[Openstack-operators] Managing pools of pre-allocated instances

James Penick penick at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Feb 25 18:21:20 UTC 2015

Hey folks, I have a team that uses our OpenStack VM and BM clusters in their CI and CD environments (And yes, they really do need baremetal for some of their CI tests, unless I want to support gigantifriggenormous VM flavors). 
 CI on baremetal works ok, however the time it takes to image the host prior to running the tests slows down their whole CI pipeline. What they want to do is boot instances in advance then as needed select an unused instance and execute their CI job on it. Upon completion of their CI job they'd like to reimage the host and return it to an "unused" state. 
 I came up with something using instance names as an atomic-ish means of managing state. But it's pretty hacky. Before I go off and have to build a new webservice myself, has anyone heard of a tool that does something like this already? 
thanks!-James :)=
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