[Openstack-operators] Integrating operations and dev

Duncan McGreggor duncan at dreamhost.com
Tue May 1 21:17:15 UTC 2012

As some may know, I've been working with Vish (on and off) since
December to bring more attention to the DevOps-oriented blueprints and
work items. Part of this resulted in some sessions at the Design
Summit. For one in particular, Jay Pipes suggested that someone
interact more closely with the team/release meetings on IRC, acting as
an advocate for DevOps/Operations. Needless to say, I volunteered ;-)

In follow up conversations with Jay and Thierry Carrez, the following
suggestions were made:
 * I will collect info, concerns, pain points, etc., from the DevOps community
 * these will be emailed (given I am able to collect info) to the mail
list on a regular basis, in summary form
 * on team/release meetings, I will bring up an issue or two
(selecting from those that have the most "heat")
 * failing that, I will ask DevOps questions as they pertain to the
core projects' discussion points
 * feedback provided in the meetings will then be shared back to the
DevOps community

Do note, however, that this really depends upon folks piping up,
complaining, sharing, praising, contributing, etc., in any number of
ways :-) Use mail lists, IRC (#openstack-ops), private email, pvt msgs
(oubiwann on Freenode), or other comfortable means of communications
(I've had several conversations via phone and skype with some of you
since the Summit). Keep the ideas and contributions coming, and
together we'll make sure that OpenStack has a more and more solid
operations foundation going forward :-)



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