[Openstack-operators] [Performance][Holidays] IRC meeting schedule

Dina Belova dbelova at mirantis.com
Wed Dec 16 20:18:04 UTC 2015


we had an IRC meeting yesterday, and holidays schedule was one of the
topics covered. Although, the final decision was not made, so let's
finalise everything here :)

There are few options for 2015 and 2016 now:
1) Let's *do not have more meetings this year or let's meet last time on
Dec 22nd*
3) Should we have first 2016 meeting on *Jan 5th or Jan 12*

Due to the opinions proposed on the meeting, *I'll suggest to finish
meetings for this year and have the first meeting on Jan 12, 2016* (due to
the fact that Christmas holidays almost started already, and in Russia
there will be no X-mas holidays, but we'll have about a week after NY).

Any pros / cons?

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