[Openstack-operators] [Ceilometer] Real world experience with Ceilometer deployments - Feedback requested

Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Thu Feb 12 17:17:07 UTC 2015

Hi Tim,

Does anyone have any proposals regarding
> > - Possible replacements for Ceilometer that you have used instead
> It seems that many sites have written their own systems.

Sorry - I should have appended this at the end of my last post.

I need to preface this with "I have never used Ceilometer nor do our
environments require billing". But we're already collecting a lot of
information that could be used for billing.

The `nova usage-list` command reports a tenant's compute resource
allocation per 24 hour period.

For per-instance metrics, I've posted a script that will collect them here:


I recently discovered that the `nova diagnostics` command reports almost
the same information, minus the CPU usage that I'm polling via `ps`. This
might not be needed for most environments, though, and so `nova
diagnostics` alone should be fine.

So between all of this information, we're able to create a good picture of
a tenant's compute usage. Of course, if we were to do billing, this would
all need fed into a billing system of some sort. Plus, the 24 hour
resolution might be too large.

But hopefully it gives a good indication that polling some basic metrics of
compute usage doesn't require a lot of resources. :)
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