[Openstack-operators] Importing volumes between openstack clusters

Nathan Stratton nathan at robotics.net
Wed Oct 22 14:09:24 UTC 2014

I currently have a 16 node Icehouse cluster and would like to start playing
around with Juno. I am not yet ready to upgrade my Icehouse release, so I
am looking for a way to import a dozen or so volumes into the Juno cinder.

The volumes are currently in ceph and in Icehouse as bootable, ideally I
would like to just build a record in Juno without having to import from
cinder to glance, and then glance back to cinder for Juno. If I was more of
a DB guys I guess I could just manually insert a record into Juno, but
looking to see if there is another way before I try that option.

P.S. Yes I know that it would be VERY bad to try to have two instances one
in Icehouse and one in Juno trying to use the same volume, I will make sure
I don't do that. :)

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