[Openstack-operators] Using Openstack-ansible to deploy hosts on mutliple br-vxlan/br-vlan/br-provider/br-mgmt l3 networks

Jean-Philippe Evrard Jean-Philippe.Evrard at rackspace.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 10:52:35 UTC 2016


I’ll start by answering the last questions: “Is that kind of deployment possible? If not possible, is this or could this be in the roadmap of the project?”

It’s been a while that we discussed the limitations of the user-friendliness of our inventory. So, yes it’s part of our long term road map, and we discussed it at the summit.
I don’t expect the inventory to be radically changed in this cycle.

I think (never tried) it’s technically possible to do what you are asking for. But it’s gonna involve a few hacks in the inventory.
This is worth a complete conversation on the channel, because it’s hard to fully understand your requirements with a brief email.

Anyway, let me give you some hints…

-          You could technically assign whatever IP you require in your compute/controller nodes, as long as they are properly ssh reachable from your deploy node.

-          I think you could define many cidr_networks, and change the ip_from_q per site (instead of having global_overrides, you’d have to define override per host/group of hosts)

-          Wherever you place your load balancer, make sure it’s reachable from everywhere.

-          Please keep in mind that you most likely (depending on your multicast routing configuration?) won’t be able to use haproxy + keepalived co-located on your controller nodes, because we are using multicast for VRRP. That means that if you have another load balancer, or are ready to configure keepalived and haproxy differently, you could do it.

-          It’s already possible to inject routes for containers in OSA:


A simpler approach would be to build overlays between the sites. It completely depends on your environment/requirements.
Hope it helps.

Best regards,
Jean-Philippe Evrard (evrardjp)

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