[Openstack-operators] Nova-network -> Neutron Migration

Edgar Magana edgar.magana at workday.com
Wed Dec 9 16:54:41 UTC 2015

Yes! We should but with a huge caveat that is not not supported officially by the OpenStack community. At least the author wants to make a move with the Neutron team to make it part of the tree.


From: Matt Kassawara
Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 8:52 AM
To: "Kevin Bringard (kevinbri)"
Cc: Edgar Magana, Tom Fifield, OpenStack Operators
Subject: Re: [Openstack-operators] Nova-network -> Neutron Migration

Anyone think we should make this script a bit more "official" ... perhaps in the networking guide?

On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 9:01 AM, Kevin Bringard (kevinbri) <kevinbri at cisco.com<mailto:kevinbri at cisco.com>> wrote:
Thanks, Tom, Sam, and Edgar, that's really good info. If nothing else it'll give me a good blueprint for what to look for and where to start.

On 12/8/15, 10:37 PM, "Edgar Magana" <edgar.magana at workday.com<mailto:edgar.magana at workday.com>> wrote:

>Awesome code! I just did a small testbed test and it worked nicely!
>On 12/8/15, 7:16 PM, "Tom Fifield" <tom at openstack.org<mailto:tom at openstack.org>> wrote:
>>On 09/12/15 06:32, Kevin Bringard (kevinbri) wrote:
>>> Hey fellow oppers!
>>> I was wondering if anyone has any experience doing a migration from nova-network to neutron. We're looking at an in place swap, on an Icehouse deployment. I don't have parallel
>>> I came across a couple of things in my search:
>>> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/MigrationFromNovaNetwork/HowTo
>>> http://docs.openstack.org/networking-guide/migration_nova_network_to_neutron.html
>>> But neither of them have much in the way of details.
>>> Looking to disrupt as little as possible, but of course with something like this there's going to be an interruption.
>>> If anyone has any experience, pointers, or thoughts I'd love to hear about it.
>>> Thanks!
>>> -- Kevin
>>NeCTAR used this script (https://github.com/NeCTAR-RC/novanet2neutron )
>>with success to do a live nova-net to neutron using Juno.
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