[Openstack-operators] Swift 1.7.4 stable - logging middleware adding lag to final responses

Leandro Reox leandro.reox at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 15:37:57 UTC 2013

Hi all,

We're having a problem when we migrated from 1.4.8, 1.7.4 , and we
activated the the proxy-logging middleware

On the proxy.log itself we're seeing excelent response times, but it seems
that is adding some overhead somewere cause we are seeing on the reques
originator that the times are really high.

When we turn off the proxy-logging middleware, everything starts to
response like a charm 8ms or so vs 800-1400ms !!!

And i cant find the way to log locally on debug mode without activating the
proxy-logging middleware

Ive tried this on the ]DEFAULT] section as the docs says, but im only
seeing keystone validations for the ACLs on the log, and none request, with
response times are logged

set log_name = swift-proxy-server
set log_facility = LOG_LOCAL0
set log_level = DEBUG
set log_headers = True


set access_log_name = swift-proxy-server
set access_log_facility = LOG_LOCAL0
set access_log_level = DEBUG

None seems to work, ive tried on the DEFAULT section and on the
app.proxy-server section, am i missing something ?

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