[Openstack-operators] Draft Agenda for PAO Ops Meetup (August18, 19)

JJ Asghar jj at chef.io
Sat Aug 8 16:29:06 UTC 2015

On 8/6/15 10:13 PM, Mike Dorman wrote:
> Yep!  I have you on the list to add to the Hangout when I set it up
> (probably next week.)
I hate to be that guy... but Hangouts are at random times blocked by the
Great Firewall of China. When talking to my cohorts in China I've had to
use something like zoom.us for any level of consistent two way connection.

Granted from what I understand Youtube has a better track record, so in
theory you could do the OnAir Hangout and they could at least
consistently stream it.

Just a friendly heads up. :)

Best Regards, 
JJ Asghar 
c: 512.619.0722 t: @jjasghar irc: j^2 

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