[Openstack-operators] [neutron] IPv6 Status

Andreas Scheuring scheuran at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Feb 5 08:14:59 UTC 2015


is there a central place where I can find a matrix (or something
similar) that shows what is currently supposed to work in the sense of
IPv6 Networking?

I also had a look at a couple of blueprints out there, but I'm looking
for a simple overview containing what's supported, on which features are
people working on and what's future. I mean all the good stuff for
Tenant Networks like 

- FloatingIP
- External Provider Networks
- fwaas, vpnaas,...

and also about the Host Network
- e.g. vxlan/gre tunneling via ipv6 host network...

(irc: scheuran)

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