[Openstack-operators] VM monitoring suggestions

Van Leeuwen, Robert rovanleeuwen at ebay.com
Mon Nov 21 08:17:19 UTC 2016

>>I know that ceilometer may be an option, but I believe operators use all kind of tools for their own ressource usage monitoring. So what do you people use?
>>(For this use case, we're looking for something that can be used without installing an agent in the VM, which makes it impossible to get a VM's load metric. I would be satisfied with cpu/memory/network/io metrics though.)

Although I’d like to re-evaluate ceilometer at some point we currently use something very simple with the infra we already had in place.

We use the collectd libvirt plugin and push the metrics to graphite.

If you use the following format you get the instance uuid in the metric name:
HostnameFormat "hostname uuid"

The output of those graphite keys is not exactly what we want (IIRC you get hostname_uuid instead of hostname.uuid)
We rewrite it a bit with carbon-(c-)relay daemon to something more usable so you get:

We made a grafana dashboard where you can select the uuid and get the stats of the instance.

* Simple, just needs collectd on compute nodes
* Graphite scales (with the proper setup)

* No tenant-id in the metric name  (I guess with some scripting you can make a mapping-tree in graphite)
* No metrics in Horizon. (We still have to make some time to integrate these metrics into horizon but that should be doable.)
* Just instance metrics nothing else

Robert van Leeuwen
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