[Openstack-operators] Passing entire disks to instances

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Subject: [Openstack-operators] Passing entire disks to instances


I would like to pass entire disks to my openstack instances. I have some IO-bound workloads and would like to avoid any overhead or contention by giving an instance access to N additional disks, such that they do not share that disk with other guests on the same compute node.

These additional disks do not need to last longer than the instances themselves; they are "ephemeral" in that regard. There is no need for backup, no need for instance or data migration, and no need for running the instance on a separate compute node from the extra disks. Effectively I want to have an "extra disks" property, as part of a flavor or image, that is handled like vcpus without overcommit.

I have been doing some research but have not yet found an obvious way to do this in openstack. Does anyone else have a similar use case, and how have you handled it? To be more specific, we run some very large Cassandra clusters on physical hardware, with excellent performance. Cassandra is largely IO-bound, and we want to virtualize it without introducing unnecessary IO latency.

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