[Openstack-operators] OpenStack Packaging Questions

Christian Parpart trapni at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 22:01:38 UTC 2012

Hey all,

I am to write packages (ebuilds) for OpenStack for the Gentoo Linux
while still being kind of new to OpenStack myself :-)

I kind of have an impression on how to gather the software dependencies,
but I don't get how people decided on what files to put in what packages,
namely, speaking of "nova".
The Ubuntu Distribution is splitting up the nova upstream tarball in lots
of tiny pieces, like:
- nova-common (basic file structure, plus nova-rootwrap),
- python-nova (library code only?),
- nova-volume (the volume component, bin-file, rc file, man page, ...)
- nova-scheduler (scheduler component)
- nova-compute (compute component)
- etc ...

However, since upstream (OpenStack devs) have put everything in one big
tarballed all in once, and seeing, that (some) distros provide also so
all-in-one "nova" packages, I am now very very disappointed on what way to
what way might be the best (speaking of: what do the developers intend?).

I would of course really like to see packages per component and library
packages for shared code
and/or file/directory structures.

The source URI I am building the package(s) from is (for nova) for example:

I would now like to now how to decide in what files/directories out of this
tarball to put in what package.

Secondly, I am also kind of disappointed by the namingscheme and the way
some tools are put
into the OpenStack git repositories.

For example, there is a python-keystoneclient repository/project, that
contains the client python bindings
to the keystone server *but* also the keystone CLI.
If I were in charge, I'd split that up into two packages, namely
- [category: dev-python] python-keystoneclient (python bindings to keystone)
- [category: sys-cluster] keystone (keystone CLI, depending on the package

I'd favor this one, but I want to request for comments, before I'll get
killed afterwards, if you know what I mean ;-)

Third, what component is using nova-rootwrap, despite nova-volume of course.
I'd like to nail this down to the component that is actually using it, or
even provide a seperate package for it.

Best regards,
Christian Parpart.
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