[OpenStack-Infra] OpenDev infra as an OSF pilot project

Jonathan Bryce jonathan at openstack.org
Sun Mar 1 19:20:41 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I saw some of the discussions on different channels last week about the ongoing move of the OpenDev infra services out of OpenStack project and TC governance. One of the questions that was raised was around setting it up as an OSF pilot project. I wanted to send an email to this list to see if that was something the team was interested in moving forward on.

As a pilot project, it would create some official standing for the new effort that would make it clear it’s something that is still supported by the OSF community and staff. It would also provide additional opportunities for education and exposure as part of the foundation’s overall activities. While the OpenDev infra services are somewhat different than the other projects we have piloted (e.g. Zuul), I think the process would still work and could be helpful to complete the transition to a more standalone community both from a governance and perception standpoint.

Pilot projects are initiated through action of the foundation staff and over time may be confirmed by the Board as a top-level project with long-term support. I personally would be supportive of taking the pilot step, and would like to hear thoughts from those of you who are directly engaged in it.



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