[Openstack-operators] [Large Deployments] UPDATE: Meeting this Thursday at 16:00 UTC #openstack-meeting

Matt Van Winkle mvanwink at rackspace.com
Wed Apr 15 03:04:14 UTC 2015

Hello again, folks!

I went over all the schedules at:


And for the Even months (Feb, April, June, etc).  #openstack-meeting was open at 16:00 UTC.  So, I've updated the above to include our meeting and added:


I still need to put our previous minutes in there.  I'll work with folks to get this added to the feed and we'll try to pick an official time for the APAC friendly time slot for the ODD months.  We only met in January at the alternating time because March was the mid cycle.  We'll need to decide on Thursday if we want to try and have a May meeting with the Summit going on or wait till July to have the next alternate meeting time.

The main focus of this meeting will be debrief form the mid-cycle and prep for Vancouver.

Also, I was wrong earlier, for those of us that have Daylight savings, this will be an our LATER than usual.  (For example 11:00am Central versus 10)  Please excuse my thinking backwards in the last note.

See you all on Thursday!

PS - I've gone over the meeting page several times, but please let me know if I just completely missed a conflict on rooms.

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Subject: [Openstack-operators] [Large Deployment Team] Meeting this Thursday at 16:00 UTC

Hello all,
Just a reminder that we have a meeting this Thursday at 16:00 UTC.  (Reminder to some us, this makes it an hour earlier :) ).  I'm working on confirming the room after the confusion a couple months ago and will update tomorrow with more details.

We will discuss the outputs from the session at the mid cycle and determine what we want to accomplish in Vancouver.

I'l touch base tomorrow, but wanted to get this on your calendars.

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