[Openstack-operators] qemu 1.x to 2.0

Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Tue Oct 21 19:42:24 UTC 2014

> I wonder if the qemu update issues are in the realm of the OpenStack
> project.
> Since they are provided / packaged by the distro's.
> Maybe people from Ubuntu & Redhat (which I would be interested in ;)
> reading this could give some suggestions...

I'd really appreciate someone from Ubuntu or Redhat clarifying this

IMO, I don't think this issue is OpenStack's responsibility -- more on the
distribution side. This is why I'm curious about the core reason why qemu
1.x and 2.0 are marked as incompatible in Ubuntu's release notes. Is it
just how Ubuntu packaged/configured qemu? Or is it native to qemu itself
(which would then affect all distributions)?
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