[Openstack-operators] rsyslog update caused services to break?

Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Fri Oct 10 22:40:54 UTC 2014


This morning we noticed various nova, glance, and keystone services (not
cinder or swift) not working in two different clouds and required a restart.

We thought it was a network issue since one of the only commonalities
between the two clouds was that they are on the same network.

Then later in the day I logged into a test cloud on a totally separate
network and had the same problem.

Looking at all three environments, the commonality is now that they have
Ubuntu security updates automatically applied in the morning and this
morning rsyslog was patched and restarted.

I found this oslo bug that kind of sounds like the issue we saw:


Doing further investigation, log files do indeed show a lack of entries for
various services/daemons until they were restarted.

Has anyone else run into this? Maybe even this morning, too? :)

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