[Openstack-operators] adding new disks to openstack swift

John Dickinson me at not.mn
Fri May 6 16:25:49 UTC 2016

There's no need to have the .builder files on the servers in the Swift cluster. All you need are the .ring.gz files. In my experience, most clusters do the ring modifications offline on a separate server and then deploy the .ring.gz files to the servers in the cluster.

It sounds like the process you first went through is right.


On 6 May 2016, at 9:15, Alberto Colla wrote:

> Dear all,
> sorry if this is a naive question, I'm a new entry in the group. I have a Swift cluster and I have just added some disk volumes to increase capacity. From the documentation I have found it seems that all I have to do is:
> - log in to one swift node (e.g. the proxy server)
> - add the disks (swift-ring-builder add...)
> - rebalance the rings
> - copy the updated *.ring.gz in /etc/swift/ to all the other nodes
> However, I see that on the other nodes the disks have not been added ( e.g. swift-ring-builder /etc/swift/container.builder shows the old configuration).
> I tried restarting the services with no effect and also rebalance says nothing is changed. In order to get the "right" configuration I have to copy the container.builder themselves to the other nodes, but the documentation does not mention this. So am I missing something?
> I use Openstack Liberty on Ubuntu 14.04.
> Thanks in advance for any hint,
>             Alberto
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