[Openstack-operators] how to get API key?

Kenneth Nagin NAGIN at il.ibm.com
Tue Mar 20 15:01:38 UTC 2012

I installed openstack according to the instructions in

It completed successfully and I was able to use the gui to create a server

However, I need to get the project's api key.  I thought I could use
nova-manage to get the information but
apparently it was not installed properly. I get this error message.

ubuntu at ip-10-110-159-42:~$ sudo nova-manage project list
2012-03-20 14:28:09 DEBUG nova.utils
[req-35f4c927-63a6-40cf-93c8-e3f96bf857c6 N
one None] backend <module 'nova.db.sqlalchemy.api' from
/sqlalchemy/api.pyc'> from (pid=12094)
__get_backend /opt/stack/nova/nova/utils.

Could someone tell me how to fix this problem?
Is there another way to get the api key

Best Regards,


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