[Openstack-operators] How do you provide instance FQDN to the user?

Richard Raseley richard at raseley.com
Fri Feb 20 17:22:09 UTC 2015

Polombo Daniel wrote:
> I'm wondering how people are usually providing the instances' public
> names (as in the FQDN associated to the floating IP) to the user?
> The dashboard provides direct access to the floating IP, obviously,
> but I'm sure there's a better way than asking the user to perform a
> reverse DNS resolution ...
> We need this functionality to provide the public names and give easier
> internet access to our private cloud instances.

The answer, in large part, depends on your infrastructure. What process
are you using to create the DNS A records for the floating IPs?


Richard Raseley

SysOps Engineer
Puppet Labs

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