L, 'hdd': 489472L}, 'physical': {'vda': 21474836480L, 'hdd': 489472L}})

are these vda and hdd  stand for different device?

what is the different between disk  and disk.device? could you give me some helps?

Best regards


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