[Openstack-operators] Managing pools of pre-allocated instances

Richard Raseley richard at raseley.com
Wed Feb 25 18:31:38 UTC 2015

James Penick wrote:
> Hey folks,
>  I have a team that uses our OpenStack VM and BM clusters in their CI
> and CD environments (And yes, they really do need baremetal for some
> of their CI tests, unless I want to support gigantifriggenormous VM
> flavors). 
>  CI on baremetal works ok, however the time it takes to image the host
> prior to running the tests slows down their whole CI pipeline. What
> they want to do is boot 
> instances in advance then as needed select an unused instance and
> execute their CI job on it. Upon completion of their CI job they'd
> like to reimage the host and return it to an "unused" state. 
>  I came up with something using instance names as an atomic-ish means
> of managing state. But it's pretty hacky. Before I go off and have to
> build a new webservice myself, has anyone heard of a tool that does
> something like this already? 
> thanks!
> -James
> :)=

Here at Puppet, we've built a tool called 'vmpooler' which performs this
function[1]. Currently it is written to work primarily with VMware, but
we are very interested in extending it such that we could have pluggable
backends (perhaps even on a per-pool basis).

Please feel free to take a look, fork, and modify. Of course, PRs are
always welcome. =]


Richard Raseley

SysOps Engineer
Puppet Labs

[1] - https://github.com/puppetlabs/vmpooler
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