[Openstack-operators] adding new disks to openstack swift

Alberto Colla alberto.colla at garr.it
Fri May 6 16:15:30 UTC 2016

Dear all,

sorry if this is a naive question, I'm a new entry in the group. I have 
a Swift cluster and I have just added some disk volumes to increase 
capacity. From the documentation I have found it seems that all I have 
to do is:

- log in to one swift node (e.g. the proxy server)
- add the disks (swift-ring-builder add...)
- rebalance the rings
- copy the updated *.ring.gz in /etc/swift/ to all the other nodes

However, I see that on the other nodes the disks have not been added ( 
e.g. swift-ring-builder /etc/swift/container.builder shows the old 
I tried restarting the services with no effect and also rebalance says 
nothing is changed. In order to get the "right" configuration I have to 
copy the container.builder themselves to the other nodes, but the 
documentation does not mention this. So am I missing something?

I use Openstack Liberty on Ubuntu 14.04.

Thanks in advance for any hint,


  Alberto Colla
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