[Openstack-operators] meta-data values stored in ??

Lorin Hochstein lorin at nimbisservices.com
Tue Aug 27 23:17:58 UTC 2013


I think that accessing the in-memory cache depends on if your deployment is
configured to use memcache or not (this is the memcached_servers config
option). By default, I think nova-api just uses an in-process cache, so you
wouldn't be able to easily access it.

However, the nova-api service is just caching content from the database, so
if you can make queries against your database backend, you can get access
to the metadata.

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On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Shyam Goud <shyam.todeti at oneconvergence.com
> wrote:

> Thanks a lot  Lorin. It helped a lot.
>  The metadata service keeps an in-memory cache of the metadata for all
>> instances.
> Is there any way to see the meta-data contents stored in in-memory cache ?
> Thanks
> Shyam.

Lorin Hochstein
Lead Architect - Cloud Services
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