[Openstack-operators] Volume migration between differents backends

Thibaut Lapierre thibaut.lapierre at digimind.com
Thu Aug 29 11:12:50 UTC 2013

My final goal is to migrate instances from a Folsom installation to a
Grizzly one (with a ceph rbd back-end).

Used glance-replicator for the images, but looks more complicated for
Cinder volumes.
I was looking for a straightforward solution and haven't find any.

I was looking for differents solutions (multiple backend etc) and finnaly
planned to create new blanks volumes in Grizzly for every existing volume
(in Folsom), mount them all in an instance, mount Folsom volume via iSCSI
in the same instance and DD each one to the other. But that's a little bit
So if you have an easier solution, please tell me.
Thanks by advance for your help.

Thibaut Lapierre
--- Digimind.com
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