[Openstack-operators] Discontinue multiple image location support in Glance?

Brian Rosmaita brian.rosmaita at RACKSPACE.COM
Tue Nov 22 21:34:59 UTC 2016

Hello Operators,

Glance has a "multiple image locations" feature that's been a pain point
for developers and operators.

The original developers have left the project and we are trying to
determine the use cases people have that involve multiple image locations,
because we'd like to either
(a) discontinue the feature,
(b) improve the feature so it's easier to use, or
(c) replace it with something better that addresses the use cases.

In order to do this, we need to know what your use case is.  So, if you
are currently using Glance multiple image locations, please take a few
minutes right now to fill out this extremely short 5 question form (3 are
multiple choice!):


Please answer by 23:59 UTC on Friday 9 December 2016.


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