[Openstack-operators] Utilising FC SAN in OpenStack

Greg Cockburn gergnz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 04:59:37 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I am looking at building an OpenStack cluster for internal use at my

My previous experience has been solely on virtual clusters using either in
house scripts and management tools, or 3rd party commercial offerings (e.g.

I am trying to understand how the underlying block device layer works, and
am struggling to understand the documentation.

We have this NOVA-INST-DIR/instances/ where we have a _base and a delta
file created, and this should be mounted on all compute nodes using some
cluster FS, NFS or similar.

Then we have openstack-volume, controller-node, LVM and iSCSI in the mix.

I understand where openstack is coming from trying to build an environment
from commodity parts, but the block devices are at the core of the stack, a
vital part and require fast, low latency storage.

Using 1Gb iSCSI to a single host seems crazy to me (single point of
failure, slow, high-latency).

I really want to understand how to integrate a FC SAN that utilises
Multipathing into the environment and utilise something like CLVM or
cluster File-system (e.g. OCFS2) to manage the block devices on each
compute node.

Any information on how I might be able to achieve this would be great.

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