[Openstack-operators] Creating nova instance without backing image

Jesse Pretorius jesse.pretorius at gmail.com
Thu May 22 08:11:41 UTC 2014

On 21 May 2014 19:11, Daniel Speichert <daniel at speichert.pl> wrote:

> In our OpenStack installation (Havana, RDO), we use Ceph as storage as
> Nova, Glance and Cinder backend.
> On compute nodes, instance's disks are kept on Ceph but base images are
> copied from Glance (Ceph) to local disk. This works well with small
> images of OS's.

For a nova back-end, do you mean that it's a block mount or CephFS mount on
your compute nodes with the device mapped to /var/lib/nova/instances or do
you mean that each instance's root disk is natively created as an RBD image?

> Is there any way to tell Nova to not use backing image for an instance?
> Maybe there exists a special image property to set that tells Nova to
> copy the whole image, which would put it entirely in Ceph without a
> backing file?

Not directly, but another way you could achieve something similar is to
convert the image to a volume, then boot the instance from that volume.
This would effectively do what you're hoping to do - run the instance from
a raw copy of the image without a backing file.
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